13 Signs You Are Not Likeable In Your Group

You may not realize it, but there are some powerful signs that you are not likeable. And if you worried over, ‘why am I so unlikeable?’ Then, you better check such most common personality traits that make a person unlikeable in the group, friend circle, at the workplace, or anywhere. 


What makes a person unlikeable?

Likeable people are defined in fact by their character, not by their appearance. It’s more about their approaches and behavior to people around especially towards those with whom they have no potential benefits.

And, If you feel you are not likable to others, then reconsider your behavior, first. Because others will base their opinions about you, primarily upon what you do to them from the very first interaction.

Leaving a good impression is not mandatory, but it’s a good gesture if you do it naturally to any professional or personal relationship.

A likeable person never thinks of impressing others nor aims to look ‘the best from everyone around. They just stay themselves and accept others as the way they are. 

But, when someone behaves in a way that makes everyone feel inferior or weaker and displays their greedy behavior, such person will eventually become an unlikable person to the group.

As a result, they never establish themselves in the community and fail to adjust with the people, which eventually leads them to loneliness and isolation.


How do you know if you’re unlikeable?

Likeable characters aren’t defined by physical looks or appearances.

Rather, it’s a matter of how a person treats others and how he makes others feel about themselves, overall.

Positive people create a trustworthy atmosphere, whenever they go.

Negative and dishonest people always manage to make others feeling confused, hurt, used, and cheated.   

Everyone likes to be with positive minds, whereas they stay away from such unlikeable people who are either jealous, insecure, lazy, backstabber, or two-faced by character.

And if somewhere, you ever feel like you’re unlikeable for others, then firstly review your routine behavior to others. 

It’s common that such people become are so selfish or self-conscious about themselves that they don’t realize what they’re doing.

Putting own self before anyone else, and they actually push others away from them. 

Definitely it’s your behavior that constantly delivers something that people don’t expect from you, and that is a sure sign you are not likeable to them.

Want to know why you’re so unlikeable to others, then read on for more reasons.

Here you will find the individual characteristics and signs that most commonly found in the unlikeable personalities. 


13 Signs you are unlikeable and you don’t know it.

1. You can’t connect with people around you. And, you don’t even try to. 

It’s nothing wrong if you’re introverted or shy by nature, or feel awkward at the new place that you moved to just recently. It takes time to adjust and learn about a new culture so that we’ll take that as an exception here. 

But, when even after being in a supportive environment and with friendly people around when you fail to connect with others, then signs you’re not friendly enough. 

Your inability to connect with others, either labels you as a boring or tired person.

This depends on your initial interaction with the people around you.

Eventually, that makes people stay away from you because you are not likeable enough to come forward to initiate the communication, or to showing interest to meet new people.

2. You always compete and compare with others on anything

Are you too worried about your self-image and importance in the culture?

If you always feel scared of being left alone or falling behind in the competition, then directly or indirectly people will be aware of it through your behavior, anyhow.  

The more you try hard to showcase your contribution, or try to prove your worth to someone, the more you become unlikeable for others. 

Because rather than working as a team or group, you are trying to look better than others. You’re being too competitive rather than being supportive and cooperative, and these are ultimate signs you are not likeable.

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3. You are simply an arrogant person.

Arrogance is one of the most common signs of an unlikeable person.

Egotistic people are often found stealing ideas, taking advantage of others’ work, or being careless about taking any responsibility. 

When working in a group or with a team, check your efforts and emotions: Are you being there just for yourself or for the success of your overall team?

If you’re there just for yourself, like being ‘The Best’ or showing your importance then it clearly shows that you only care for yourself more than anyone else. 

As an arrogant person, you try to look the best in your group.

Also, you never hesitate to take credit for the assignments that are being done by your juniors or team players.

For you, it seems that you’re being self-conscious but the fact is you’re doing injustice to someone, to your team.

Your constant arrogant behavior towards your team or group… is the ultimate reason why you’re unlikeable.  

4. You are great at confusing and scaring people. 

If you feel socially awkward or aren’t showing active interest to show up and connect with people around you, then you are making yourself an isolated and somewhat unlikeable person.

You stay disconnected from others because you don’t know important social cues. 

Since you have no idea how to take logical and non-verbal cues, you react to them without logical thinking.

And you eventually confuse them, rather than giving a proper answer.

Your confusing and unpredictable behavior to others, are signs you are not likeable, for sure.

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5. You are approached just for gossiping and trash talk. 

You love to gossip, you love talking about others in their back.

If people at your college or office approach you only for discussing something worthless, or timepass stuff, then it’s proof that they’re taking you as a mean person. 

Rather than taking your help or asking for advice on important tasks, when you’re contacted for just gossipping then signs you are not a likeable person.

Also, because such people know about you over, Are you worthy enough or not? 

6. You show unlikeable and rude behavior to most, if not everyone. 

People with rude and disrespectful behavior are often found separated from the group. Because no one likes to be with those whose behavior is not right towards them.

Mutual feelings and respect for one another are a must for any relationship.  

But, if you constantly show your negative sides to your people and are rude to everyone, then such are signs you’re unlikeable.

Instead of adjusting your behavior to be in control, you scold anyone without any actual connection, which causes that person and most others to stay away from you.

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7. You know only to speak, Not to listen to others. 

Everyone likes to listen to the one who also has the same respect and care for their words, too. People feel connected while talking with someone who listens to them.

When you’re there just for yourself, like for only talking about your achievements over and over again, then signs you’re making yourself less likeable. 

People hate to listen to the same things repeatedly.

When you have nothing exciting or other things to talk about than yourself, and they either feel bored and annoyed around you.

Even more, you never listen to them actively, it destroys your chance of being a likeable person. 

8. You’ve no respect and attention for people, but for your phone. (Phubbing, of course) 

Agree, that it’s time for InstagramLive or engaging with your followers because you’ve built a great community there.

But, when you ignore the people around at the party or gathering and constantly checking your phone instead, are signs you are unlikeable for others. 

As the most common traits of less likeable people, they prefer mobile over alive people.

Rather than using it during their free time, you use it to separate yourself from others.

And ultimately that makes you an unlikeable person. Because everyone found you’re rude and disrespectful to them.

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9. You are not adjustable to the new group, workplace or environment.

Not everyone is the same, not everyone has to be perfect really.

We all have to adjust and stay flexible with each other to feel connected and respected, overall. The problems start when you never try to adjust with others nor to accept the difference within. 

Either you’re narrow-minded or have a fixed mentality, and so you never agree with others.

You start debating with anyone else, with no reason at all and without valuing the differences.

That makes others avoid talking to you because they don’t want to waste their time, nor they want to feel lower. Because you’re good at making someone feel, likewise.

Overall, these are combined signs you are unlikeable in the group or a new job, where you don’t attempt to adjust.

10. You are not trustworthy. 

Nobody has trust in you, in your behavior, and your words.

Because you have been constantly changing with your statements and broke their trust multiple times before.

Have you lost some friends, due to your rude and self-centered behavior? Or feeling like being double-checked on your words? Then, believe people are taking you as a liar. 

Honesty is the cornerstone of all successful relationships, whether professional or personal. 

Your dishonest nature and doubtful behavior prove you are not someone who people can trust. And such are clear signs you are not likeable for others. 

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11. Your behavior is unpredictable and completely random. 

As long as you behave with others according to your current mood and emotions, people get confused and scared while approaching you for something.

You’re a moody person when someone has to check your mood before speaking to you.

It’s quite confusing also uncomfortable for others because they don’t know whether you’re in the right mood or not.

Your behavior is constantly changing and you’ve no control over your emotions. This is why most people prefer to stay away from you.

Such are signs you are unlikeable because you don’t know how to behave properly.

12. You take everyone for granted.

Probably you are not aware of this, but people around you feel it very precisely. 

You call them when you need something, you stay with them till something is beneficial for you. And they know it.

But, when it’s your turn to return a favor you start ignoring them or just stay away.

All they get to receive are… excuses and unlikeable behavior from you. 

When you don’t value people’s time and existence, they will never stay too nice enough to tolerate such negativity. of course, they will minimize the connection with you and start ignoring you, further.

At last, people will stop asking for your help, because they know you are good for nothing.

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13. You haven’t even attempted to connect with others. 

If you don’t show interest, no one will approach you or initiate the conversation. 

It is likely that you are shy, but no matter how attractive you are, people won’t connect with you if they don’t see any gesture that makes them want to connect with you. 

If you constantly avoid people around you and keep busy with something, this informs them that you’re a boring person and that they better stay away from you. 

You may be wondering, why no one is talking to you, or Am I so unlikeable here? 

But, it’s only you who hasn’t shown any interest or excitement to be part of the group. The only thing you do there is, hoping someone will approach you and make a connection. 

Making yourself less approachable and unavailable are clear signs that you’re unpopular. 

To make your existence noticeable you need to show excitement and initiate the conversation with other by yourself, than just hoping for it.


Don’t try hard to be popular. You just have to avoid being unlikeable.

Don’t obsess too much about how to become a likeable, or about your self-image. 

No matter how hard you try to be the favorite of everyone, only those people will care for you, who actually have genuine respect and care for you.

But, that doesn’t mean you’ve to become careless or rude to everyone. Remain a good person for those who actually care for you. 

If you notice the most presented signs of unlikeable people in your personality, then start being true to everyone.

Be adjustable with everyone and respect the difference.

Again, It’s not always about the look or appearance, but your characters towards others are direct signs you are likeable or not.

You need nothing much, your genuine nature and respectful behavior to others are enough.


Remember, what you make others feel, they will treat you the same way in return. 

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