8 Signs God Wants You To Marry Someone And Preparing You For That

Last updated on February 23rd, 2022 at 05:54 pm

Probably you strive to see those signs that God wants you to marry someone, Right? But, Before that God prepares you for marriage. Yes, he makes sure that… Are you prepared for that special person or not? To that, here are those godly signs that prove you are ready for marriage now. 


How do you know if God wants you to be with someone?

To marry or not to marry, is of course your decision as well.

But, apart from an important call in life, it can be your desire or need to marry someone.

Of course, when the time is right, you’ll meet ‘the one person’ in life and also marry someone that god choose for you.

So you don’t have to worry about it. 

Because, God wants you to be with someone, not when you have the desire for it… But, when you are ready for the marriage.

Believe, even god supports you to meet your twin flame, that soulmate in life.

But first, God will test you and prepare you enough for that special person. 

Okay so, How to know that God wants you to marry someone? How do you know if God makes you ready for the marriage or not?

Well, first of all, take a deep breath, and notice these are your signs which show God is preparing you for a relationship.

You may have experienced that in your life, but most of the time you just overlooked such situations.   

So, Believe in God and consider these signs to know… Have you got any confirmation from god about your marriage or not.


8 Signs God is Preparing You for Marriage

1. You already wait for someone to support you as a life partner. 

With those blissful signs, it doesn’t mean he forces you to marry someone.

Well, he never has done that to anyone, and will never do to you, as well.

If you are not ready for a relationship or marriage, he never does anything that feels like pressure or difficulty in life. 

Of course, there is a special person for you.

God will bring you closure to that person… when you are in the right state of life.

When you expect to meet your soulmate, you’ll meet them, eventually at the right time. 

God knows you very well and also check Is it your desire or need to be with someone else.

You dream of someone to be a part of your life and you need someone to be with you, it is a whole different perspective there.

And if your purpose to marry is all right, then God leads you to that special person.

And, also wants you to marry someone who perfectly matches you, by bringing you two close, with a magical moment. 

2. God is preparing you to become mature enough to be with someone.

Whether you believe it or not, but God is testing you in life with several life-changing events for you.

Of course, those are something which you call ‘life experiences’, but for god, those are ways to test yourself.

Before presenting that one person to you, god prepares you well.

God prepares you for a better life, relationship and teaches you important lessons that you need to know.

And, at the moment when god figures out that you are mature enough to take more responsibility, he gives you frequent chances to meet and be with someone.

You may not notice those signs of god are preparing you for marriage or life, that’s all the background process.

That, we all are mostly unaware of it.

Same as in life, you don’t know how capable you are, until you do something about it. Right??

After testing your maturity as a future husband or wife, when God confirms you as mature to fulfill this role, and you’ll notice those signs god wants you to marry someone.

That proves you are ready for marriage now. 

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3. You start to feel like, Now you’re ready for the relationship. 

Earlier, you were constantly ignoring every chance of being in a relationship or getting married.

Because there, you did not feel confident and ready to have such responsibility in life.

Whether it’s due to your past relationship failures or trust issues, maybe you just want to keep yourself away from any romantic relationship.

But, thanks to the same experiences, you finally learn how to behave properly with your partner and the true meaning of the relationship. 

Now you feel confident about yourself.

You see yourself as a responsible person enough for the relationship and the marriage of course.

Now your approach to life and relationship is completely changed.

Well, god is the reason behind all these magical things.

With such experiences, God is preparing you and making you ready for the person who is destined to be your future husband or wife.

Collectively, these all are signs god wants you to be with someone, you get to notice especially when you are ready for this special person.

4. You just meet that ‘the one’ person of your life. 

Do you also believe that there is ‘the one’ for every single individual on this planet? If yes, then this definitely inspires you.

God knows every one of us, also knows who are you and who is compatible with you as well.

He knows everything about you, your interest, priorities in life, and also the right one who can make you feel complete. 

Forget about the past relationship, they are just experiences that are planned to teach you some lessons.

With those events, you just redesigned your thinking and learned important life lessons.

And, when the time is right, god will send you that person in your life.

Well, you have no idea about this process behind that magical moment when you both meet each other.

And, those are your signs that God is preparing you to marry someone.

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5. You and your new partner, you both complete each other.

No matter how miserable you found yourself from your past relationships.

No matter how hurtful the experience you have from old partners.

Such eye-opening events are there for teaching you something important about the relationship and love life.

You might need to move on and to change your perspective in life, whatsoever but now you are at the stage to realize the importance of others in life.

You know how to care for and love other people in life. 

Till that time, you were not ready to welcome that soulmate in life. But, now you are and so god brings those people in your life who actually makes your life feel complete.

Yes, you both are destined to meet each other in life and spend your life together.

If you find yourself with a completely different personality than earlier, that means God has prepared you for that special person.

Such signs prove that God wants you to marry someone who you have just met.

Because this new person accepts the way you are also you are ready to have them as your life partner. 

6. You both found confirmed reasons to stay together. 

No relationship is perfect and not every relationship is destined to end that tragic way, either.

Well, you also might have some negative experiences from the past.

But, that doesn’t mean every new person who comes into your life is the same. And you better not treat everyone the same. 

God will bring that special person into your life, at the right time.

If you find that one person who completes you and gives you a reason to live your life, it’s signs he or she is the one that god chose for you.

Not only that but when your relationship is going through a hard time and instead of leaving each other you both support your partner right, then signs you are destined to spend your life together. 

Every person that comes into your life, also comes with some purpose.

When you have that one person in life and no matter what you both never lose hope in your relationship, these are signs God wants you to marry her/him.

You both have built an unbreakable trust, also you both believe in each other. That’s your enough signs, above everything else.

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7. You found yourself as a growing person, just because of this new person.

This person to whom you just meet is like a completely different one.

You have never met someone like this person, who is a caring and respectful partner presence of this person is enough to feel motivating and inspiring within.

You see yourself as a growing soul, you love yourself, as now you are self aware.

You are not remaining the same as you used to be. From your approach, attitude, perspective, to behavior everything is changed, positively. 

Thanks to that one person, which God brings in your life at the right time.

Being with them you really feel good about yourself. You never realized that you will believe in someone like this way, but yes you do now.

This is the person who brings your trust back in love and relationship. Don’t ignore such hints as these are the pure signs god is preparing you to marry this person. 

8. You just get to realize within that it is god’s blessings. 

Every time you fail in life or the relationship, you discuss that with god, praying to solve such issues in life.

May you think that God has never answered your prayers, but you never forget to pray for him since. You regularly pray to him to fix your life problems.

Instead of complaining you learn the intention behind it, you worked on yourself. 

Finally, you meet your soulmate, for whom you want to live.

Your faith in God is all tested, even you are tested by god based on your nature and behavior.

As the result, now you are with someone who truly made it for you. When you meet the one, you just know within.

You don’t need any other hints or signs to check you just feel that this is the one person to whom God wants you to marry.

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God is preparing you for someone special. Believe that.

So, these are some positive signs god wants you to marry someone we want you to consider first.

Well, there can be many reasons behind why it takes so much time to have them in life. No, it’s not your fault, you were just not ready for the relationship.

You are God’s child and he takes care of everyone he creates. Never lose faith in him, whether it’s about life or a relationship.

When you see some signs god is preparing you for marriage, you just know it within. Because you can see the positive transformation of yourself within, as well. 


Stay connected with God and keep your faith alive… you will realize the reason behind everything that happens in your life. Because God really loves you and always has a special plan for you.