12 Signs of Spiritual Growth and Maturity (The Awakening Process)

Last updated on April 27th, 2022 at 06:21 am

Eventually, your full potential comes out when you are willing to change and devote yourself to the spiritual awakening process. However, the journey of being spiritually mature is never that simple. So, to keep you feeling enlightened, here are the solid signs of spiritual growth to know that you’re going in the right direction. 


How do you know you are growing spiritually?

From the last few weeks, Do you feel like a completely different person?

Do you really see the world around you from a whole new perspective?

Do you notice people around you are happier and more positive now than ever before?

Well, that means you are growing and becoming spiritually mature. 

Spiritual growth doesn’t happen gradually. It always starts with a thought to change yourself and something in your life. 

In such a developing phase, you are no longer drawn to the things you used to, not feeling it is worthwhile to remain involved in things that are not adding value to your life. 

It all begins with the idea of doing something in your life to make you a better person

When you already start working on your dreams, making the necessary changes in your life, and sacrificing a lot of things, that means you’re growing spiritually. 

Also, you should pay attention to signs of the spiritual awakening process, since they inspire you and never let you lose hope in yourself. 


12 Signs of Spiritual Growth and Maturity

When you experience such drastic changes in your life and feel like you’re doing well, that means the process has already started.

Here you will find the most common marks of spiritual progress that indicate you are all the way to discovering your true self and why you are here.  

1. You feel like you’re part of the universe.

When you realize you’re merely a part of the universe, you tend to put your ego aside. 

As a result, you will experience a lot more positive change in yourself and the approach you’ve been showing the world.

It will make you respect others and love them unconditionally. 

Additionally, you are now more eager to give than to receive.

Despite the fact that you are a very small part of this universe, you feel that your contribution to the world matters. 

No matter what, you never lost faith and kept doing your best work.

Being aware of yourself as a small but significant presence in the world is one of the powerful signs that you are growing spiritually without even realizing it.  

2. You get to know more about yourself.

Earlier, you were just lost and clueless about yourself and your life. 

As you spend more time with yourself and practice meditation, you learn new things about yourself every day. 

The purpose of your life has become more clear to you now.

You know what you’re trying to accomplish and how you can get there. 

Overall, you no longer work for others, like impressing them or showing them you are a better person.

Instead, you do it mostly for yourself. These are great signs of spiritual growth, because you make the most of the available time and never waste it anymore. 

You may not know everything about yourself, but you know much more than before. 

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3. You learn to accept yourself, as you are.

You do not feel frustrated about yourself since you accept yourself. 

You are transformed into a completely different person. In some ways, you’re like an upgraded version of yourself now. 

However, you feel confident about yourself for no specific reason. 

Because you accept your flaws and limitations, you no longer try to hide such things from others.

Instead, you embrace them and make the most of your uniqueness. 

If you feel like good things are coming to you and everything is going your way for a reason, and such are signs that you are growing spiritually, even if you do not realize it.  

4. You can make the right choice between needs and desires.

In other words, you know how to live a fulfilling life with fewer things. 

Well, you’re not the type of person who seeks joy in things. Rather than waiting for something to get or happen, you prefer to live in the moment. 

You no longer need to buy a new mobile every six months. You no longer need to buy new clothes every month.

Now that you understand what is really important to you, you are no longer wasting your time on things that are not useful. 

The moment you focus on your needs only instead of your desires, and these are signs of spiritual growth that show you’re getting mature. 

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5. You stay still in both a positive and negative situation.

That doesn’t mean you have to become silent or emotionless to everything. 

This shows you become more in tune with reality and realize that you have the power to make a difference.

No matter what you do, you stay in control and don’t lose yourself. 

Success feels good and gives you confidence, but you also know when to control yourself.

It’s normal to feel frustrated and angry when you’re going through a tough time.

But now you know how to behave and how to make the way out of it. That clearly shows that you are a strong character

As you progress in your spiritual growth, you will be less overwhelmed by emotions.

When you find you can control your emotions in both positive and negative situations, that is also one of the signs that you are growing spiritually. 

6. You learn the value of sacrifice in the process.

Now it’s not only about you, but also about other people around you. 

With time, you start to respect others just as much or more than yourself, realizing that no one is different from you.

Further, it leads you to listen more to others than to just keep speaking what you think.  

Recognize that you and everyone around you are on the same journey, in the same world. 

If someone in your family does not like something about you, you no longer do it.

Here, you prefer your family and loved ones first. Something from you that hurts them, you don’t give it much thought and just leave something that bothers your connection. 

Sacrificing an ego, opinions, thoughts, and letting someone win the arguments are signs that you are growing spiritually. 

Since you believe it is not a good idea to lose a person for the sake of your ego. 

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7. You decide to change yourself and your outlook on everything.

Negative things no longer entertain you because you are mature now.  

Earlier, you were easily attracted to the negativity around and online, but now you do not waste your time on such things. You stay away from toxic people and anything that impedes your growth. 

There is a heavy transformation you are undergoing.

The way you think about, perceive and react to behave in the same situation everything has changed for the better. 

It’s like you’re a completely new person, programmed with positive features inside you. 

Staying away from negative people and things, adjusting your life quickly, and never refusing to make a change are all signs of spiritual growth and maturity that you should not ignore. 

8. You are kind of enjoying your progress more than ever.

The clearer your destination is, the more enjoyable the journey is. 

Of course, you want to achieve your goals, but the process is a wholly unique experience. 

You have some idea of what your true potential is and where you’re heading, so everything just seems smooth and easy. 

Although there are some challenges in the process, you do not feel panicked or stuck anymore. Because you are more positive and more confident than ever before, you find a way out.  

All you know is to work harder and do your best today, as these are signs that you are growing spiritually and these aspects help you stay focused on your goals. 

In your mind, the thought that you are close to your goal makes every new day hopeful.  

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9. You stopped judging everything and everyone as you used to.

No one is perfect here. Neither you nor anyone else. And, you accept that. 

Rather than judging others and making fun of their flaws, you are more interested in helping them in the best way you can.

Furthermore, you do not look at others as different in any way. 

As a spiritual warrior, you are more likely to help the unfortunate and now can feel their pain. 

Rather than complaining and arguing about life or anything else, pure acceptance is one of the signs of spiritual growth and you’re on the right path.  

You tend to see the world as it is, and change yourself accordingly without second thoughts. 

10. You learn to be happy and positive in everything.

When you are on the right path, you see success and happiness everywhere. 

You no longer go after only the perfect things to make you feel happy. This is because you understand the impact is temporary. 

Your feelings and the way you perceive everything around you are consistent. 

Now, you become a happy person than ever, which is not limited to one thing.

Overall, you are now able to see the positive side of everything. 

There are fewer complaints and more adjustments, fewer challenges, and more lessons.

When you follow such approaches these are signs that you’re becoming mature spiritually. 

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11. You learn every single day and growing every day.

You don’t want to be the best of all; you just want to be better than yesterday. 

Earlier, your life was monotonous and went on autopilot.

It was because you had no principles, beliefs or plans on hand. You have now become more focused, a person with principles, and you have goals in mind. 

When you dedicate yourself to a process, you learn from everything. And you take inspiration from everything you see along the way. 

The goal is to not strive to be perfect, or to feel like you are the best.

It’s because you know there’s always someone ahead of you. 

So, the best that you can do is make every day count and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you.

Since you are working on your goals with passion, you never stop learning. 

You work harder every day without feeling competitive, you help others without fear involved and these are signs that you are growing spiritually and now are mature than ever. 

12. You are a lot more different person than before.

Whether you know it or not, but you are changing every single day. That’s positive, of course. 

You work hard, put yourself out and behave more maturely than ever before.

The change takes more time for people to see, but once it happens, they will feel the positive vibes from being around you. 

With each day, you grow and also give others hope in their lives. 

From achieving your goals to being a responsible person, when you become consistent in it, others see you as a completely different person. 

Anytime you feel that people around you are changed and their way to address you is also changing, that are good marks of spiritual growth because that helps you to become a better person. 

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What helps spiritual growth?

Not everything happens eventually, as everything happens for a reason. 

There’s some driving force behind working to make it happen. And when it comes to signs of spiritual maturity and growth, it won’t be there eventually. 

You better work on yourself, doing something to change your life in a positive manner. 

With the given signs you better realize whether you are on the right path or not.

Plus, if you relate to a few of the signs on the list, it means the process has already begun and you are on the right track. 

You better express your willingness to change and grow as a person.

Here are some ways to keep you focused on the spiritual awakening process. 

1. Be aware of your habits and routines.

These are the first steps of attaining spiritual maturity.

Make sure that you are ready to make some changes in your life, to become the mature version of yourself. 

2. Learn to do a mediation.

Meditation is not a habit it’s a process to let you connect with yourself.

When you don’t know how to do it, you can always learn it through various materials and make it a part of your routine. 

3. Learn to be happy and positive about everything around you.

Follow a positive approach and express your confidence in everything.

Having inspired feelings and self-belief help you overcome most of the challenges in the process. 

4. Express your gratitude for everything in life.

From the time you wake up to sleep at night, there are so many things to feel grateful for.

Don’t waste your time thinking about things you don’t have, instead, think about those things that you are fortunate to have. 

5. Always help others without expecting anything back.

Initially, it will be difficult, but as you move forward, you will feel good about it. When you see that someone is in need and you have something to help them anyways, do it. 

Everyone has the opportunity to learn more about themselves.

However, not everyone is willing to put in the same effort. Some are just trapped in the same situation thinking that’s sufficient for them. 

But, those who are really driven to discover the purpose in their life, along with their true potential, eventually find the way to reach that goal, anyway. 

The signs of spiritual growth and maturity may be hard to find, but when the process is happening there, the whole surrounding feels the same positive vibes. 


So if you feel like you’re growing spiritually, don’t hold back. Keep working on yourself, because as you grow the whole world around you also improves in a lot of positive aspects. 

Whether you feel it or not, but your role really does matter in this world.