13 Signs You Should Stay Away from Someone (Before, It’s Too Late)

Last updated on January 11th, 2023 at 05:27 pm

Once in a while, you anyway come across that needy friend, jealous partner, and insecure coworker.

At first, you may not notice anything wrong.

But, after being with them and you start to feel strange due to their toxic or shocking behavior.

And that’s can be one of the early warning signs that you should stay away from someone who is not good as you, and for your life, career, or relationship.

Further in this article, we’ll discuss more signs you are better aware of. 


How do you tell if you should stay away from someone?

When you just meet someone, it’s hard to figure out what’s on their mind.

It will take some time for you to find out if someone is right for you or not.

But worst of all, such toxic people are manipulators and fake people, who first act ‘nice’ around you and never show you their true intentions. 

Whenever you pay attention, there are always hints and signs to alert you that this person is not good for you and you should stay away from them.   

Also, you don’t have to wait each time they do something negative or difficult for specifically you, only.

Sometimes, how a person treats others and what they say behind someone else’s back give you major reasons for why you shouldn’t be with this guy or girl any longer.

Possibly that they talked trash about someone, wished to destroy someone’s life, or hate someone truly, but pretend to love them when they’re available. 

You should never overlook such early signs of a toxic person in a relationship or friendship that give you a hint on how terrible the person could be.

What they are doing to others, they could also do to you in the future.

In the next part, we’re going to discuss what are those early hints and red signs you can look for to keep a distance from them as early as possible. 


13 Signs you should stay away from someone

You shouldn’t wait too long or simply ignore everything when there are already such signs that this someone is trashy and they won’t be worth your time not now, nor in the future.  

The following signs you better to know that should help you stay away from toxic people from the very start.

1. Someone whose presence seems a bit weird, suspicious, and unfamiliar.

Whatever you’re feeling around them, it’s not positive.

There is a strange feeling when you see them on special occasions or in the elevator while leaving the office. 

It’s not something you like, and it feels uncertain or more like threatening.  

Plus, it doesn’t just happen one time; it happens every time.

When you’re around that someone, all of your surroundings suddenly seem negative and fishy.

It seems as if someone gets under your skin and never leave any good for you.

This could be a warning from your gut that they are doing something bad behind your back.

Whenever you get such signs from your gut after being around certain people, you should stay away from them because they’re not good for you.

2. Someone who only associates with negative and bad people.

If they’re always surrounded by negative personalities, don’t accept any good from them.

Is your friend always around toxic people that you usually warn him about?

Even when you are trying to help your friend, does he ever listen to you, or does he just ignore you?

If so, then you should leave such friends because they bring you nothing good in your life.

Since they are almost always with negative people in life, you can be in trouble as well.  

When you begin to fear your friend might be in trouble because of his toxic connections, but he does not listen to your advice, these are signs you should stay away from someone like this.

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3. Someone who always comes to you when they’re in trouble.

That demanding friend or partner who only contacts you when they need something.

Such people are more interested in using their connections and manipulating others for their benefit. 

The fact that such people only contact you when they need something shows that they are more interested in what you have than who you are as a person.

It doesn’t matter which connection there is, it must be two-sided.

Do not be the one who takes too much, but when your friend or partner is the taker, these are your signs that you should distance yourself from them and better start ignoring them.

4. Someone who makes you feel worse about yourself.

People like these are great at hurting your feelings and destroying your confidence.

They are not your true supporters, true friends, or caring partners who make you feel loved and respected.

However, they are the ones who will leave you lost and miserable just like them.

When you’re making an impact in your life or heading in the right direction, they come to put you down and ruin what you’re feeling positive about.

There may be a friend who always makes fun of you or an intimidated colleague who is jealous of your increasing popularity.

But what’s certain is, they try to make you feel useless and undeserving of yourself.

When you feel insecure, and hopeless about yourself after talking to someone, these are warning signs that you should stay away from someone with such toxicity in their nature.  

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5. Someone who has no respect and value for you.

Despite doing everything for them, you never get their respect or attention.

No matter what you do or how much time and effort you put into the relationship, you cannot satisfy them. They will always ask you to do something more and more for them.  

Around such people, you mostly feel granted, because that’s how they treat you.

It is a good idea to do everything for someone who has real respect and care for you, as well as those who are always prepared to help in return.

In contrast, when there is someone who never shows respect but only you’re caring so much for them…

Take that as one of the signs to stay away from someone and just leave them.

Stop giving too much of yourself. You are worthy, but not all can have you.

6. Someone who adds nothing but negativity to your life.

You have not a single positive thing to say, think or remember being with them.

It has a heavy negative impact on your life, and nothing else. Nothing will be positive in your mind or voice when you’re with them. 

Each time you discuss with them, you hear complaints and arguments only.

If you remain with such negative people for a long time, you become the one.

Earlier, they gossiped about someone who was not there, but the moment you leave, they begin doing the same to you.

Don’t feel entrained by such people, they do nothing but waste your time.

When you’re in a connection with someone who only has negative things to say about others or their lives, these are signs that you should avoid that person.

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7. Someone with whom you see no future or any signs of progress.

You should leave either a friend who has no value or a partner who doesn’t know what they want.

Your friends play a crucial role in how you think, so it is better not to be with those who simply add nothing positive to your life. 

Likewise, it is better to let go of someone like your partner who is constantly confused about their feelings and doesn’t give in to this relationship.

People like this add no value to your life and make it more miserable.

Whenever you spend time with your friend you usually come back home with another worst experience or a relationship with an emotionally unavailable partner, and those are signs that you should stay away from someone, as possible. 

8. Someone who wants to control everything in your life.

It may be your manipulative partner, insecure coworker, or unsupportive friend who tries to prevent you from growing in life.

You eventually give them a reason to inject negative thoughts into you by spending time with them and listening to them.

They never let your path be positive and focused.

They remain close to you to take important information from you, so they can use it for their benefit. Moreover, they are insecure people who never want to fall behind alone.

Such control-freak personalities do whatever it takes to keep you on their level.

They appear to be heavily interfering with your private life and trying to add something negative to it.

Whether it’s about your personal life or professional career, they always attempt to disrupt your life.

Additionally, these are signs you should distance yourself from someone who complains about everything because you will slowly start to become just like them.

Never let them control your mood or thoughts and ruin your happiness. 

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9. Someone whose behavior is unpredictable and sometimes threatening.

Even though it isn’t to you, you feel scared, intimidated, and shocked by their behavior.

Someone like this is completely out of control and toxic.

In one moment they seem like the most wonderful person you’ve ever met, but in the next, they become the worst enemy you could ever have.

You should stay away from such a person with an extremely dangerous personality.

Since you don’t know what they do or say to you, you’re constantly worried about yourself.

As a result, you’re confused about what you call this connection with them.

You seem to be with them because you don’t want to be their next target.

Even when you don’t want to, you accept everything they say. Just to protect yourself.

When you hate being with someone as you feel fear all the time, and such are signs that you should distance yourself from them. That is the best way to avoid being their target.

10. Someone who forces you to do something you don’t want to do.

When you’re with them, you feel like you’re not yourself.

You always have to change yourself or behave according to their demands.

A good friendship or relationship is one where the person is accepted for who they are.

But here, they never accept you as you are, and also do not respect your boundaries.

Negative people are great at manipulating your thinking and beliefs, trying to constantly make you feel that you aren’t good enough.

They constantly remind you that you’re an unattractive person or never going to make the good in your life.

People like that are master manipulators who know how to get things done and make you believe what they want you to believe.

If you can picture someone like that right now, it’s a sign that you should stay away from them. 

They come in the form of a toxic boss, an unreliable partner, or a two-faced friend, stay in your life whenever they want, do some fishy things, then leave. 

All because you never show any problem with their behavior.

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11. Someone who does not respect their family, friends, or partner.

Remember, if they don’t respect their nearest people, they won’t respect you either.

There may be times in life when you come across such negative and toxic people that complain about everything in life.

They say nothing positive about their family or nearest people.

Moreover, such individuals play the blame game and stay victims of life.

Being with them always makes you feel empty and dead about life and your relationships.

You certainly don’t want to be around people who only talk about the negative sides of life.

They hate their life, they hate their family.

They don’t have goals and nothing about them is positive or inspiring.

Having someone in the connection with such a victim mentality is such a warning sign that you better distance from this person because they are not good to be around.

12. Someone who has never changed after all these years.

Neither do they make progress in their life, nor let you grow in your life.

You should avoid such people when you are pursuing bigger dreams and goals.

Because they will stop you from working on your dreams.

Whatever you share with them, they either have a negative opinion about you or just make fun of you for it. That’s their mentality.

You want to be with someone who inspires you and is positive about life, rather than someone who is frustrated and lost.

It’s not your fault if you see your best friend never growing up or never changing. It’s only their choice.

However, you have the choice to find the right connection and someone who supports you to become a better person.

Not learning from past mistakes, not working enough, or complaining about everything in life are red signs that you should stay away from someone who is being toxic. 

Avoid them no matter who they are, even your best friend or insecure co-worker.

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13. Someone whose presence hurts your relations with other good people.

A toxic personality will always attempt to keep you away from positive people.

Be aware of your behavior with your closest friends and family members. You better not damage your already positive relationship in life, just because your day at work went bad.

When someone’s toxic behavior makes you feel angry and hateful, control yourself. 

Whether it’s toxicity or anger, when someone is the source of your negative behavior at home, these are signs that you should distance yourself from them.

Because they are also ruining your family life and damaging other positive connections, too.

Common, it just costs one person, let them go.

Due to that one person, you cannot overlook how grateful you are for having a good life and wonderful people in it.


How do you start avoiding someone knowing they’re toxic?

As you go through these signs of people you should stay away from someone, now you have a clear picture of that friend, colleague, or partner who is not right for you.

You can wait for more signs or the event revealing their true nature. 

But, if you want to save yourself from wasting your time, energies, and feelings on negative people you better do something now rather than wait any longer.  

Straightaway cutting someone off from life is more difficult, especially when you are connected via a special bond and have known each other for a long time.

Here, you can let them know what you think about their toxic approach and how it affects your life and relationships.

You need to give them a reason to figure it out on their own and time to make the right changes to themselves.

If they argue about it or ignore it, it’s time to slowly distance themselves.

Minimize your availability around them, embrace hobbies to keep yourself busy, be a private person around them, and slowly cut all contact with them starting from occasional interactions to complete avoidance.

The earlier you spot these signs that you should stay away from someone with a toxic nature, the better for you.

But due to having an established connection you still want things to stay positive and easy for both sides, then first of all set the priorities and boundaries for yourself. 


Having priorities and boundaries for yourself not only helps you to know what you want and where you’re going, but it also keeps those away who are on a mission to either ruin your happiness or life.