12 Signs Something Good Is Going To Happen In Your Life

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 05:54 am

Feeling like your hardest time is about to end? I pray for you, my friend.

Yes, good things are coming your way.

But, that’s not just our dream or positive thinking. Your brighter days are near.

Here, we’ll look for the universal signs to confirm that something good is going to happen soon in your life.

And yeah, it has nothing to do with luck.

Trust in yourself, first. You’ve really worked hard and now things are about to get better. 

Something ‘great’, like… you’ve been waiting for a very long. 


How Do You Know If Good Things Are Coming?

Good things happen the same way bad things happen.

When you put in your best efforts to make something, it will definitely happen.

When you get ready to change as a person rather than hoping for it as luck, you can say any good things are about to happen.

Ask yourself, Are you open to new things in life?

Are you really trying enough to change something in your life for the better?

If yes, then positive things are most likely to happen.

In case you’re not sure about that, then these are some signs from the universe that will provide some hints that good things are about to come in your life.

Be ready for it, and don’t lose hope.


12 Signs Something Good Is Going To Happen To You

Well, you must use such signals from the universe to keep your journey moving and don’t give up.

Keep your focus, patience, and hard work.

Of course, now you are heading for the great things that are meant for.

But, before that, you have to keep giving what it takes to get there.

1. You feel that your great time is coming.

Your gut feelings and intuition provide you with the first clues as to what is coming.

Either through your dream or witnessing an unexpected event, you get a clue that something good is about to happen.

  • Do you start to look at life more positively than before?
  • Do you now feel more mature, independent, and self-confident than ever?

Well, that’s actually a great sign from the universe that you’re changing for your good.

And most possibly you’re about to welcome new positive things in your life.

The testing phase might have been successful for you and now you’re ready for the results.

When you make yourself open to positive things, you end up welcoming that anyway.

And that’s either through a new person or a life-changing experience in your life.

Be open to such signs from the universe that indicate your manifestation is coming, and that good things are already on the way to you.

signs something good is going to happen

2. You find it becoming challenging day by day.

Well, problems and difficulties are a part of our life.

No matter where you are on your life’s journey or what you do for your profession, a hurdle will inevitably be part of the process.

Life or career seemed to be going well for you.

And, accidentally there comes a big problem from nowhere.

Such a situation may put you in a pressured situation, but as you’re confident of yourself, you keep working harder rather than staying lost.

As a result of dealing with such a situation rightly, you discover your true potential, which you never knew existed.

You knew these challenges were there for a reason.

Like, challenges are to alert you to the fact that you are going in the wrong direction and need to shift your focus to something, which is planned for you.

When you have such a positive approach to seeing the opportunity in difficulties or solutions to the problems…

are signs that something good is going to happen, for sure.

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3. You feel so blissful without knowing why.

There must be such an event when everything seems perfect and content.

You have no clues or direct reason for what’s happening.

But, inside you just feel happy no matter what.

From every person you meet to any work you have to do, you feel comfortable with everything else.

As if, you forget to complain about anything.

Well, such positive change is probably due to seeing some early breakthrough on something you’ve been working on for so long or meeting a soulmate in your life.

No matter whether there are problems at present, you stay calm, and cool, and do something with that confidence knowing that everything will turn out to be great, in the end.

What this means is that now you become more flexible, calm, and enthusiastic.

Well, these can be one of the universal signs that something good is going to happen in your life, and what you feel is a reflection of that.

4. You feel excited every morning like something big is coming.

Whenever you wake up, you feel like a warrior on a mission

Now that you are on a great mission, you are not drained.

After all, you are now working towards your passion. Nothing can frustrate you when you are working on such goals, that are purely yours.  

You look forward to the next day because what’s on your ‘To-do list’ excites you and you can’t wait to wake up in the next morning. 

Have your morning routines changed recently from the last few days?

Are you a morning person now and start working earlier than before?

That means you are serious about your goals and want to accomplish something in life.

From finding a passion to keep working on it without losing your excitement or focus are signs that something great is going to happen. 

Because when your goals, passion, and excitement combines, ‘Big goals’ become achievable.   

signs something big is about to happen in your life

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5. You are now completely free from the past.

Your holding yourself to the past has led to the loss of countless opportunities for the future.

But, that’s fine because now you prefer not to live in the past anymore.

Having decided to move forward in life, you are open to the good times as well as the positive people who actually stay true to themselves.

That enables you to stay away from unnecessary worries and difficulties.

As a result, you have a lot of time to focus on yourself.

No matter how emotionally broken you feel before or how many rejections you faced, when you keep updating yourself throughout… you actually do a huge favor on yourself.

When you open up to new paths, experience positive transformations in your life, and get over the past, overall make such good signs that something good is about to happen to you.

That’s also because you make yourself approachable to such positive and great things to follow you.

6. You start working hard and passionately on something.

Finding out what works and what doesn’t… is the best thing that has ever happened in one’s life.

Since that happened, you are now totally aware of where to give more focus and where it would be better to let it go.

In general, that helps you focus on something you should.

Whether it’s finding something you’re passionate about or taking the first step towards your dream, it is itself proof that you’re now in charge of your life.

Finally, when you learn to steer your life vehicle, you’ll reach the destination where ‘you want to be.

So far you have been working in a job that is not working out or being in a relationship with a toxic person who adds no value to your life.

In changing your outlook, you decide to give up these negative attributes.

If you see yourself start doing something that you really want in life, are those pure signs that something good is going to happen soon.

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7. You now have control over your emotions.

Well, having self-control is by far the most important thing in life.

But when you finally learn to do it, you will not only save your time but also can dictate your time and focus on something that makes sense in your life.

Feel like you have more control over your emotions, or stress isn’t bothering you anymore?

It’s good to see that you know how to take care of yourself.

Nothing makes you frustrated anymore and you don’t let any negativity control you by any means, anymore.

All you see are opportunities, lessons, and something positive about everything or everyone.

In this way, you begin to see your life from a positive perspective, and that becomes an important part of who you are.

Check out how you perceive the world, what you feel, and how you react.

Since these are powerful signs to determine whether or not something good is about to happen to you.

8. You step out of the fantasy world.

A little while back, you were lost, frustrated, and unsure whether you’re worthy or not.

There was no hope for you, no faith in yourself, no confidence in your abilities.

In the other worlds, you were living in a fantasy world, because that’s the only place that allows you to get the things that you really want from life.

But, from the last few weeks, you get to see the possibilities in everything.

You believe that you can accomplish it and that you need to make some changes. And you make it.

From starting to believe in your goals, to moving out of your comfort zone, and finally living life on your terms are signs that something good is about to happen.

It’s because you feel more confident now than ever.

signs good things are coming in your life

But, the most important thing is your dreams or not just fantasies, you start treating them like your goals.

If so then, your life will be hugely rewarding with great things, if you’re prepared for that.

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9. You become patient and relaxed even in the face of difficulties.

Usually, these happen when you are well-aware of yourself and know what you’re doing in life.

As a confident person, you know you will succeed, because you put in the right efforts.

Along with being confident and positive, you also prefer to remain patient despite everything not working out.

Indeed, you worry about something but the way you feel relaxed inside, are signs that you are definitely going to make it happen, with such a positive move.

You feel no pressure from anyone around, not ever from your emotions.

You stay cool and calm while working on something you really should do.

Inside you feel like you’re doing a great job.

Well, working on favorite things, and keeping working without complaints or expectations are actually good signs from the universe that something good is going to happen.

10. You are developing a new connection in your life.

At this stage, you’re growing your network, and meeting new people just like you. 

Either because you’ve opened yourself up to the fresh connection. Or because the universe allows you to meet new people anyway. 

It’s not about increasing your online following, but they are genuinely nice people who share the same viewpoints as you. 

By meeting more good people, the chances are that you are developing as a person. 

Plus, from now on you’re able to think of good things that it can happen in your life. 

Positive environments make it possible for you to change and become a kind person, all of which are signs that good things are coming your way, along with such new people. 

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11. You just have taken the biggest decision of your life.

The obstacles that kept you from taking the first step towards your ultimate life goals are no longer frustrating you. 

You know that challenge will come sooner or later, and you’re prepared for it. 

Whether you are starting your hustles towards your life dream or making the most difficult decision of your life – The point is to do something and not just think about it. 

When you stop fantasizing and dreaming about anything and start to put effort into achieving those life goals, these are signs that something big is about to happen in your life.

12. You begin to feel more confident about yourself.

Seeing early positive changes already makes you feel good about yourself. 

No matter how you feel about your efforts, whether you’ve been criticized for following an unconventional path or felt like quitting because they aren’t working out…

Now, your faith in your efforts has been restored. 

All because this week you’ve achieved some tiny victories. 

Small wins like these are nothing more than a signal from the universe as if saying: “Don’t give up, there is something more for you.”

Last week, you were depressed and frustrated. 

But this week, a small good thing completely made a shift in your perspective and motivated you to keep working hard.

Universal signs your time is coming soon


After seeing signs that your good time is coming, what’s next?

It’s great to see that you relate to the most positive signs that we discussed here.

But that’s not our goal to share something positive and just talk about universal clues alone.

Our goal is to make you feel inspired by something that you’re working on.

We want you to keep doing your best efforts. Never lose confidence in yourself and your journey.

Promise us, that after noticing most signs of something good is going to happen, you should not limit your efforts or just wait there for it to happen.

In fact, consider it a signal that you’re on the right track.

You should use it as an inspiration to work harder, not as a lucky charm that will bring you success no matter what.


Remember, nothing comes to you anyway. Merely by luck.

It’s only you who takes steps forward or backward to get closure or move away from it.

Simply wishing isn’t enough, you better get up and work on something to actually make it happen.

So, never stop and keep working. Possible that you’re closure than you know.