12 Signs You Are Happy With Yourself (So, With Your Life)

Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 07:02 am

When ‘being happy’ is not your goal, but an emotion that comes naturally to you, that means you can find happiness from anything.

Here are some signs that you are happy with yourself, which also shows you make the best out of every day and actually doing well in life.


How do you know if you’re happy with yourself?

Happiness has no static definition that relates to every individual on earth.

The meaning of happiness varies based on the individual’s state of mind and viewpoint. 

Do you exactly know what makes you happy? 

If that’s not limited to certain things or someone, that means the reason to be happy is already with you, in you. 

If you want to know if you are living a happy life, the answer is within yourself. 

And, that’s not just about the feeling you get after receiving a parcel from an online order or when you achieve something for the very first time.

It refers to such lifetime memories and experiences that you can use later to cheer yourself up when you have no reason to be happy.  

Here we talk about those happy people who know how to stay confident, strong, and happy, regardless of the circumstances. 

In fact, it is tough to find people with such unique characteristics. 

But, there are common signs of a happy person that are more like qualities and traits that present their character in a positive light. 

Want to confirm, Are you that happy guy who enjoys life to the fullest? 

So next, we are going to discuss some signs that prove you’re that happy person that everyone wants to be with because you always have reason to be happy anyways. 


12 Signs You are Happy With Yourself & Your Life

With such common signs of being happy in life, you can check whether you’re genuinely happy in real life or if you need to practice this habit. 

Take every sign as a trait of a happy person which eventually proves as well as helps you to become the one.

1. You live in the present, not in the future or past.

What separates a happy person from the rest is that- they prefer to live in the present

You let go of that past easily because you see no good reason to keep it.

Even the future won’t bother you anymore, because you know what you do today will determine your future. 

Regrets from the past and frustration about the future won’t help you at all. 

With that mindset, you put your best efforts into the present and make every moment count.

You provide the best efforts and stay away from any unnecessary worries. 

This is one of the best and most important signs of happy people is that they make the best of their present. 

2. You be honest with yourself and with everyone.

Staying honest with yourself allows you to avoid challenges altogether.

Here, you are not afraid to admit your flaws and limitations. 

You’re always positive about things you can do the best, but you’re not afraid to speak up about what you don’t do well. 

You never try to fool others, not even yourself. 

Such an approach to staying honest to others and especially to yourself and are powerful signs that you are happy with yourself and live without any complaints. 

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3. You love yourself and know your worth.

What others think or say about you means nothing to you.

As you know who you are and where you want to be. 

You know what you can do and what you can’t. 

When someone is advising you and has some right things to say, you listen to them. But, when someone talks negative or wrong, you know how to completely ignore that. 

These are clear signs that you choose to be happy with life and free to make the right choices. 

4. You don’t need a reason to be happy, you feel it anyway.

You find satisfaction and happiness in everything. 

Everyone has their definition of happiness and success. Therefore, they look for it in specific things or around certain people. 

You’re not one of them; you find happiness and positivity in everything. 

Nothing can prevent you from positively looking at life or having an enjoyable day today.

When you take the happiness from the little things, and you don’t have to rely on one thing or person to be happy. 

Overall, these are some signs as well as common traits of happy people. 

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5. You accept yourself for who you are.

There is no pressure on you to make others like you or to impress them. 

While most other people try their hardest to impress someone, they’ve forgotten their originality somewhere along the way.

They are so concerned about others that they neglect to value their unique qualities. 

But, you are confident, you are well aware of yourself, and actually present yourself as you are. 

It doesn’t matter to you whether you seem perfect to society. You enjoy being unique and embrace your unique skills.

These are the best signs that you are happy with yourself and confident in your abilities. 

6. You believe in God and pray every day.

You never forget to pray and think of God for everything he’s for you.

Many of us remember God only when troubles come our way and we don’t see any further hope or way forward. Those are not prayers, but complaints. 

When you truly believe in God, you won’t complain, but you will be empowered.

You find the purpose of something happening in your life and check what lesson God wants to teach you.

That gives you strength and motivation during a tough time.

Overall, you are really happy in life because you never lose faith in God, so in you. 

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7. You have a loving and caring family to support you.

Your family and parents have a very positive influence on what you’re doing right now.

You are blessed to have loving parents, siblings, partners, and family members who support you and show their trust in you. 

You never have to prove anything to them; they believe in their positive qualities. 

Having a family that listens to you and morally supports you when times are hard, gives you the confidence to keep going. 

The fact is, people who are truly happy in life generally have great parents, supportive families that encourage them to see the bright side of life. 

8. You compare yourself with no one, but you.

These are the most important qualities of a happy personality. 

How others are doing and making in life won’t’ bother these happy people, because they are busy making their own.

It’s not to make someone fall behind but to make a difference in their own life. 

Comparison with others on career, life, and relationship causes nothing but problems. 

You’re staying away from unnecessary worries, believing you fall behind others and that they’re better than you. 

All you focus on is to become the better version of yourself compared with yourself and no one else. Which are overall great signs that you are happy with yourself. 

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9. You have faith in your efforts.

Believe in yourself, and you will get the confidence and inspiration you need within. 

Your goals and dreams are purely yours and that can also be the reason why you feel so confident and positive while working for them. 

You set goals, create plans, and do the right job without wasting your time. 

You don’t lose hope when things don’t go as planned. 

This leads to the best signs you’re doing well in life because you stay positive, feel inspired during such challenges, and work on yourself when required. 

10. You enjoy the process of achieving your goals.

The harder your goal is, the more dedicated and powerful you feel during the process. 

Once you set your goals, you don’t need to think any extra about them.

You put in the best effort because this is what helps you reach those goals.

The journey to achieve something is a challenge, but you accept this challenge happily. 

From making the right choices to picking the positive emotions and these are signs you are happy with yourself and will make the most out of your life.

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11. You express your gratitude towards a happy life.

Some just wait for such things to buy or get in life, while some become happy anyways. 

You’re one of the few people who choose to be happy in life as it is right now.

Rather than feeling sad about lacking something, you see the positive side. 

It’s also the number one reason why you’re one of those happiest people in the world. 

Even though others or even you don’t feel it, you have so many things you’re grateful for. 

And when you find that everything that you should be grateful for, you will no longer feel sad and can find the happiness and joy from everything. 

12. You help others to be positive and happy in life.

Happiness is one of those positive emotions that one wants to share with others. 

Similar to love, respect, confidence, or positivity, happiness grows larger the more you share it.

When you make someone happy, you become happier, too. There’s no pressure, but you love to share it. 

When you can give someone positive emotions, that means you have plenty of them.

Learn to give them your love, respect, and attention when they need it. 

Being able to make someone feel confident and positive about their life are great signs that you are happy with yourself. 

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What makes someone happy in life?

Money can indeed make us happy by affording everything that we desire. 

Yet, when you don’t have enough money, but you still feel happy with what you have, and you’re grateful for everything you have, that is enough to prove that you’re one of those happy people on earth. 

Of course, you have your desires and dreams. You also work hard to get those goals. 

But, the great thing about that is you also enjoy the process of achieving those goals, which keeps you positive and happy in life already. 

Even when following challenging goals, facing tough times, you are no longer frustrated.

Plus, you get up every morning eager for today’s adventures, and these are the best signs that you are happy with yourself plus enjoy every single day.

This shows, you are confident in your efforts and you’re going to make it on the day.

You respect yourself, stay honest, and feel grateful for everything you already have. 

By staying away from any negative emotions from ruining your happiness, you demonstrate that you are not just a positive mind, but a happy person who knows to adjust himself. 


The key to being happy with yourself is in you, don’t try to find it somewhere or in someone else. Find that key and you will experience success and happiness in your life, without much waiting.