11 Signs You Live In A Fantasy World (And, How To Get Out Of It?)

Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 05:19 pm

Instead of accepting the reality of life and ‘Doing something’, you choose ‘Daydreaming’.

You’ve completely lost yourself in your imagination, that’s one of the most obvious signs you live in a fantasy world.

Read on to find out more proven signs that you are a dreamer and such a level of imagination lets you escape from reality. 

Likewise, if you are prone to fantasizing, we’ve shared some ‘practical’ tips on how to get out of the imaginary world.

Such steps allow you to remain in the real world.

Because… it’s way more beautiful than the world in your head.


Do You Feel Like You Live in a Your Head?

Well, that’s nothing wrong with dreaming or fantasizing about good things that may happen to your life.

After all, by doing so, you are supposed to feel more encouraged and focused to achieve those dreams in mind. 

Well, the problems occur when you spend too much time invested in the dream world rather than doing something in real life. 

Because in the end, you also need to put in the effort to turn those dreams into reality.

Normally, everything feels great in the imagination, but your actions are what matter the most eventually. 


11 Signs You’re Living in a Fantasy World (Not In Reality)

Visions and dreams keep you awake.

You need them to actually stay focused on your life purposes.

But, when such ideas and thoughts keep you away from reality, that could be a problem, too.

As such escape mentality is stopping you from doing something worthwhile in life.

Imagination must be inspirational and encouraging for you to move forward in life. 

But, when it forces you to cover the reality, you better stop it.

Checking your regular behavior with such a fantasy-prone personality and escapist nature you get to know that:

Do such fantasies attack control over your logical thinking? Or Why are you running from reality?

Plus, what you can do about it, after knowing so.

1. You assume your future will be better anyway.

Escapists are surprisingly very much convinced about themselves. 

They may not put in their best efforts to make their dream come true.

But feel relaxed that their goals will be achieved eventually. 

If you’re a daydreamer then you spend most of your time visualizing success, rather than doing something for them.

It’s something lazy people do best.

In your imagination, you see that your future is bright and you have nothing to worry about.

Such overconfidence takes you away from actually doing something. 

You ignore the fact that to achieve such a great future life, you still have to contribute to the present day.

signs you're living in a fantasy world

2. You think too much. You plan too much. But, Act nothing.

Whether you just dream about it or do something for such dreams, it always takes some amount of time always. 

Instead of spending more time putting in the right efforts and doing worthwhile things, you overthink and over-plan everything. That further causes doubt in such dreams and goals. 

Indeed, it feels good when you dream of your goals.

But, when it comes to actual doing, you think of all the negative things alone. 

You enjoy it fully while visualizing a date with your crush.

But when it’s about asking your crush for it, you just feel terrified and give up at the last moment

Similarly, you want to start your business, but rather than seeing such positive aspects, you suddenly think of potential losses and all. 

Such signs of living in a fantasy world will never leave you alone.

As they are great at making you feel excited and at the next moment it frustrates you and leads you to give up on yourself. 

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3. You procrastinate a lot.

From following your dreams to doing the regular things in life, you procrastinate.

You usually spend hours creating plans and strategies to achieve your dreams and goals in life. 

Certainly, you feel more active and focused when you plan.

But when it comes to actual implementations, you just give up or postpone it for a later time. 

You constantly think of that ‘perfect time’ to come when you finally take the first step towards your dream. 

Either you accepted that your life will never be better or just feel unmotivated to make a change.

Whatever the case may be, you don’t work as you should. That’s what it shows. 

Along with dreams, procrastination can also be one of the great signs you need to stop living in a world in your head. 

4. You think no one will understand you.

Talking with you is always a major challenge for many.

Because you always carry your imagination from that dreamy world. 

Most of your time in conversation goes into explaining what’s your meaning by certain words and phrases that you just used.

Because no one has any clue what your dream world actually looks like. 

If that regularly happens, then you start moving away from people and isolate yourself as part of your escapist nature. 

Most of the time they show up with their confusing gestures and doubtful feelings toward you. 

And now you start feeling that no one understands you and has no care about you, as well.

Instead of seeing it as such signs you live in your fantasy world, you blame others for being so boring in life.

You focus on fantasies to escape reality

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5. You believe that there is no better place to live than your fantasy world.

You’re spending too much time alone, dreaming and fantasizing and you start ignoring reality.

That dreamy world in your mind seems like the only place where you can live happily.

You have dreams of living a life on your way. 

But, you show no dedication to putting in the right efforts for it. 

It seems that you escape from reality.

Most probably because, you have no confidence in yourself that your life can be better, too.

Inner you believe that this dream can never be true in your life. So you choose to live with your fantasies alone.  

6. You can’t discern between ‘Reality and Fantasy’.

You are so involved in imaginary world that you have lost touch with reality. 

After watching movies, we normally have that temporary feeling to visualize everything based on what we show recently.

And that’s fine because our mind is influenced by such impressions. 

When most of the time you are driven by your imagination and fantasies, things become really frustrating and confusing in the real life. 

You start to feel discouraged after knowing that something is not going as your fantasies.

You can’t accept that reality can be that beautiful too. 

Such are signs you live in a fantasy world because your thoughts cover your eyes to see or believe in reality.

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7. You spend more time fantasizing, than working.

Dreams and fantasies are engaging, though. 

You simply have no idea of time and place, when you’re in your fancy world.

Whether it’s about experiencing romantic feelings or dreamed success, you often get so busy in your imaginary world. 

You keep holding yourself back for the perfect time and never do the required things when such time comes at you. 

From changing your hobbies, approaching your crush, sending a resignation letter, or vising your favorite travel destination, you constantly presume about it.

You dream a lot and most of the time fantasize about it.

But, you never do something that puts you closer to your dreams.

These are proven signs you prefer to live in your fantasy world but want nothing to do from your end. 

why do you live in a fantasy world

8. Your connection with the real world people is- Unsupportive or None.

There are hardly a few people you have in mind with whom you can spend your free time. 

Because most of the time you’re living your dream life in mind, fantasizing about things that you wish to happen. 

As most people and friends can’t connect with your words, thoughts, and imagination, they prefer to stay away from you. 

You hardly get out of your room (your personal dream world) and so never spend time with real people. 

The only people with whom you have a last conversation are your pet, room stuff, or your crush (in mind).

And because you have never interacted with real people, you either avoid making a healthy discussion or completely ignore them when they’re around.

You’ve completely isolated yourself from the real-life fun and meaningful experiences. 

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9. Your fantasy thoughts can’t let you focus on your real things.

Of course, not focusing on routine things doesn’t mean you’re escapist, lazy, and good at nothing.

You want good things to happen in your life and to achieve your dream.

But, putting the required efforts there, are completely missing in your case. 

Most of the time you spend daydreaming and fantasizing about your achievement.

You really enjoy thinking about such dreams. But, never let that inspire you to actually do something worthy enough to turn that dream into reality.

As you’ve been escaping from reality, now you run away from your responsibilities, too. 

Motivation to stay focused, dedication to keep going, and most of all passion towards such dreams are completely missing from your life. 

And such combined signs prove that you live in a fantasy world and that’s the reality.

10. You are fantasizing about a relationship than actually experiencing it.

If you have a crush on someone, fantasies and imagination are absolutely fine, at some level. 

After all, you always fear losing a friend and a person who means a whole lot to you.

If, however, you prefer to live only through your fantasies without actually expressing your feelings to someone, and you are living in a fantasy relationship. 

Possibly, you are feeling insecure or not feeling good enough for that person.

But remember, once you keep doing it for some time, it becomes a habit and you feel like it’s now part of your life, even if the person doesn’t know about it. 

You focus on fantasy not reality

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11. Your relationship is driven by imagination and hope.

Each day you talk to your crush and be together, but everything you do is in your mind. 

All you wish is, someday they get some hints from your dream and you two will live like you always fantasizing about.

Your fantasies are endless, but you will never be the one who approaches them or expresses how you feel about them. 

Within yourself, you perceive them as your twin flames. But, you still try to avoid them. Even though the universe gives you some chances. 

It is because you think that, regardless of what happens, you will be reunited as twin flames

Such behaviors are signs that you live in a fantasy relationship and will probably never be able to find a partner because you just keep hoping it will happen.


Why it is Ok to live in a fantasy world, and Why it’s not?

First thing, it’s perfectly fine to fantasize about life and imagine the world of your choice, as far as you have full control over it and have that sense that it’s just your fantasies.

After all, it’s more about your hidden desires, imagination, creativity, and future goals that you are on a mission to achieve. 

But, instead of inspiring you to put in the best efforts, if such fantasies take you away from reality.. and that’s not Right. 

As fantasy starts to feel like what you see in your head is Real…

That may draw you away from the real world and prevent you from fulfilling the dream that you’re capable of turning into reality

When such fantasies control your thoughts, lifestyle, and behavior and affect your relationships with others, you need to learn to stop living in the fantasy world.


How Do You Stop Living In a Fantasy?

Take a minute and think, your fantasies look like such pleasure in your head, so how wonderful they will be when you actually experience them in real life. 

Imagine the thrill of experiencing such fantasies in the real world. Let this idea motivate you. 

Of course, that can happen only if you want it to. 

But first, you need to stop living in your fantasy world and come out of it to actually do something worthwhile. 

Need some help to do so??

So, here are better ways to come out of fantasies and start to live in reality. 

By doing so,  you can create a  better life and live an enjoyable life, far better than what you see in your dream. 

1. Don’t think of them as your limits. Make them your Goals.

When you keep daydreaming and seeing them as fantasies, you will continue to do the same.

Instead of that, you can take them as goals that you want to achieve. 

Remember, dreams only feel good when you think of them. While goals feel good when you work to achieve them.

Simply seeing and thinking won’t help, you need to do something for your goals.

So take the first step and count your fantasies as goals, ambitions, and the purpose of your life.

2. Track your time to stop living in fantasies.

Fantasies and daydreaming also take your time and keep you away from the required work that you can also do instead. 

Focus on your time and start managing it wisely. 

After noticing such signs that you live in a fantasy world, you better prioritize your dream and vision in mind. 

Yes, you never have to get everything done in a short time. SO, divide bigger dreams into smaller goals to follow every day.

By doing so, you will get things done at the right time frame.

Make sure you have a clear idea of what to focus on and when.

Plus, that won’t let you distract from one goal, anymore.

3. Start taking interest in reality and life outside.

Well, there is a charm in being real and creating your life, your way. 

Fantasies may feel good for a moment, but you should never ignore the beauty that a real life has.

Start taking interest in real life and real people around.

It can be anything from developing new hobbies, doing things you’re passionate about, or having an open conversation with your friends and family. 

Such things will bring excitement and let you be aware of the precious things in life. 

4. Share your feelings, thoughts, and ideas with someone.

Fantasies in relationships are exciting at first, but heartbreaking and suffering, later on. 

If you’re single and fantasizing about your crush, then be brave and let him/her know about your feelings. 

Share what you feel for, at least you will have a reason to move on.

Never let anything keep inside your heart, that possibly will make you feel regretful, later on. 

Express your feelings anyway, at the right time, without taking such opportunities for granted anymore.

And who knows that will bring you a life that is beyond your fantasy world. 

Anything is possible!!

5. Use those fantasies as your reason to live.

It is common for daydreamers to visualize things they cannot achieve in life. 

Well, everything is possible. And when you think you can’t do something, it’s only you’re the one who feels that way. 

If you keep fantasizing to escape reality, you won’t do anything. And there won’t be any progress. 

Start to see the possibility in such dreams and fantasies.

You’re capable of doing something great in your life and achieving everything that you can think of by yourself. 

Believe in yourself and in what your mind shows. And just go for it.

How Do You Stop Living In a Fantasy

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Are you ready to experience that fantasies in the real-life world?

Well, there is nothing wrong with you when you live being alone and with your imagination. 

This is a part of the manifestation process that keeps you focused on something that you really want in life.

But, still, you have to accept that… reality will always be different (and Better) than your fantasy world. 

It’s okay to fantasize about things for a moment.

But, when you only spend time thinking than doing something it only brings you frustration and nothing else. 

Of course, you already have the power to change your life, you will have a beautiful partner in your life, and you deserve to become famous and successful as you dreamed of.

But, eventually, every such thing requires you to do something from your end. 

Remember, Nothing will come to you as easy as your negative thoughts and temporary feelings come.

You always have to do something to make something happen in your life. 

So if you’re noticing such signs you live in a fantasy world, then you really need to check… Do they inspire you or let you escape from reality?

If such fantasies keep you away from the real world, then you better make the right choice.

First, start with Believing in yourself.


Remind yourself that, you can achieve anything you want in life. And, not by thinking alone.

But, by actually doing something about your dreams, using them as motivation and goals.