12 Signs You Are In The Friend Zone (By Your Crush)

Last updated on March 8th, 2022 at 04:54 am

You really want to express your true feelings, but the sense of  ‘being friend-zoned’ is something that stops you, Right? When you’re in a complicated relationship like this then better to look for some guaranteed signs that you are in the friend zone by your crush, for sure. Read on to find more signs from their approach to you, so that you can make the right move, without embarrassing yourself. 


How do you know if you’re in the friend zone?

You both love spending some time together.

You support each other very well and your presence makes them excited, too. 

You think they are ‘that one’ for you. 

Earlier you just wanted to talk to them, but now you chat with your crush endlessly and hang out with the label of “just friend”.

Yes, this label is stopping you from making a further move.

Inside you’re not sure about, what to name the connection between you two, a Romantic Love or Friendship

Well, that can happen, when you only get mixed signals or feelings, from your crush. 

So, How to check that they have the same feeling for you or not?

Well, if you pay attention, there are early signs of being friend zoned, that you probably haven’t noticed or pretend to overlook. 


12 Confirm Signs you are in the friend zone by your crush

1. You know she likes someone else.

Agreed… that you carry secret feelings for her. But you also know that she likes someone else.

And if you are still expecting that she still will prefer you over that person, then you are doing all wrong to yourself.

She shares every loving and exciting thing about her crush with you, which means you’re not her crush, for sure. 

You are just a friend to her and nothing else. 

Before she asks for your advice, or even to do her a favor to impress her crush… better for you to leave the friend zone early.

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2. You are too cute for her.

Not everything is that cute… as she says easily to you, every time.

When you express your feelings or plan something romantic about her, and if her response is “You are too cute”.

Then believe such are proven signs you are in the friend zone, already.

From having cute nicknames to take your feelings lightly, showing that for here you’re just a best friend and nothing much.

Because she is not as serious as you are, with your feelings.

3. You end up being too available for her.

You are giving too much in these so-called relationships.

She calls you every time, only when she wants something or not feeling well.

She asks for you to join, only when she is all alone. Because she knows you’ll be with her anyway.

And while it’s her turn, she just prefers others over you. 

If most of the time, you feel like ‘taken for granted’… are such signs that she has friend-zoned you, already

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4. Your crush helps you to find your perfect pair.

You are thinking about her as a life partner, planning for your future together, secretly.

But, she advises you on relationships and suggests a perfect match for you, very often.

She regularly questions about your love interest, just to find your match.

She does everything that a best friend is supposed to do, for a single friend.

But your crush can’t understand that you’ve feelings for her, only.

Probably she doesn’t feel the same about you, because you are just friends with her. 

5. She is very comfortable around you, just like friends do.

You are feeling great that she likes you somewhat… But also confused because she is way too comfortable with you.

You can’t decide… Is she too free-minded or Is it you who is just a cute friend to be with?

It does not feel like a relationship, but just feel like a friendship and nothing more than that… where you are too comfortable with each other. 

Well, being too comfortable and not feeling nervous a bit… are itself signs that you are in the friend zone.

Probably you are too friendly for her from first, and so, she can’t feel the same way as you feel for her, now. 

6. The only place you go with her usually is… Shopping mall.

She calls you whenever she has to do some boring things like shopping and weekly groceries.

You are friend-zoned when you both meet at regular places and your meetings are that regular one, always.

There’s nothing much to expect when you two are discussing everything, But not about you two.

She can’t even imagine the idea of going on a dinner date with you sometime.

Because you frequently have meals together, at home… and there’s nothing special to feel or experience for her.

You are just a friend to her, and you’ve to accept that, too. 

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7. She doesn’t even try to impress you, anyway.

And such are the definite signs of a being in the friend zone by a girl… when she doesn’t make anything special to you, in return.

She even never expects you to make her feel special, either.

When you are together, she doesn’t this it’s required to wear her heavy make-up or even change her t-shirt and pajamas suit.

She is just ready to go with you, without confirming how she looks or how you’ll react.

That also indicates that you are a friend for her, who does not need to impress.

Because you’re just friends and the friendship is all about accepting each other the way they are, right?

8. You’re not getting a single sign to think about the next move.

You two are spending time together, enjoying every moment together.

Still, there are no positive signs that you are in a passionate relationship.

That just means… you are comfortable enough to spend time together.

Even though you’ve been with her, you’ve not shown any positive hints or mutual love feelings for you, in return, too.

If you experience the same… then signs you are in the friend zone.

And if she has some romantic feelings for you, you get to notice there anyway.

Because true love can’t stay secret, that long.

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9. When your feelings are always being ignored or laughed at.

Inside you feel like, you’re stuck in one-sided feelings, only.

You think like it’s love, but end up feeling frustrated because she isn’t showing you the same interest and attention, as you wish.

You can’t express your feelings to her, because you are more confused about her reaction to the same.

And, when you finally express your love feelings to her, she just laughs it out, as if it’s your other joke.

She never takes you seriously, not now, and won’t in the future, too.

And now, you already have signs you are deep in the friend zone.

Plus, when you keep trying to express your love to her, chances that you’re being ghosted by your friend because now you start to irritate them. 

10. She calls you on friendship day, not on Valentine’s day.

You are with her for a long time and have a great bonding.

You have shared many things in life and enjoyed a great time together.

But things to note is, she never romantically sees you anytime. She thinks of you as her friend only.

And these are your common signs that you are in her friend zone…

When on every friendship day she wants to be with you, without any excuses.

Because you are her best friend, as she knows.

Whereas you don’t know about her valentine’s plan. Because, she never thought of you, in that way either. 

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11. She introduces you ‘as a friend’ to her group. (Truly, Just friends)

These are the most common friend zone signs with a girl, you secretly like.

Especially, when interacting with her friend circle, when a girl has to introduce you that means, you’re not her crush.

Because… if she’s crushing on you, her closest friends already know you.

But, when you’re introduced as ‘just friend’ only and her besties treat you like another boring friend…

Then such are signs that you are deep in the friend zone and you’ve no further possible chance.

Her besties are feeling very comfortable with you and sometimes they join in with you without hesitation.

And no one feels awkward there… other than you.

12. She can ignore your call anytime when she’s busy… Because you’re her friend.

Well, you can see that she feels too friendly with you and has nothing to care about.

When you call her and she can ignore it, and not even bother to message or inform you, that “I’m busy… I’ll call you later.”

Then believe you are in a friend zone.

Absolutely, you are her friend only, Because she doesn’t care about your feelings, and doesn’t overthink that, too.

Because, she knows simply ignoring calls, can never be a reason to end a friendship…, that only applies to a relationship.

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How does it feel like ‘Being friend zoned’?

Just like a breakup, knowing you’re friend zone, is also a tough part of a one-sided relationship, too.

The most regrettable thing about being friend-zoned is that you don’t lose just one person in life.

But, here you lose the two, at the same time…

A best friend and future partner. 

And, to save yourself from this sudden connection end, it’s better to aware of such early signs of friend zone from the first place.

Early recognition of such complex feelings not only saves your time.

But, that also stops you from getting too attached to someone who doesn’t feel the same way that you’re.

Remember, the one who expects the more… is the one who feels ‘being hurt’ the more

The situation is hard, but we must say it… if you see most relate with the most scenarios discussed here, then signs you are in the friend zone.


We hope you recognize this at an early stage before things get too hard to be accepted by both of you, equally.