8 Signs Someone Is Praying For You

Last updated on February 15th, 2023 at 05:49 pm

You’re blessed to have someone who is praying for you. 

It’s not just your nearest people. But many people ask God to provide good things in your life.  

But, why do they do it? Is it because you do something for them? 

Maybe. But, they do it because you’re such a good person, who always thinks for others and this world deserves more people like you. 


8 Signs Someone Is Praying For You

The people around you care for you, respect you and they admire you.

Secretly, they hope that you’ll get the good things sooner or later, for everything you do for others’ lives. 

They might be praying for your well-being, health, or success in life. So blissful. 

Well, so, these are the ways when you realize that someone prays for you, too. 

1. You get to feel that you’re not alone anymore.

During tough times, you get to see them. 

They might not be around every day. But when you need them, they are the first you see.

Those are your ‘well-wishers’ who genuinely think good for you. 

Yes, such people won’t let you feel alone, wherever they’re they pray for you. 

Signs someone is praying for me

2. You feel relaxed after talking to someone.

It was a rough day for you, you felt hopeless and didn’t know where to turn for help. 

You may have shared your struggles with someone, or they may be aware of it. 

After a while, you feel more hopeful. As someone encourages you and says something positive to you as they mean it.

There was a burden on your head, but not anymore. Thanks to their silent prayers. 

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3. The next day, you suddenly feel like having a great day.

After a bad experience, it takes time to get over the negative feelings. 

It takes time to get back on track. 

But this new morning, you forget about why you were sad yesterday. 

You didn’t do anything special there. But someone did, and that is to pray for you. 

4. You get help from someone unexpectedly.

No one is around to ask for help, as you feel it. 

However, you’ve met a long-lost friend and with help you needed. Or the universe arranges assistance for you.

Possible that someone is thinking about you, recalling how you helped them get to where they are now.

During that, they might have prayed for you and felt the urge to contact you again.

5. You get positive notes or messages from someone.

It is undoubtedly your family, friends, and parents who pray for you every day. 

They are the ones you look up to and can trust. 

During your tough times, your family or nearest ones send you encouraging messages, or motivating ‘quotes’ to make you feel positive. 

It is something you want to listen to at the moment. 

6. You have been good to others for no reason.

As a good person, you help others to stay positive in life.

You encourage others to believe in God when they feel like they are lost in life.

Earlier, you helped them without expecting anything in return. And now, when you need some support, such people are around for you.

You’ve their blessing with you. 

It won’t be apparent but someone is praying for you and wishes only good things for you.

when someone prays for you

7. You get help from someone you didn’t expect.

It’s your reserved nature that prevents you from asking for help from someone. 

But you need someone beside you. Even if you are not sure what happened, there is always someone willing to help.  

Whether you met them accidentally or they are aware of your situation.

Those who want to help you are the one who secretly prays for you and your future. 

8. Your faith in God gets even stronger.

You may feel frustrated by tolerating unnecessary burdens in life. 

You were losing belief in God. 

Then, something happens and you realize god’s plan. You learn why you have to face such difficulties. 

Possibly there’s someone who prays to god to give you strength when you’re losing it. 

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How To Know When Somebody Prays For You?

In most cases, you might know who your secret well-wishers are.

They are probably, the ones you are closely related to and those you pray for the most.

The above signs regarding someone is praying for you, are proof actually that someone is supporting you even when they are not physically available. 

If you know them already, you could thank them back for their best wishes and thinking good of you. 

Be grateful that God gave you such people in your life. Also, remember to pray for them, too.