15 Cutesy Signs a Man Is in Love With You Secretly

Last updated on July 21st, 2021 at 06:55 pm

Want to know, Is it just an attraction or true love from a man? If yes, then you better to refer these loving signs to prove that a man is in love with you truly. And if you also have the same feeling for him, then don’t let him wait or struggle any further. 


How do you know if a man is in love with you?

“Is he really love me or not?”

Well, if that is something bothering you every night, then here are some top signs a man is in love with you.

Women or men, both follow unique ways to express their love feelings.

Sometimes it’s very tough to find that someone really loves you or not, but such hidden signs are enough to catch their feelings to some extent.

There are special attentions or signs, men and women show when they are in love.

In today’s article, we’re going to discuss how to find out if a guy is in love with you or not. Here are cute signs to prove that guy loves you truly but waiting for a chance or just a bit shy to express his feelings.


15 signs a man is in love with you, But scared inside.

1. He remembers everything about you.

Men’s minds, are still somewhat understandable than women.

They always think especially about someone/something they love and feel passionate about.

Also, men tend to remember the only things they care about.

If you find that he remembers every little thing about you, (his crush) then he loves you secretly, even without saying it to you.

2. He stays there with you on special moments in your life.

Whether it’s your birthday or to attend your singing competition, you always find him there, to support you and cheer for you.

Even though he lacks time due to other important aspects to focus on, he prefers you over anything else, then it’s a sure sign that a guy loves you, truly.

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3. He listens to you carefully.

While with you, when a guy prefers to listen to you actively and actually be there in conversation, it’s signs that you are special to him.

Moreover, being with him, you actually feel being heard and respected.

Guys are great at paying attention to the words of someone close to their heart.

Not just words, he also gives more respect to your thoughts and feelings, when he is into you.

4. He is always excited to talk with you, anytime.

If you find that guy always trying to have a conversation with you and to talk more about you, chances are he’s aiming to develop a connection with you.

The guy is really into you when he literally can talk with you about anything, anywhere, and at any time.

And, you can sense his struggle to keep the conversation going.

If that’s what you notice that it’s confirmed signs a man is in love.

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5. He shows the cutest signs plus gestures to you.

Even though he hasn’t expressed his deep feelings to you, fully…but there are some cases when he shows his love interest partially.

Yes, remind such times when he shares some cute moments like passing a random joke and turns to you to check if you smile or not.

Such random signs are proof that he is in love with you and maybe soon expresses his feelings, too soon.

6. He shares something special with you, and not with others.

If a guy is really in love with someone, they tend to feel more confident while talking with a crush.

Have you found him becoming more comfortable with you?

If yes, then probably he may have shared some awkward moments and crazies past stories, as an attempt to make a strong connection.

It’s kind of a sign, that he is getting more comfortable with you, and share stories that connect you two better.

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7. He is ready to do anything for you.

Men are not lazy in most cases, but they prefer to do things which they are really into.

You may find them lying on the couch on weekends and literally do nothing at all.

But, when it relates to making someone happy, especially a loved ones, they get ready to do anything at any time…and sometimes even without asking.

If that’s a guy doing for you, then he is in love with you.

8. He makes a genuine effort to stay with you.

These are sure signs a man is in love with you, when you see him trying hard to feel respected and appreciated.

Even after a fight, when he is the one who apologizes first, it’s a sign that you really mean special to him and he doesn’t want to lose you anyway.

You can see him making the required efforts to keep you happy and connected.

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9. He is that someone, whom you need in hard times.

If a guy deeply loves you and appreciates you in his life, he chooses you over anything else.

In your hard times, he ignores other things and prefers to stay with you. Because he knows you need someone to support and he’s the one.

He stays there, handles you, and gives motivation as you seek.

10. He respects your presence in life.

The genuine respect he gives to you and your choices, are itself a sign showing that he is deeply in love with you, even though he has not expressed yet.

While talking to him and going with him, you can see that he’s treating you with respect.

He truly gives you importance in his life, over other things.

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11. He introduces you to his family.

There are some great signs a man is in love with you and serious about his feelings, when he invites you to his family functions and parties.

Even though he has not expressed deep feelings to you, but already treats you like his own family member.

Probably not to dad, but he already informed about you to his mom.

And, further, he may want to introduce you to his mom, first.

Yes, his feelings can be that serious, too.

12. He protects you and be with you when you need it.

Protecting you doesn’t mean staying with you like your personal bodyguard or something like that.

He stays there with you every time you need him.

He saves you from many situations even without your notice.

When with him, his inner feel safe and secure eventually, if that’s what he succeeds to feel for, then believe the sign a man is in love with you.

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13. He discusses your/his plans.

You can say that man is really serious about your relationship when he talks many things about his future.

Especially when you are related to his future directly and indirectly, then it means he imagines you there.

Moreover, he also asks a frequent question about your future, too.

If that man does it to you, then he’s serious and planning for your future together.

14. He gives that look that, every girl dreams of.

Eyes are the mirror of your heart, it never hides those feelings within. And the way he looks at you are the most common signs a man is in love, so don’t ignore that.

If you constantly catch a guy seeing you with love, means he is really into you. Or if he is a little shy, you may find that he steals glances a lot, to avoid random awkwardness.

His look is enough to catch his feelings, so don’t look away, if you have the same feeling for him too.

15. He can do anything for you, anytime.

Whether to transform their own self or to take a serious interest in maths, if a guy is in love he goes to any limits and crosses any boundaries.

If you find that guy do every possible thing, just to make you happy and to connect with you better, then he is into you.

Guys are usually that careless at something, but when they interest in some, they never stop.

If you notice him every effort to make a decent impression on you, then a guy is in love with you.

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How many love signs you’re getting from him?

The crush signs from men can be unlimited, as per the personality and feelings.

But here are the most common signs of a man’s feelings for the girl he loves secretly. These are just ways to realize if a guy has a serious love for you or not.

Probably he wants to say that magical word, but can’t due to shyness and social awkwardness.

But, if you also love him back, then take a step forward, make him feel confident, and share your own signs back too.


Don’t just sit and wait after noticing signs a man is in love with you. Express your deep feelings to him, as well. That will help him a lot.