5 Signs God is Testing You And Preparing You For Something

Last updated on January 8th, 2023 at 07:08 pm

If these struggling phases, found you meaningful and needed in life, then believe these are your signs God is testing you.

Rather than losing hope in God, when you focus to find the reason behind it, then believe God is with you.

Having such unbreakable faith, god trains you for something better in life. 


What Is A Test From God About?

When God’s plan is greater than you, and you aren’t ready for it yet, God will prepare for it anyways. 

Such ways to prepare you are simply called ‘experiences’.

Moreover, these overall experiences are the first indication that God is testing you.

In the end, it’s your choice whether to take this as a message from God, or just bad luck.

Of course, you are going through the hardest phase in life.

Feeling frustrated and stuck is perfectly okay for anybody to feel in the same life stage.

But, your case is totally different, you are not taking it as a burden to yourself.

Rather than feeling low about yourself, you think of why it’s happening.

You think like this is the way, god trying to teach you something, you want to find the message of him, here. 

Even after these all challenges, you think that God is testing you and with you all the time. 

You don’t lose hope in God, you never stop praying to him. But you start worshiping the god even more.

Your faith in God increases and your efforts are doubled.

No matter what, but inner you feel that God is with you and testing you to become something else in life. 

Read on and find out the more proven signs that God is testing you and contacting you to become a better version of yourself.


Blessed 5 Signs God is testing you and has a better plan for you

1. God wants you to level up your life.

You have been passing one stage of your life. It’s now time to change your life for the better

Whether you think of leveling up your life or not, but when it’s in god’s plan, you are more likely to be aware of it, eventually. 

From the past few weeks, you notice that you have become more sincere and act like a mature person in life.

All of sudden, you realize the mistakes, you have been making in life. And, you are more focused to do something about it.

God is in you, and testing you every now and then in life.

When without any reason you get that inspired feeling within, by yourself, then these are signs that God is trying to contact you and teach you something for life. 

2. God has reserved something special for you.

Believe it or not, but God has something special for you.

He knows what you need in life and he provides you at the right time.

After all, all this hard effort and struggle inner self, you are probably asking him, why this happened to you and why you’re not getting what you wish in life?

But, the point is god has reserved something ‘precious’ for you. 

You stay focused on your goal and working that hard in life, he wants you to give something special and unique.

Because you are different and deserve something better than you think. 

When you take it as a blessing, rather than feeling incomplete, moreover when you put your best effort to achieve something greater, then it’s proved that your faith in God is strong. 

Of course, god is testing you and preparing you for something better in life. Because he knows what you really need in life.

You have faith in him, you will get that ‘surprise’ at the right time. 

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3. God puts you closer to your goals.

God doesn’t need to know what’s your potential and what you are going to do in the next moment.

He just wants to keep watch on you and guide you on the right path, without your actual knowledge. 

Yes, we are walking on the plan that God has for us.

You get on the right path eventually, if you start believing in yourself, as much as you in god.

God knows his child-you, very well.

He knows what makes you happy and completes in life.

But, before that, he needs to test you on how you react to his tests, with these challenges. 

Because your true value and faith in God, Being tested in the hard times only.

God is testing you, to find… Is such pressure make you hopeless? Or, Is success changed you, a bit?

Through this trial period, God just wants to confirm that you deserve the life that you pray to have. 

4. God wants you to know your true value.

What you think of yourself, you are more than that.

You may have to pass several tests or exams, to know your capabilities professionally and personally. 

But, you don’t have to prove anything to god. God knows you, more than you know yourself. 

You have some set image and respect for yourself. But, God wants you to know your true potential.

He wants you to be aware of your purpose in life. 

There’s some purpose for you, some reason why all these are happening to you? 

Instead of panicking at it, when you take these phases as a trial period, then you get the message that God wants to send you.

When you consider yourself as growing, during tough times, then are signs God who is testing you and you accept his messages in the right meaning. 

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5. You are his favorite child.

You heard that right, you are a favorite for god.

He hears your every prayer carefully, he wants you to get going in life. He has some gifts for you, which you get at the right time. 

If you keep your faith in God alive and never fail to pray to god, then he rewards you with the great moments in life. 

Whether it’s about meeting your soulmate or having a chance to get closure to your dreams, god take care of you in every aspect.

God is constantly in connection with you, because you pray for him regularly, without fail.  

So, don’t let your inner negativity or emotions drive you somewhere.

Don’t let others put you down, by any means.

Believe you have a god with you and need to follow his directions right. 

Just, keep your eyes open and grab every opportunity, god delivers at you.

Find such hints of god, that he sends you in the form of his blessings, spiritual awakening feelings, or even as a person to change your life positively


God is with you and tests you for your better.

Don’t stress about why he’s testing you, and if you’re his favorite child then why he is being so hard on you. Well, Believe that god is training you and not punishing you. 

Instead of feeling low due to these hard times, pay attention to reason first.

See, what is something that God wants to teach?

Believe, he loves you and cares for you, so he prepares you for something better in life, before giving it to you. 


So, if you are seeing any here given signs God is testing you, then one thing you can follow is to never lose hope in you and in god. Be patient, be focused, stay blessed… Because whatever may come, you will get the best in life.

Why, Because you’re god’s favorite child.