15 Early Signs of a Good Relationship

YES, your new partner is really that genuine, when you’re seeing such early signs of a good relationship.

Agree that no relationships are perfect and equal, too.

The quality of feelings changes as persons and life situations change.

But, there’re still some unique signs you notice when you’re in a healthy relationship. Such signs inside feel you that… your partner is caring and your relationship is supposed to grow stronger day-by-day.  

Here are the common signs to prove that you’re in a good relationship, and your relationship is meant for a lifetime. 


15 Early signs of a good relationship

1. You enjoy each other’s presence. 

Even though you both are shy to express feelings for each other, your mutual understanding is powerful enough to stay together without saying a word.

Because, you’re valuing each other’s presence, and neither of you two feels boring, together.

You both are developing an interest in each other.

And are good signs of a long-lasting relationship. 

2. You both start doing regular things together. 

When you become comfortable with a person, even boring things start looking exciting, too.

You both go to the shopping mall, buy each other clothes or help in weekly shopping.

And, still, you’re having fun there, too.

That means a good relationship is developing between you two.

3. You care and respect each other.

You both are feeling the same for one another.

Neither one of you forget to share your feelings, too.

You care for each other and give respect without asking for it.

You both stay kind to your partner and know how to make each other feel special and respected, indeed.

Such signs show that you are in a good relationship.

4. You two fight too often and resolve that, even faster. 

Just like a real couple, you fight with each other a lot.

You both suddenly start fighting on even the tiniest issues.

But, that gap in thinking never turns into a feeling-gap, anyway.

You two forget about the issues very soon.

It’s like, nothing happens, just before. Because you both know, neither of you two can live without each other.

You forget about the past issues too soon, and such are signs that you’re in a good relationship with a caring partner. 

5. You don’t have to prove anything. 

You both are free to talk with each other anytime.

You don’t have to check your partner’s mood or availability.

Because you two are clever enough to differentiate good and bad things in life.

You keep personal life issues and your relationship, separate.

Your partner doesn’t have to face anything if your day at work is bad.

You stay connected always and talk about something freely.

You can ask or discuss like a regular day.. and that even without checking their mood or creating a better environment.

Such meaningful bonding is the early signs of a good relationship. 

6. Everything seems positive when you two are together. 

The environment that you two create for each other is so inspiring and refreshing.

You feel each other’s presence, that gives you confidence, too.

You support each other in life and share positive energies.

Everything starts to seem positive when you two are with each other.

Because you know that you have someone to care for you.

Such experiences are signs to know that you are in a good relationship. 

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7. You support each other in life. 

When you get to know that your partner is feeling not good and down for a moment, you be there and do anything to lift their confidence.

You want each other to grow in life and support each other better.

Having a caring partner, you both really feel motivated and focused in life.

Your partner believes in your dreams, just like you believe in them.

Having a supportive partner is showing that you are in a good relationship. 

8. You don’t have to change yourself. 

You can say that you’re in a healthy relationship when you don’t have to seek another person’s attention all the time.

You both know everything about each other and actually appreciate that well.

You don’t want your partner to change, you want them to stay as they are.

And are such signs of a good relationship.

Because of long-lasting relationships, acceptance in the early stage is required. 

9. Your difference is the strength of your relationship. 

You both know that you two are totally different.

And instead of feeling the gap, you actually become adjustable with each other.

When this difference becomes the reason for strong connection, that shows you the relationship is meant for the long term.

Because neither of you has to prove anything, as you feel excited that your relationship is special.

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10. You value each other’s space. 

You both give each other time and space to live life, your way.

You both, don’t force your partner to stay together all the time.

You know that your partner has life, too and you better let them live that, too.

You give each other space to set the priorities in life.

A good relationship doesn’t mean to stay together all the time… it’s about valuing life out of this relationship, too.  

11. You take a mutual relationship. 

You are in a healthy relationship when every decision there is taken mutually.

There’s not one person in charge who sets the plan and both follow that, willingly or unwillingly.

You care for each other and ask for suggestions, too.

You make the joint decisions, listen to your partner’s thoughts about that, too. 

12. You know how to let things go. 

Even though you’re fighting on silly things, you don’t remember that, too long.

You forget about your partner’s mistakes so easily.

You don’t remind them again, either.

You both know how to let negative things go and save your relationship, too.

Such early signs of good relationships indicate that you have a caring partner. 

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13. You solve issues together. 

There’ll be issues once in a while or already may have earlier, when you are really that serious about your relationship.

But, such conflicts never take over your future life, too.

Because you both are mature enough to solve conflicts the right way.

Instead of talking against each other, you prefer to sit together and discuss with your partner freely.

And such an approach to follow after issues, showing that you are in a healthy relationship. 

14. You both help each other to forget about your past. 

There comes a ‘that one’ person in your life, who will help you to forget everything about your worst past.

There’ll be someone, due to whom you realize, why all your early relationships failed miserably.

And, if you are experiencing that in a present relationship that means…..you found your ‘that one’.

You help each other to make the present feel.. good and alive.

You give each other a belief that your future is bright, together. 

15. You never stop loving each other. 

No matter how different or away you are from each other mentally or physically, but you never forget to express your love to your partner, ever.

You show up every day, appreciate your partner… like, it’s still your first day of the relationship.

You care for each other, and feel them around while talking over the call or thinking about them with closed eyes.

You have made an emotional connection there, which confirms that you both are for each other, and will be there forever.

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So, what other signs you’re getting from your caring partner?

A good relationship is hard to find and easy to live with.

That never makes anything complex to anyone.

It stays there in your life, and still feels like nothing extra, like heavy to carry. 

Strong and Healthy relationships are not creating the burden for each other, it actually supports each other to release that.

You can say that you found ‘that one’ of life, when you two are showing these early signs of a good relationship, that we just discussed here.