11 Signs You Are A Critical Thinker

Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 06:59 am

Regardless of how simple or big a decision is, does it always seem important to you?

Are you inclined to examine situations from all possible angles before following such ideas?

If so, then you might relate to further signs that you are a critical thinker.

That shows you’re known to make rational decisions rather than reckless ones.


What is Critical Thinking and Why It’s Important?

It is not always a good idea to follow positive thoughts or passion alone; sometimes it is a good idea to look at other possibilities, the negative aspects, as well. 

An approach like this allows you to make good decisions, since it prepares you for the upcoming challenges along with just success. 

When you follow plans only based on ‘temporary’ feelings instead of ‘long term’ thinking, you may overlook difficulties that come up unexpectedly.

Critical thinking isn’t limited to positive thinking, but it also counts logic as other possibilities. 

So, what it is?


Critical thinking is more about taking the very possible outcomes in mind and not just the ‘positive’ only.

It enables you to think from every aspect, preparing yourself for something that you might never think about. Everything just to ensure you get what you desire… if that’s possible.


So, it’s not just about finding the bright side…

but also about why and how you want to take action and how you will react when things don’t go as planned. 

Some might call this approach over-analysis or over-thinking, but it allows you to make the correct decisions in life, leading to achieving happiness and success. 

Whether in personal or professional life, critical thinking skill helps a person to make the most of their time by making the right decisions that are legitimate and not forced. 


Here are some reasons why critical thinking is important in life: 

Importance of Critical Thinking

  • It doesn’t guarantee success, but it won’t let you fail miserably or regret your choice. 
  • It lets you be aware of not just positive, but ‘possible’ outcomes. 
  • It allows you to be prepared and do something about the potential threats. 
  • It provides the most effective solutions to any situation or problem. 
  • It gives you time to think, analyze and arrange to provide ‘valuable’ feedback. 
  • It encourages healthy discussions by focusing on the major aspects of a topic.

It may seem that critical thinking skills are only limited to those in powerful positions or the decision-making process. 

However, it is also more beneficial to the individual’s personal life. 

The biggest advantage of critical thinking skills is that it enables people to think wisely, set goals logically, meet challenges effectively, and achieve success, happily. 

Now, let’s find out whether you follow critical thinking or not, and such signs are better to look for.


11 Signs You are a Critical Thinker

While you’re uncertain whether you’re thinking critically or getting overly worried, it is also a chance to discover your true self. 

Some characteristics are common among critical thinkers.

Those individual qualities lead them to make not perfect but wise decisions. And, if you’re one of them, you might also recognize these signs.

1. You have good communication skills.

You take the time to think and present your thoughts after some reasoning. 

People tend to focus on making biased judgments based on their limited knowledge.

But you choose to understand the topic or subject before you say anything. 

You neither take reckless decisions nor carry rigid opinions of something. 

It’s great that you listen to others, understand their views, and also gather similar information before making any comments. 

It’s a sign that you think critically and that way you can communicate effectively with others.

2. You are willing to change.

Although you may not be known for bold decisions, you bring the change. 

Having analyzed every aspect and considered all possible options, you make a quality decision. If you do not feel confident or ready, you won’t offer anything. 

First of all, you want to make a change in your routine or improve yourself. 

Change doesn’t bother you. But you need some proof and extra work to know that what you’re planning is possible and worth your effort. 

Since you think creatively, you are more likely to find the easiest and most efficient way to accomplish something. 

These signs present you as a critical thinker, who is willing to change.

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3. You want to know the reason behind someone’s disagreement.

Anytime you discuss or debate something, you conclude. 

You aren’t wasting anyone’s or your own time. As you are known to make unbiased decisions, you make the most effective choices. 

As you are able to take advice from others and learn from them. 

You very well know that everybody sees things differently. And that you should learn about the other suggestions first rather than imposing your decision on them. 

As a result, you become a good leader who makes others feel appreciated and heard, taking their advice and solutions.

Because you think critically and others participating in decision making is important.

4. You don’t rely on just a single information source.

What you think or believe is not the ultimate source of your decisions. 

To make decisions, you always expect more information, reliable data, and facts.

So, you never forget to take advice and suggestions from your team members, too. 

Even when you are the only one making the decisions, you do so wisely. 

Well, you take your time, research independently, collect data and facts before making a plan. 

Either you ask for some help, search online, read-watch helpful materials, and then make the decisions or plan.

Rather than putting pressure on yourself to get it done in a hurry, you believe in making the right decisions even if it takes time, that’s a sign that you are a critical thinker.

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5. Your ideas and thoughts are truly yours, unique and creative.

The habit of constant learning and improving gives you the ability to think outside the box. 

You can look at things differently, think critically, and get something done effectively.

Because you educate yourself and also look for new ideas, better options. 

You might take inspiration from others since you seek their advice and suggestions. 

Ultimately, you don’t just put your thinking out; you collect the right information, take inspiration from others, and choose the one that fits your case the best. 

You may learn from others or your successes and failures, which gives you a fresh perspective and more options.

6. You keep leaning and seem to be excited.

It’s all because you’re curious about something, how it works, and so on. 

No matter whether you’ve experienced in your field or are a newbie, you never miss out on any opportunity to improve and update yourself.

You never stop learning. 

By doing so, you stay with the latest information and can help others, well, too. 

Such natural curiosity, willingness to learn in any situation are signs that you are a critical thinker who enjoys improving yourself and helping others with collected lessons.

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7. You stay away from any negatives and don’t participate in nonsense talk.

What is not beneficial or adds no value to you, you simply cut it off. 

You are well known for making thoughtful decisions in life, as well as for making the right choices every day.

You know how to make the most out of the available resources, whether they are time or resources in general.

When something or someone takes up your time or costs you anyways, you prefer to stay away from them or at least do something about it. 

In the case of changing something at work or moving away from someone, you don’t wait too long to act after knowing you have no good reason to be there. 

You choose to get out of any nonsense talk over the internet or in your office or friend circle.

Because you’re thinking critically and aren’t looking for negativity.

8. You think of yourself as mature and intelligent.

You live each day with a purpose. You have a schedule for today and what you plan to accomplish. 

You don’t want to waste your time, because you want to make the most of your life and time. Every day, you learn something and challenge yourself. 

Results, you become a better person every day with improved thinking. 

When needed, you adopt some changes in yourself, also learn from the right people, and take their advice seriously, which will enable you to become a successful and happy person.

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9. You ask too many questions.

This may not be problematic for you, but others. 

You do that to learn something and to be sure about something.

It’s good actually when you ask appropriate and good questions about something. 

However, if you have a habit of asking questions about everything and need to clarify your doubts before doing anything, you might annoy others. 

Yes, it is important to ask questions in order to educate yourself, but make sure you ask the right questions to others. 

The problem is when you expect proof for everything and want to clear up all doubts. 

Such signs show you are a critical thinker and may have difficulties making decisions or trusting other people.

10. You are being a perfectionist.

Often, critical thinkers are also seen as perfectionists, who want nothing but perfection. 

Whether as a boss or family member, you think you have to be right or perfect in every case.

Which of course, no way possible, but you pressure yourself or others for the same. 

Aiming for perfection or doing only ‘the best’ things ultimately puts pressure on you. 

Sometimes, you overanalyze the citation and problem, even if it is unnecessary.

There’s no need to be systematic all of the time, sometimes it just requires just a small tweak

However, your critical nature tends to make everything seem complex and hard to solve.

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11. You make complicated things easy and easy things complicated.

Although critical thinking is an important skill, it also has its limitations. 

Of course, when you think critically, you consider the situation in its entirety, making the right choices and making decisions that will solve the problems effectively. 

Nevertheless, if you think too much, you become accustomed to thinking about everything, no matter how small or great it might be.

In general, critical thinking is helpful for the biggest challenges.

But sometimes out of habit, you spend the same amount of time and energy on the smallest decisions. 

Whereas, it can be resolved with simple solutions or one step.

If everyone complains about your excessive thinking or inability to act quickly at work or home, and such are proven signs you might be a critical thinker.


How do you know if you are critical thinking?

With the above signs, you can simply say that you are a critical thinker who knows how to make wise decisions supported by enough data, research, and information. 

And that doesn’t only apply to career or work decisions, it can sometimes also help you in other aspects of your life, too. 

In the same way, critical thinking helps professionals analyze every facet of a plan and ensure success, it also makes them aware of potential threats and roadblocks. 

When someone makes critical decisions, they are more likely to make the most of their life. 

Indeed, critical thinking won’t come so easily, you have to work on yourself, think differently, and view things differently.

After all, it’s not a good idea to simply rely on feelings or own thoughts, there are possibilities for everything.

Most critical thinkers in the world are self-earned, self-starters, and independent individuals who remain committed to a self-belief that is backed by logic and possibilities.

And if you relate with the signs of critical thinking, that means you’re one of the individuals who think logically as well as make something happen rather than striving for perfection. 


In general, as a critical thinker, don’t let the habit of seeing things from every angle stop you from doing something. But, sometimes you need to adjust according to the situation, not everything will require such deep thinking. Sometimes all that you need is to stop getting into the deep and just start doing something… to get it done.