12 Signs Your Life Is So Hard Than It Should (And, What To Do?)

Last updated on December 11th, 2022 at 04:55 pm

If you keep thinking: “Why is life so hard?”… you will find it more difficult, not less.

Better to look for the reasons why you feel this way: ‘Is it really your bad time’ or is it just your complaining nature?’

Well, you can check the following signs that your life is so hard, letting you know that it’s definitely not a bad luck thing. 

But, you’re the reason for making your life more challenging and complex.

You’re either impatient or not thankful enough. 

When you think your life is hard there’s something you can do because this hard time will not end until you work through it. 


Why Does Life Have To Be So Hard?

Hard times. It happens to everyone. 

We need it to prepare ourselves for something. And get better.

A phase like this in life is an eye-opening and training experience.

But not everyone feels the same way.

Leaning out of it will enable you to achieve way more than you set out to achieve.

Whereas if you keep complaining over hard times, nothing good comes your way.

Make sure you’re not seeing it as bad luck.

You can use it as a chance to improve things.

If you feel your life has always been hard on you, probably you aren’t learning enough to improve yourself.

Every difficult phase in life comes to providing lessons and reasons to work on yourself.

It is time for you to change the way you view your life because you are making it so much harder than it has to be.

If you want, you can certainly make changes. First, you must refer to such eye-opening signs.


12 Signs Your Life Is So Hard

Maybe you’re expecting too much from life, or you aren’t happy with what you have.

There are many more reasons and signs to consider when you think your life is hard. 

In this way, you realize you’re making things hard for yourself with your choices alone.

And, it has nothing to do with bad luck, just your irresponsible and lazy approach to your life. 

1. You are following unreasonable goals.

Is your goal inspiring or threatening? Are your goals too small or do you overestimate yourself?

You might experience challenges every day if your efforts don’t match your goals.

Following such great goals under pressure or low goals without passion… certainly going to make your life harder.

What you can do: Don’t set goals that are too high or too low. You can separate your goals into smaller ones and can get them done one at a time. Following the process is more important than just making a plan.

2. You compare your life with others.

In striving to be like others and better than them, you live a frustrated and clueless life.

You are different from the rest and have a unique purpose in life.

Comparing yourself to others prevents you from recognizing what makes you unique and what your life should be like.

Taking other people’s paths and not doing what is right for you are signs that you feel that your life is so hard, but not others.

What you can do: Stop comparing yourself with others. Focus on yourself. Don’t try to be like others, focus on your strengths and weaknesses instead. You need to do what helps you make better than yourself, not than others.

3. You prefer to stay within your comfort zone.

You’re feeling too insecure and afraid to make a change in your life.

It’s not that you’re not capable of doing great, but you’re not making the move.

Instead of doing something new, you prevent yourself from doing it.

You don’t let new things happen in your life. because you fear losing your comfort.

Having insecurity in life and controlling yourself from growing are early signs that you’re going to feel that life is so hard for you, now or later.

What you can do: Well, you need to fight against your insecurity and fear of failure. Because they’re keeping your average. You’re certainly capable of tackling new challenges and making your life better than ever, believe it.

4. You’re not learning enough from failures and hard times.

Every failure, difficulty, and challenge in life comes with a reason.

It helps you to work on yourself and be capable of the goals you’re following. I

f you fail to learn from your life challenges, you will continue to struggle.

That always leaves you complaining, about why life is so hard…difficult…without realizing you haven’t improved.

What you can do: The road to success is never going to be easy on you. You have a lot to learn and keep learning along the way. Don’t lose hope in your efforts. Keep going forward, while collecting the valuable lessons the hard time has for you.

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5. You care too much about others.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone. So stop being so nice.

You care about others too much or society’s standards make you feel pressured.

Putting your time and energy into such unimportant things keeps you from reaching your goals.

Not everyone is going to think or feel good about you.

So stop expecting that your nice gestures will change them, reserve them for the right people.

What you can do: Put yourself first before others, it’s not selfish in any way. Sometimes, you need to consider your feelings and needs over others. When you are being so hard on yourself, your life gets harder on you.

6. You are dependent on others.

You find it hard to accomplish things on your own. It seems you expect someone to help you, always.

When you’re not confident about yourself and can’t stand by yourself… Nobody is going to help you anyways.

But you still hope others will help you and inspire you.

It’s your habit to be so reliant on others, which is one of the reasons as well as clear signs that your life is so hard, by your choice.

What you can do: If you think someone is going to help you in your life purpose, you will be stuck there forever. Take control of your life, and make decisions on your own. Learn the lessons, but keep your journey going on.

7. You never feel so happy and satisfied with what you’ve in life.

Your tendency to complain or inability to see the good can cause this.

Despite what you’ve achieved in life and what you already have, you’re not satisfied.

You seem to complain more about what you don’t have than what you have.

Worrying too much about what you’ve missed, actually makes your life harder. 

What you can do: You need to learn to be thankful for life and what you’ve. Start taking pride in what you achieved so far. It’s not fair to complain, since not everyone struggles the same way you do. See how much better you are than yesterday.

8. You make too many reckless decisions.

In most cases, your poor decisions every day are making your life harder.

Making big decisions is good.

However, it’s better to take them based on the situation and not on how you feel.

When it comes to career, life, or relationship, you make decisions thinking with your heart.

You’re more likely to ignore logic. Later, that makes your life difficult.

What you can do: You don’t have to figure everything out by yourself. Instead of doing everything at once, focus on the small decisions and get them done, sequentially.

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9. You hope life will be easy on you.

Nobody lives a perfect life. Everyone has to deal with their flaws and challenges.

And if you think that your life has to be easy-going and smooth, you will have a hard time every day.

Every day brings a new chance to work on you.

Expecting too much from life or hoping it to be easy, is not going to help you.

Especially when you don’t put the required effort into it, your life feels hard anyway.

What you can do: there’s no need to be lazy and afraid to take on new challenges. The real joy in life is not to stay at the top, but in the process to reach there.

10. You’re not changing a bit in your last few years.

Life frequently comes with the situation to update and change yourself.

Although you’ve had many opportunities to be better, you’ve ignored them.

You haven’t changed a bit, so life’s treating you the same.

Your approach to seeing the world and yourself haven’t changed, which is a sign that you live a hard life.

What you can do: There’s no need to be afraid of change. This is required, and you need to accept it. Get out of your boring routine, if you’re not happy with yourself and the life you live. Challenge yourself and change as time goes on.

11. You don’t get away from something that hurts you.

Learning how to let go of something is very important. But, you’re unable to do so.

Even though that hurtful past should be gone, you still dwell on it.

You’re not getting away from those failures and when deeply hurt emotionally.

It stops you from making a move towards a better future.

When your focus is more on what happened in the past, than on excitement for a better future, are clear signs that your life is so hard and not inspiring to you.

What you can do: Every new day is your chance to change something. So, you should stop living in the past, if you’re. You have the option here to create your future, the way you want. But, leaving the past is a must here.

12. You’ve accepted that your life won’t ever be good.

Ignore luck or not, but you think that this is how your life is going to be forever.

It’s like you’re losing yourself and that hope to achieve something great in life.

You feel stuck in the same challenging phase and no matter what you do, you don’t see any improvement.

It forces you to think that this is your life and you’ve given up on it.

What you can do: Well, the bad luck could be there. But you can let it stop you from working and hoping for the best. Just as you believe in bad luck, also try having hope that your good time will come ‘not tomorrow’, but at the right time.

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When You Think Your Life Is Hard…

Don’t think that the hard phase will last forever just because it is happening right now.

Time changes and the situation gets better with time.

But we do need to give a reason for it.

Like we don’t have to lose hope in ourselves and our efforts.

Taking the challenging time is more like a testing phase, possible that God is preparing you for something.

So if you find yourself more connected with the above signs then it’s clear that your life is so hard, certainly.

But, it’s only you who makes it by choice.

Whether you call it your bad luck, hardest phase, or difficult time… don’t let it stop you from doing something and moving forward.

No matter how hard you think about it, just thinking won’t change anything.

You can instead focus on something that can make a difference… Better if you ‘working’ without losing hope, during difficult times. 

Definitely, things aren’t going to get better the next morning, but that day will come for sure. 

If you want change… do the effort, without stopping anywhere.


Even if you feel that it’s your bad luck, simply believing and thinking won’t help. Better to ignore such thoughts and carry on with your plans.

In fact, even bad luck isn’t permanent… when you focus on the work rather than complaining about it.