12 Signs There Will Be NO Second Date (Being Ghosted After First Date)

Last updated on November 25th, 2022 at 05:35 pm

Sometimes your first date with someone can be your last, and you’re not alone.

There are clear signs there will be no second date, that you are better off knowing than hoping for the ‘call of the next date’.

Hence, you don’t have to remain ghosted after the first date and can move on.


Will There Be A Second Date?

When you meet someone for the first time, the level of curiosity is high.

And, when it’s the first date, such excitement is on another level. 

Unfortunately, not every date goes ‘so well’ as it seems when it’s fixed.

You may have decided to start dating, after texting for a long time, and getting to know each other quite well.

However, it isn’t possible to establish a solid lasting relationship when either person feels there’s a gap. 

Especially when you fail to connect with each other’s expectations, interests, and thinking, there’s no point for further connection or discussions. 

Even on the very first meeting, there needs to be an understanding and a sense of comfort.

In the absence of such compatibility, there is no chance of a second date to take this fresh connection to a further level.

This may be because of your expectations and personality not fitting well with theirs.

Or your date is out of your league and they are no longer interested in you, after meeting you face to face. 

Remember, if there will be a second date, you just know. Their efforts tell you so. 

However, if not, you could end up being ghosted after the first date.

That’s quite confusing, making you wonder what went wrong.

Your situation is similar to ‘that candidate’ who has been at the interview but is still waiting to hear whether he was selected or not, although the interview went well.

In such a case you better look for secret clues to inform you about what went wrong during the first date, and why they have not texted or called you yet.

Such aren’t ‘red’ signs, but valid reasons, clearly informing that your first date is not interested in you.


12 Signs There Will Be No Second Date

If you’re a girl waiting for a guy to call for the next date or a guy who isn’t sure whether you should call her for a second date or not, these are signs your first date isn’t into you and you need to move on. 

1. When something feels missing on your first date.

During the fixing of the date, you both were thrilled and excited to finally see each other. 

But, as the conversation goes on and you start to feel that it was just an attraction and nothing else.

An important connection is missing between the two of you. 

Whether your date is just six days or two months old, the connection needs to be there.

There is no level of comfort and curiosity to get to know each other.

Having chemistry on the first date isn’t a must, but it should exist at least at some level.

Especially when that person was constantly checking their phone or focused on something else other than you, these are signs that your date is not interested in you after first date.

2. When the first date feels more like a job interview.

The topics, questions, and exchange of ideas lack the important part, enthusiasm. 

It appears that you acted like an interviewer who asked too many questions or as an employer who outlined her expectations without letting the candidate speak. 

An approach like this may have ruined their excitement to show up on a first date.

Every conversation should be two-sided.

When your date turns out to be one-sided and you realize you were the only one to talk too much or you overshared everything, these are signs there will be no second date.  

Because you haven’t given this person a chance to share or talk about themselves and didn’t share any interest in knowing them, either.

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3. When you’re out of his league or don’t match with her expectations.

It might be that girl feels like you are not what she’s looking for, or maybe your too much independent nature scared this guy away from ever approaching you again. 

The vast gap in understanding and outlook could be the reason for the lack of connection. 

From the very beginning, everything was great.

Since you haven’t discussed much of each other’s lifestyle, personality, expectations, and plans. 

Well so now, everything is clear and the person realized there’s no possibility for this connection.  

And, even though you feel no problem with two diverse personalities, the person can’t see any scope for your future which are possible signs that there won’t be a second, third, or any dates. 

4. When the conversation is nowhere near interesting or engaging.

First dates are more likely to reveal each other’s interests. First, there must be some basic and meaningful talk. 

That’s perfectly fine since you’re on a first date and don’t know what topics they’ll be interested in.

Yet, the awkward silence for a long time indicates that there’s no possibility of a good talk. 

Perhaps you disagreed over something or you don’t show any positive gesture to something they excitedly shared… Which caused them to stop talking. 

Did you ask a question you shouldn’t have or did you start an argument over something out of your bold nature, on this first date?

Well, then, these are signs your first date didn’t go well from their end and so they won’t ask for a second date. 

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5. When your date finishes before the time or just ends anyway.

It was the shortest date you or that person have ever been on. 

As a rule, when someone is excited about the date, they’re more likely to have excuses to spend more time with you and keep things interesting. 

Even the short date (15-30 minutes) sometimes feels meaningful and offers the possibility of continuing the connection. 

But, having an excuse for leaving early, is not a good sign, at all. 

This was not just a short date but also an awkward one, which means there will not be another.

Sudden and dramatic endings of first dates are signs that there will be no second date. 

Look closure… you might notice their eagerness to end the date. 

6. When there are no special gestures or attempts to impress.

On a first date, either you want to impress or you see such efforts from them. 

This all came naturally because you two mutually agreed to meet here and to know more about each other. And that’s why this date is for.  

There has to be the desire to appear great and make decent impressions. 

But on this date you recently were on there wasn’t any special effort made.

This person has not complimented you, laughed at your jokes, or flirted with you in any way. 

When such attempts and exciting things are absent on your first date, such are signs that your first date wasn’t good (especially for them), at all.

And so, there’s no scope for the second date, too.   

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7. When their body language during the date isn’t positive.

It’s possible that she’s an introvert, or that you’re his first date. 

You can learn a lot about how someone feels and perceives you from their body language. It’s not just about them, but also about you. 

Maybe your first interaction was not good enough or you unintentionally cut them off.

The same reasons can also lead to a loss of confidence and ruin their excitement for this date. 

You two might have texted too much before, and now they seem awkward on a date. 

If they look here and there, avoid maintaining eye contact, ignore handshakes and hugs, or are too focused on the food than on the conversation, then such are signs that a first date isn’t interested in you or they don’t know how to feel about you

8. The conversation revolves more around the past than the future.

First dates are more about laying the foundation for a future relationship. 

Bringing up your past relationship and complaining about how crazy your ex was is not a good idea at all. 

You may run out of topics, but this is not the right topic to discuss at least on the first date

Talking about the past and something that hurt in the past shows you aren’t over it yet, which might cause problems in your future relationship, too.

Which no one accepts at all. 

Not getting any text or completely being ghosted after the first date, are signs that there will be no second date and you should stop waiting for it. 

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9. When your date hasn’t been any meaningful discussion.

When your date is really serious about you, there’ll be a lot of questions about the future. 

Their curiosity extends to knowing who you are in person, as well as how they can be a part of your life. 

When there is nothing future-oriented to talk about, it means there’ll be no future. 

Upon reviewing your first date, you get to see that they haven’t shown any excitement.

Nor have they shared anything that would indicate someone’s desire to get into a healthy relationship

The lack of any meaningful conversation and keeping it to a formal level only are signs that there is no chance of a second date in the future.

Simply because you don’t fit their criteria. 

10. When they avoid talking about the second date or the next meet-up.

Whether it’s a girl or a boy, they won’t give you up easily, if they see you as a good match. 

When they are into you, they’ll tell you what they have in mind and never leave you in the dark.

An attempt to maintain a connection with you is always there. 

No mention of a future meeting or second date means there won’t be one. 

Maybe they are trying to avoid any mention of a second or third date.

Or, when you ask about it, they either give you an excuse or change the topic. 

Which are signs that your first date is not interested in you and this is your last date with them. 

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11. When they either ask you to split the bill or already have paid their part.

This clearly shows that you’re not a prize for them but a cost. 

Well, ‘splitting bills on the first date’ could be a great topic of discussion.

But, paying for a date is a guy’s move to impress a girl and show he knows how to treat her right. 

So, in rare situations, when the guy asks to split the bill that means you’re not someone he wants to impress. 

Or it’s a girl who already paid half the bill, she doesn’t want to take any favors

She may be an independent woman, or he may be capable of paying for the date, but if they still ask you to split the bill,  as they don’t want any debt or regret to take from here.

And, such are clear signs there will be no second date. 

12. After the first date is over, he/she starts ghosting you.

Or the conversation may happen but it lacks that excitement that had before this first date.

Even after the first date, you might still be in touch with each other, but the connection is missing.

This shows they see a good friend in you, not a partner

However, if there are no calls or texts after the first date, you should stop expecting anything. 

If your date is interested in you, then he or she does something to stay in touch after the date. 

You may have been asked to text them when you got home…

Or they may have called the next morning to thank you for such a great date, or else. 

In the case, a guy ignores your calls, a girl ghosts you after the first date and such no response or ignorance from them are clear signs that he/she doesn’t want a second date with you.

Well, you should stop blaming yourself and accept the situation as it is. 

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Is it normal to not get second dates?

Even if you feel that the first date went well and that both of you enjoyed the time, it’s possible that you still won’t get a response for the second date. 

That’s all well and good when you’re dating and meeting new people frequently. 

Maybe you said something during your date that made them uncomfortable or you were too controlling during the date that made them feel threatened by you, causing them not to contact you again.

There can be several reasons why your first date wasn’t successful.

Based on the above-shared signs, you better know that there will be no second date. 

You can’t change the impression that you made on your first date, but you can move forward in your life. 

There’s no point waiting for them to call on you for the second or any date. 

When someone is seriously into you, they will shortly contact you without much waiting. 

And if three or more days pass and you still haven’t heard back from them, that means they’re not interested after the first date. 

Hence, the best option is you should stop waiting.

Accept that and move on.

Because there’s won’t be a second date with the same person.


Come on, it was just a date. If your first date didn’t go well, it doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough.

It just means that you’re not with the right person who can sight that uniqueness in you.