10 Signs God Is With You and Protecting You From There

Last updated on January 8th, 2023 at 07:04 pm

YES, you are blessed, if you’re seeing these great signs it means, God is with you. 


You pray to god every day, without fail.

You pray for the good health of your family and loved ones. Likewise, there’s also someone who prays for you.

You wish god to stay with you, in the hard phase of your life.

You ask god, for help to bring you out of this situation, and to give you enough strength. 

Don’t ever think that your prayers are ignored and not reaching him.

God is with you and with everyone, who needs him.

Whether you notice that or not, But there are signs proving that God is with you and protecting you. 

So, How do you know you are blessed?

Well, then consider these signs and you’ll know that you’re protected by god and do not need to worry anymore. 


10 Signs God Is With You and Protecting You.

1. You are motivated to pray regularly.

You’ve been praying to god for a long.

You don’t mind.. whether your prayers get answered or not. But, inside you feel that it reaches to god, for sure.

You don’t always get what you asked for. But, you know you get what you need.

You feel confident about yourself.

You never give up on god, because you know God is with you.

And, if not… then who wakes you up, every day. 

2. You are covered with god’s care.

You believe in God and he believes in you, too.

You ask something to him, and he notices that, and shares his blessing with you. God cares for you and protects you for a long time.

You’re not noticing such signs or the shield he has on you.

That blessing and support are unseen.

And, God is watching you from there, keeps you protected, and you don’t even know it.

3. You feel great about yourself, after praying to him.

You feel relaxed after praying to god, You feel like, experiencing your own existence.

That means God is with you, inside you.

You don’t have to search anywhere, God is already in you.

He wants you to follow your good acts and understand your role, right. 

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4. You never feel stuck, when god is with you.

Probably you were feeling stuck in life, you saw no further hope and were completely left with yourself alone.

But, after praying, you realize that you’re taking your life too seriously.

You realize the problem is not as greater, as you perceive it.

You rethink the same situation and find that problems are not there anymore.

And that are signs God is with you.

You are blessed… Because your prayers reached him on time. 

5. God protecting you from your negative thinking.

You don’t have to follow those negative thoughts and emotions anymore.

God knows everything about you… about your problems, and your potential.

He knows you are capable of doing this.

And so, you frequently get signs of confirmation from god, there too.

He wants you to succeed in life and so he never lets you lose anyhow.

Every time you get back in life after prayers, with those positive energies… are signs that God is protecting you from inner ‘demon’ negativity.

He delivers his trust and belief for you.

You don’t know, but God supporting you to achieve your goals. 

Because you’re really working hard on it, and you’ve God, as your guardian, too.

6. You have sudden desires to change your life.

You are laying in your bed, doing nothing special as usual.

And suddenly the idea pops in your mind, telling… you are wasting life, and now it’s time to change your life.

You have a logical sense now, you realized the mistakes you’ve been making in your life.

You realize that you’re responsible for your life and this is not why you’re here for.

Such eye-opening thoughts can be signs from God, informing you that he has something special planned for you.

All of sudden, you start taking life as exciting enough. You focus on doing something worthwhile in life.

Start believing that these are signs God is with you.

God is talking to you, he has some great messages and blessings for you.

Probably, God protecting you from your biggest regrets in life.

Don’t hold back still, get up, and follow the idea.

God has planned something great for you, Believe in you, Believe in God. 

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7. You receive god’s message for you, from his messengers.

You are not getting messages and signs from god directly always.

And not everything is unplanned and achieved with luck only.

God knows what you need, he’s there to care for you.

So, you frequently get god’s messages from your nearest ones.

Think about that low moment when you were with your family or friend and got some great idea, all of sudden from nowhere.

These are such signs that God is with you and connects you with your nearest person.

8. You had a life-changing conversation with a complete stranger.

You know God wants to have a connection with you, he doesn’t want you to feel lost, anymore.

He doesn’t want you to stay alone in this world.

You regularly get some hints and signs that God is protecting you forever.

Remind that time when you were in your tough phase, and lost all hope in yourself.

Remember that small talk with a stranger, that completely changed your life perspective and restored your hope in yourself, again.

That hope back in life, are nothing but signs that God is with you.

That’s right… such signs showing that God has connected you as a stranger, this time.

Don’t give up, because he hasn’t given up on you, still. 

9. You do feel not afraid of challenges and hard times anymore.

Innerself, now you’re feeling so confident and protected.

Because you believe in god and can feel that, God is with you.

From the past few days, you don’t get much frustrated and worried about hard times anymore.

Because you believe that… things eventually turned out to be great anyway.

You have created a connection with God, and no one can break it anyway.

You believe that your god’s connection with you is stronger, and God is protecting you, from there.

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10. You finally got the purpose of your life.

Found yourself, on the right track after facing some great failures in life?

Then, such are signs that God has some great plan for you.

God had some special gifts for you, reserved just for you.

You failed at everything earlier, and now you realize WHY.

God has hope in you, God has trust in you. You’re supposed to do something great in life.

You get your passion in life, the PURPOSE of your life.

Starting your business or moving to a new place, you do something that completely changed your life in a positive manner.

You now feel great about your life, because you’ve something that you’ve never expected and planned earlier. 

Such are sure signs that God’s plan is more than yours.  And now, you believe that, too.


Believe… God is with you and is watching you.

You don’t have to listen to your inner demon anymore.

Don’t listen to any negative thoughts, emotions, anger, and worries… that are clueless.

Your inner demon doesn’t want you to succeed. That demon just wants you to think the worst about yourself, only.

Start believing in yourself, your people, and the almighty GOD.

You’ve noticed signs of God protecting you.

Trust such signs god is with you. 

Believe in yourself, the same as you’re believing in god.


Never stop praying and never let yourself be controlled by destructive thoughts.

You deserve something great in life.

You can do anything in life, too. Because… God is with you, Because, you’re God’s child, a special one.