12 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Coming Back (Reunion After Separation)

Last updated on May 2nd, 2022 at 04:53 pm

If you are meant to be together, they will come back. If you want them to come back, you will try. Read on to know the proven signs that your twin flame is coming back to you, as your separation is almost over. And, this universe wants you two to reunite stronger than ever. 


What is a twin flame reunion?

Like for the first time, you two meet each other, with that feeling like you found your twin, …

There is also a possibility that you two will decide to go apart after realizing that you are the wrong twin flame, eventually.

But if your twin flame is the true love, you two will come back together, for sure. 

Such events where twin flames are pushed to each other by the universe (most probably after the testing phase or we can call a separation phase)…

But, with improved love and renewed trust between them are mostly referred to as “Twin flame reunion”. 

No matter whatever happens or how far you may be from each other, the universe itself creates the situation, like…

When you both get the same idea to reunite, at the same time.

Or, you get to see each other at the same place where you met for the last time or the first, maybe. 

But, anyway, your twin flame will periodically pop up in your life…

Reminding you of the beginning of the new chapter and encouraging you to start it over again. 

That’s either through realizing your mistakes or knowing the value of the person you lose. 

Want to know… 

  • Is your twin flame really genuine or like true love? 
  • Did you meet your wrong twin flame?
  • And, what are the chances of your twin flame coming back to you?

… then take a look at these signs that will inform you that a twin flame reunion is near.


12 Signs Your Twin Flame is Coming Back (End of Separation)

1. You want to visit ‘that’ place again, Don’t know why.

And ‘that’ place can be where you two meet each other for the first time or express your feelings to one another. 

But, suddenly you have that desire to visit that place again. 

That can be the hints from the universe that wants you two to come together where you left. 

And if so, then you both may be clicked with the same idea in mind. 

By driving you two to the same spot, this universe tries its best to reconnect you with your twin flame. 

Simply because… your separation time is over, now. 

If you really feel so, then don’t ignore such intuition and follow its lead. It can be the top sign that your twin flame is coming back to your life. 

2. You can’t get over that person. But, in positive aspects.

That’s normal after you break away from someone you love. 

However, that doesn’t apply to every relationship or person.

You sense that getting over with this person becomes quite tougher than it was for anyone else before. 

Even though you two haven’t spent much time together compared to previous relationships, this person’s absence really hurts you deeply. 

I feel like this person is different from any other you’ve met so far. 

There’s a chance that this person, your twin flame, is also thinking of you at the same time as you do. 

And that’s are early signs of twin flame reunion. It’s something you cannot ignore. 

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3. You constantly dream about your twin flame or the reunion.

And, that’s not just limited to dreams you see while you’re asleep. 

But that is something that you could imagine with your eyes open and mind working in the most active condition. 

Most likely, you never get over with your soulmate that you just broke up with, you wish to have another chance to reunite together. 

If you two are a real twin flame and there is true love between, you might be getting the same dream or fantasies on exact same time. 

That’s right, it’s the universe that sent it to you both. 

Which is trying to inform you that it’s time to reconnect with your twin flame.

Because you’ve passed the testing phase of your relationship, and now…

This is a time of coming back together, and now with a stronger connection than ever. 

This separation is on a purpose to realize the value you two have for each other. 

4. You get to see something that won’t let you forget that person.

Well, it takes time for a person to get healed and go back to normal life after a break-up. 

But, there’s some good thing…

Especially when a person decides to change himself and move forward with life.

After all, there is no good reason to stay in a purely toxic relationship. 

But, if you get to see the positive vibes that constantly remind you of that person even after going back to normal life…

This is not something that happens to everyone. 

More than inside feelings, you feel the presence of a lost soulmate from the external world, too. 

Knowing someone with the same tragedy as you, restarting their life with the same partner, 

Or even meeting someone stranger that is exactly the lookalike to that person. 

Things keep coming your way that will always keep you reminded of that person. 

But, positively

It might be that strong signs of manifestation that the universe tries to let twin flames come together and such are its ways to inform you that the separation is almost over.

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5. You become more patient, positive, and optimistic.

Not every relationship that ends, leaves with a lifetime of hardships and pains. 

Some help a person become a better version of himself or even make a person realize what true love is

If you found that after breaking up with the last person you changed completely…

Thoroughly that means you lost a genuine person

The more you see the positive transformation of yourself, the more you get to realize the worth of that person. 

And that leads you to do something to reconnect again. 

Now you’re not the person you used to be before, now you become an emotionally and spiritually mature person

You prefer to stay patient and positive about whatever you get out of any situation.

Moreover, your inner self wants that person, a twin flame to come back. 

Not because they did good to you,  but because now you also have something positive to share with them now. 

6. You feel like your mirror soul is around.

There is no direct reason why, but suddenly you get those strong signs that your twin flame is near, around your place where you’re right now.  

Even when you are in a long-distance relationship, you feel like they are near, or that you will see them again soon, perhaps.  

This can be the one sign that your twin soul is also experiencing the same or already thinking about you. 

And, it’s definitely the universe that shares its messages of reconnection with both of you. 

As a result, you begin to search for them or do anything to get closure again, and if not then to at least give a proper goodbye this time. 

And these are the definite signs your twin flame is coming back because you want them to.

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7. You’ve never felt the same vibes with anyone else.

When one person leaves, space is left behind for someone else. 

Which either is filled up by someone new who is more caring and loving than the left one. 

But, in your case, that’s not the same.

Every person that you meet, makes you feel incomplete and lost eventually. You will never meet someone equally perfect… after losing your twin flame. 

Indeed, you two are real twin flames, and you both experience the same thing.  

That ‘space’ that can never be filled by anyone else, leads you to reconnect with each other and think about re-starting the relationship with a fresh outlook. 

It can be the most common sign that you are about to reconnect with your twin flame soon. 

Because hopefully now, both of you realized that you two are real twin flames…

– who only fit with each other rather than with anyone else. 

8. You notice 11:11 in everything you do or anywhere you go.

Among the many clues that the universe is sending you regarding your reunion of twin flames, this one is also crucial, for sure. 

Anytime you look at the clock lately, Is 11:11 always present? 

Anywhere you go or whatever you do, Does 11:11 appear to you?

And it’s one hint that you can consider as the twin flame reunion signs. 

Why because this number code represents the fresh start or beginning of something new. 

Moreover, it’s a twin flame code that possibly signs that your twin flame is coming back to you.

Also because you two are the one soul and need to connect again.

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9. You want to try something new, like never before.

If you have a sudden desire to try something new like visiting a park in the evening or taking a walk or something like that, it’s because the universe is planning something for you. 

Who knows, due to this the universe tries to connect you with your twin flame for the first time or like a reunion, perhaps. 

Everything that feels like sudden desires can be part of the process to bring you and your twin flame on the same bench. 

Well, it definitely feels like something mysterious or strange but is actually the plan of the universe to lead you somewhere. 

Or you can stay bored at it, but don’t forget that your mirror soul might be feeling the same and they’re about to follow the same. 

Anytime you feel like doing something, just do it.

There must be some purpose behind it. 

Who knows, that can be one important sign of twin flame union that you better not overlook. 

10. You get to realize your true self.

The more you get closure to your soulmate, the more you get to know about yourself. 

Now you no longer feel insecure, jealous, and frustrated due to anyone else…

And not even because of the inner negativity that was holding you down. 

This universe and god wants you to take care of yourself and get better than you before. 

So, you get motivated to do something right for your time, life, and yourself. 

Every experience that you have so far, eventually shaped your mindset to take what’s meant for you. 

As a result, you never take the negativity out of anything, anymore. 

It’s like this universe trying to train you for something that it has planned for you, something like your reunion with the twin flame, also because your separation is almost over.

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11. Inside, you feel like they’re coming back to you.

There was a time when you two had a great time together, everything went well. 

But, both of you have to follow different paths due to unknown reasons.

Remember, like everything is planned, so is your separation. 

It’s there to prepare you for this twin flame relationship or to work upon yourself and become the one that is perfectly aligned with each other. 

Everything that is happening around you, you feel like a good time will come. 

You start trusting in yourself and such signs that the right things come to you at the right time.

Just like intuition, when something good is about to happen in life you just know it.  

The same applies to your chance to get to see a twin flame that you lost earlier.

When you feel like that person is the one you’re designed to stay together, you will know it within. 

And it doesn’t matter whether you have any clues or not. 

But that feeling never lets you lose hope in the love that you two gave to each other because that’s true love. 

In the end, true lovers come together, no matter how far they go. 

12. You suddenly start thinking about your twin flame.

And, that did not happen just once. But, on the repeat, on a daily basis. 

Well, the testing phase of your relationship is almost over, when you realize your mistakes and know that this person is ‘the one’ for you. 

Maybe you’ve been in a struggling relationship or have other life experiences that make you constantly think of your soulmate, your ex. 

There is a chance that your twin flame is thinking of you at the same time. 

Perhaps, you accidentally have an urge to call him/her.

However, before you do anything, you got a message on social media from them, which is a sign that your soul mate was also thinking of you. 

When the reunion is about to happen, this universe will do its best to bring you two soulmates’ closure again. Believe that.

Either thinking of each other or making the connection possible are signs of a twin flame separation almost over from the universe.

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Did you just feel that your separation with a twin flame is over??

It’s great to see that you are experiencing the most signs of a twin flame reunion right now.

But, remember that these are just signs that the universe sent towards both of you. 

And that does not work anyway, you better put some energy into it, with a good amount of patience.

Before you think of that person coming back, you better create an environment or change something that made them leave you the last time.

Remember, the only way to get what you are destined for is… to work on yourself first. 

Constantly seeing signs that your twin flame is coming back, you should not assume that your twin flame will be by your side next week. 

This is the process and it may take time. It can take months or even years. 


Hence, it’s better to be patient with it and keep working on yourself. If your love is pure and the time is right, then this universe itself makes twin flame reunion possible, whatever it takes. So, never give up that hope in yourself, so in your love.