9 Signs You Live In The Present Moment

Last updated on December 25th, 2022 at 07:00 pm

Well, your life isn’t about the future or the past. It’s to live in the present- ‘the moment’, right now. 

You miss the chance to enjoy the present whenever you are constantly thinking about your hurtful past or worrying about your future. 

To be happy with your life, you should appreciate the present moment.


9 Signs You Live In The Moment

Do you make the most of every moment? Are you able to remain patient and concentrate during the challenging time? 

Or, Do you keep thinking about the past or dreaming about a future? 

When you decide to live in the present, you’re free from the stressful past and uncertain future.

Well, these are the signs to know that you live in the present and make every moment count.

1. You have great goals. And, the focus is on the present.

Simply setting goals won’t help you get there. You’ve to work for it. 

To stay focused on the work, you need to forget about past failures.

Also, you need to stop fantasizing about the future you’re building.

If you keep your eyes on doing your best in the present day, you’re living in the moment. 

2. You don’t waste your time anymore.

You never waste a single minute of your day thinking about what isn’t worth it. 

Because you know where to give your attention, you successfully eliminate distractions from your life.

This helps you be productive in whatever you plan to do.  

When you can easily detach from unworthy things, you can say you live in the moment.

You choose to live in the present

3. You know how to cheer yourself up in any situation.

If you want to live every day and enjoy every moment, learn to smile in any situation.

You already have complete control over your emotions.

When things aren’t going your way, you know how to remain patient.

You are hopeful that good things are coming your way sooner or later.

Your every day starts with a positive note that helps you to live in the moment

4. You are already doing what you love.

You’ve stopped complaining about anything in life. You just do what you want in life. 

Most people just wish they could follow their dreams, but you go after them.

Possibly, you might found your passion and now working on that 

You don’t want to live a regretful life, you trust yourself and live the life you want to live, which is a sign that you live in the present. 

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5. You are completely free from your past.

Everyone has a hurtful and challenging past, but not everyone can easily get rid of it. 

As you exactly know who you are and where you’re going in life, you brought yourself out of the past.

You no longer let the past govern your present and impact your future.

No matter how tough it was, you don’t let such an experience stop you from growing.

6. You don’t take life too seriously.

There’s no point in living life worrying about everything. Life must be lived as it is. 

What others say about you or how others treat you doesn’t matter to you anymore.

You’re free from unnecessary worries and thoughts that add no value to your life. 

Having confidence that tomorrow will be better enables you to relax and enjoy every moment in life.

You're living in moment

7. You don’t stay stuck for long in life.

When there’s a problem, don’t let it bother you or moan about it. 

You look for solutions. If you don’t see any way to overcome the challenges, you choose to be patient.

Because you’re a mentally strong person who knows how to handle yourself in tough times. 

Most people let their past stop them… while you choose to live in the present and take action. 

8. You are able to set priorities for your life.

While working, you truly focus on getting things done. When you watch a movie, you enjoy it. 

What you do at the moment, you keep your focus on that one thing.

It’s because you know how to prioritize things. 

You keep your mind, heart, and body in the same place. This allows you to enjoy the moment to the fullest. 

9. You know how to move on and keep going forward.

In the present, it doesn’t matter what you achieved or where you failed at. 

Your aim in life is to make every moment count.

You can’t afford to waste your time thinking about something that won’t benefit you. 

Whether someone has helped you or not, you rely on yourself and choose to keep going. 

You’re unstoppable and never stopped by anyone or anything.

You focus on yourself and value your present, the way you should.

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Why Is It Important To Live In The Moment?

While it is fine to think about the future, you shouldn’t waste your present worrying about it.

Similarly, there’s no way you can change your past, now.

Right now, all you have is your ‘present’. It’s where you have control.  

You can change your future, by grabbing the chances the present gives you.

Well, your life feels hard and miserable when you don’t live in the moment. 

Life should be lived relaxedly without unnecessary burdens.

By thinking about the past and future, we ruin the present moment.

In order to make our future better, we need to treat the present right. 

A person who lives in the moment can work more efficiently and achieve more than a person who only thinks about the future. 

Worrying never solves anything. Nor, daydreaming can get you closer to your goals.

After a while, it’s necessary to know how to live in the present. This allows you to be both productive and happy with your life. 

The above signs help you determine if you live in the present moment or not. 

Have your mind and heart in the present, instead of thinking about the past or the future. 


Whatever you do now, keep your attention on one thing at hand and try to experience it fully. And that’s how you live in the present moment.