12 Signs Someone Is Ghosting You (And, What To Do?)

Last updated on January 21st, 2023 at 05:37 pm

Obviously, it hurts deeply when someone starts to ignore you or completely cuts off the connection without any explanation.

Are there any ways to ease that pain? Of course, there is.

For that, you should be on the lookout for these signs that someone is ghosting you when it’s still not too late.

Plus, we’ll cover some tips for what to do when you’re being ghosted by someone, usually a friend or dating partner.


How Do You Tell If You are Being Ghosted?

It is unlikely that your friend will tell you they’re moving on. 

Neither the person you date is going to clarify why you don’t match or why this relationship doesn’t work out. Instead, they’ll consider ghosting you. 

It all begins with ignoring your calls, and messages, and avoiding meetings or dates. 

Occasionally, they just cut you off without explanation. (Just like HR or a company that doesn’t notify you whether or not you got the job.)

In fact, there are a lot of reasons why people ghost others. 

And that depends on how they connect, what they expect, what they choose. Often, even ‘time’ plays its part. 

There are, however, a few reasons why people ghost others: 

  • Ghosting is normal in these rapidly changing moods and feelings. 
  • The connection, ‘the chemistry’, is missing or wasn’t there. 
  • Either having trust issues or being emotionally unavailable
  • Insecurities and losing respect for one another.
  • Not caring about anyone but personal self and being too proud.
  • Making a decision to end a relationship or friendship without telling others.
  • Simply to avoid hurting someone’s feelings by being honest. 

It could be this or any else reason, and sometimes you may not know why they ghosted you.  

However, there are a few signs you can always get an idea that a girl or guy ghosts you or is about to do the same. 

Sometimes, the signs are already there, but you fail to recognize them. Spot them as they occur and you can save yourself from being confused, stuck, or hurt. 


12 Signs Someone is Ghosting You (Probably, That’s Your Friend or Partner)

Whether there have been sudden changes in connection or the way he or she treats you.

If you sense that a friend or date is ghosting you, you need to keep an eye out for such signs of ghosting someone. 

Perhaps that is going to happen to you.  

Thus, you find out that someone is actually not into you, and does so intentionally. 

By knowing this, you can let go of the pain rather than hoping to reconnect someday with the same person.

1. When someone is being private only around you.

Feeling suspicious about the behavior of one of your friends? 

That’s not to anyone else but only to you. 

In your absence, they have a great time with their friends or teammates. And as you show up, they stop smiling or keep pulling you down

Otherwise, they may have asked a lot of private questions about you. 

However, when you ask them anything, they either avoid answering or change the topic.

Such behavior could be signs that he/she is ghosting you out of jealousy or insecurity towards you. 

2. When they limit any online or social interaction.

Earlier you had an awesome connection with each other. But not anymore. 

They suddenly limit every connection with you and you have no idea why.

It starts by unfollowing you on social media or unmatching on a dating site.

While in person, they also start to ignore you or try to distance themselves. 

Blocking on (every) social media, never answering your calls, or canceling dates are the major signs of ghosting which shows they no longer want to stay in touch with you. 

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3. When someone shows no care for you.

From the last few days, they are not only uninterested but have also shown zero care for you. 

Maybe they are experiencing some problems in their lives or going through some difficult times. Therefore, let the time heal their pain. 

But, that isn’t happening. Instead, things are getting worse, especially in your life. 

Every little thing they enjoyed about you, now they find it irritating.

Now, you are not given any special gestures, showing they have no respect or care for you, which are signs that someone is ghosting you… possibly their feelings have changed. 

4. When someone constantly ignores you.

That’s clearly being done for the purpose. That’s only what they have for you. 

You may have had an awesome first date, and everything was going well.

Later, though, their behavior has changed. It is no longer interesting or engaging like it was a few days ago. 

It may be that they are fed up or see no point in continuing the relationship. 

From not providing exciting replies, and not talking to avoiding eye contact when meeting personally are signs that you’re being ghosted by someone. 

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5. When someone is still mad at you.

Perhaps you are being overly honest or aren’t accepting your mistakes. 

They avoid you out of anger and a “not in the mood” feeling. Whereas earlier, they preferred to call you when they were upset or bored. 

Now, something about you is now bothering them.

Well, your friend or family member is mad at something because they are trying to convince you, but you are not understanding them. 

In most cases, they stop talking and ignore any interaction with you while you text them too much.

These could be the signs of a silent treatment since you’re not letting your ego down.

Well, this could be resolved by simply apologizing, but you’re not taking the initiative. 

6. When someone always cancels or avoids meetups or dates.

It could be that friend who cancels at the last minute. Or the date who avoids further meetups. 

It’s fine to be busy and to have other priorities in life. Someone who cares and loves you will, however, take the time to just be with you. 

No excitement and clear ignorance of any discussion of future dates, telling that there won’t be a second or third date

When they only show excuses but no apologies for the canceled date or meeting, such are signs of ghosting that informing… they’re not interested in you at all. 

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7. When the conversation no longer feels the same.

Over time, the connection and relationship become deeper, but not always. 

Occasionally, things become more clear over time, and the person becomes aware that there is no hope for the future.

It’s not just your feelings, but how you connect that also changes as well.

Earlier, your connection was very positive and engaging from both sides.

Now it feels more one-sided and forced. 

More than that, when you see only you initiate the conversation and they are who ends that every time, which are signs that he or she is ghosting you. 

8. When someone’s replies are dull and not so engaging.

When you’re busy, in the office, or have to do formality, a one-word text or emoji is all you need. 

A person who is truly into you will show you the same energies and good vibes the same as you.

By asking the right questions and showing excitement, they actually contribute to the conversation. 

Here, it seems that they’re not prioritizing you over anything else. 

No matter how long or important a message is, their response will either be emojis or one word like… ‘cool’, ‘good’, ‘fine’, ‘okay’ or just ‘k’. 

And even that response you get four or five hours later which are clear signs that someone is ghosting you and has no real interest in your conversation. 

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9. When you’ve overshared everything. Now have nothing left.

You have the feeling that the person is trustworthy and perfect on your first meeting. 

Because you believe so, you end up sharing almost everything about yourself, your life.

Sharing too much about yourself in short, will not bring any good results. This shows you are either too desperate or expect more from this relationship. 

Sometimes it’s better to let things develop slowly rather than all at once. 

Having too much nice nature, being easily available, or talking too much might make them lose interest in you very quickly. 

However relaxed you are about it, these are the signs of ghosting someone, since they either have nothing more to learn about you…

Or whatever they hear is not good enough. 

10. When the other person does not contribute enough to your relationship.

Whether your relationship is new or old, the right person will always do anything to keep it. 

When there’s no chemistry on a date, or zero mutual understanding within… you just know. 

The same is true for your friendship… when your friends are not into it like they expect you to be.

Selfish friends or partners are likely to make it difficult for you to decide what to do and where to lead this connection. 

Either they are taking more than you are, or they are not giving as much as you do.

These could be signs you’re being ghosted, and they’ll leave when their limits are reached. 

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11. When there are no futuristic discussions.

Either they avoid such conversations or express their confusion about the future. 

Possible that this guy might not know what he wants from the relationship, or the girl may not see a future with you.

The fact is, futuristic conversations add excitement and seriousness to any relationship. 

So, if such meaningful and exciting conversations are completely absent from your relationship… Beware.

This could be one of the warning signs that someone is ghosting you. 

Also, they are confused or aren’t serious about your future together at all.

But, even though they show no interest in ‘love’ when they stay around, that means you’re just friends with benefits and nothing else.

12. When your gut feelings tell you so.

If you can feel it in your gut. Then it’s definitely coming your way. 

No matter how huge the difference between you two, or how long you have been together if you have the feeling of trust…

Your relationship is going to work. 

However, when things do not feel good, even if it looks good on the outside… that is not the way things will turn out. 

This guy never forgets to surprise you, or this girl never forgets to send you good morning and good night wishes.

Yet, for some strange reason probably due to the lacking emotional connection, you feel in your gut that there is no future. 

You might ignore these signs of ghosting out of instinct, but you should also be aware that if they exist, they must have a purpose behind them. 

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What To Do When You’re Being Ghosted?

Being ghosted by someone and getting rejected- both involve losing. 

In some cases, even ghosters don’t feel good because they have to be hard on someone with whom they have spent a great time.

Yet, they end up doing it for the sake of the situation, of their future, or of keeping high standards. 

In any case, if you can relate most of the discussed signs to your current relationship or connection, that means you’re being ghosted. 

The good thing is you know this before you get confused or feel hurt by them.

When someone ghosts you and you figure out why you can do some right things for yourself. 

Don’t panic, don’t stay confused. Do this instead: 

  • Consider whether you recently did anything wrong.
  • If so, then apologize, or make them aware of your regret. 
  • Make one last attempt to contact them and learn what happened. 
  • Do not contact them again if they continue to ghost you. 
  • It’s time to rethink your life and move forward. 
  • Focus on yourself, your skills and learn something in your available time. 
  • Take an important life lesson from that experience. 
  • You should never blame yourself for who you are. 
  • Take a break from any connection and spend time with yourself. 

Whether your best friend, a girl/guy you have a crush on, or someone you recently started dating…

When someone ghosts you, it’s hard to get over it. 

However, when someone ignores you and shows no interest in contacting you, you should accept that as reality.

Not everything has to go your way. Sometimes you need to change as per the situation and the people. 

Don’t pressure yourself, don’t blame yourself. You’re all fine. 

When you see early signs that someone is ghosting you, apologize when you were at fault for hurting their feelings.

But, if it has nothing to do with you, plus if they are not showing you the same respect and care… you might want to move on. 


After all, you better be around the right one. ‘The one’ who makes you feel confident rather than keeping you confused.