13 Warning Signs of a Dangerous Person

Last updated on August 13th, 2022 at 02:37 pm

If you feel regret over going too far in a relationship or wish you had not met someone, it means that person has done great damage to your feelings and mindsets.

The red signs of a dangerous person were already there from the start.

But, you hadn’t paid attention to that or ‘that person’ played you perfectly well.


How Do You Know Someone Might Be Dangerous To You?

When it comes to dangerous personalities, not every time does it refer to the people who are a threat to the whole society and the community. Of course, they’re the ones you should watch out for.

Yet, there are also some threatening people who don’t look or feel like danger, but they are.

These are the people that are around you at your office, in your colony, around your home, and sometimes they sit right beside you.

Whoever they are, they have just one mission and that’s to destroy you

Not every dangerous person attacks you physically, but some attack you emotionally and mentally which is more painful.

And that’s quite severe, due to which you may lose your sense of feeling and thinking positive about anything or anyone thereafter.  

Such people come into your life in the form of the nicest and kindest person.

Despite their very clear harmful intentions, they don’t let you feel it from the beginning. 

However, if you pay closer attention, you may get a glimpse of their true image and the intentions they’re hiding.

You really wish that if you have aware of such red signs earlier, you could save yourself from a lot more damage. 


13 Signs of a Dangerous Person

No matter how smart such dangerous personalities are, they always accidentally drop some hints in the process.

And the most common signs of a dangerous person are there to save you from the potential threat that is coming toward you. 

The earlier you know these dangerous qualities in someone, the safer you can be. And once you identify such common traits, you can use this as a checklist to stay safe.

1. A strange person whose presence feels no good.

In your guts, you feel that all the time. It warns you about potential threats from a certain person. 

If after being with someone, you feel emotionally drained, spoiled, and wasted, that person may not be right for you.

They literally added nothing positive to your life. 

Whenever you’re around them, you’re constantly experiencing most of the negative emotions at the moment or during the rest of the whole day. This is obviously not good at all.

It could be your jealous boss or the two-faced friends, whose looks and feeling toward you, make you feel uneasy.

Don’t ignore your instincts and the signs, that inform the existence of dangerous personalities. 

2. A suspicious person who makes you uncomfortable.

Even though you’ve not met with them or have no connection, you feel threatened. 

Because of the way they look at you, you find it awkward and unnatural.

You mostly catch them staring at you from a far distance but they never stop still.  

Not only that, when you are around them, they say or do something weird, which means someone is planning to harm you, and you should be extra careful with it. 

The presence of someone makes you feel uneasy and insecure about you and these signs that someone might be dangerous for you, possibly.

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3. A critic who has all the time for arguing and complaining.

All of us can be critics at some point, but not everyone can argue about anything. 

This happens mostly in competitive environments where people are more interested in pointing out the flaws and mistakes of others who are doing great.

Yeah, they do nothing good for the environment. 

Being with them, you’re going to waste your mood and a good time. Because, they get under your skin and keep you annoyed. 

They never appreciate you nor value your presence when you’re with them.

Everything you do for them, they just overlook or don’t respect. 

When you feel unappreciated by your boss or partner, you might lose confidence in yourself.

Such people eventually make you feel worse about yourself by painting out your flaws…

And making you feel ugly about yourself, these are nothing but signs of a dangerous personality that you should be aware of.  

Around such a person you mostly feel disvalued, ignored, and worthless. 

4. A controller who wants to control everything in your life.

Such people keep an eye on you and control every aspect of your life. 

That’s not limited to such a controlling person or partner in a relationship, sometimes they can be a friend who wants you to stay with them and forget about your priorities at the moment. 

Such difficult people think that they deserve to get special attention. 

Dominating the conversation, never respecting your boundaries, or feeling no hesitation to make fun of you are signs of a dangerous person who better stay away from. 

They never respect your life boundaries, other connections, and choices you make. 

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5. A manipulator who knows how to trick you.

They force you, put pressure on you, and if not, then emotionally blackmail you. 

But, they end up getting things done from you that you are not ready for or don’t want to do.

For that, they may ghost you, do silent treatment on you, or pull away from love from you, temporarily. 

Although such behavior seems harmless, it wastes your time and spoils your mood. 

Don’t be tricked by their good looks and communication skills. They are still able to cause you a great deal of emotional pain as well as a financial one. 

Feeling worst about yourself after doing what they want is a sign someone is dangerous. 

6. A narcissist who only values themselves and no one else.

No one means anything to them. They act like they’re the only ones in the world. 

Some people are so focused on themselves and do not pay attention to what they do or say to others.

Like spoiled kids disrespect their parents, they show their toxic nature to most others without any reason. 

They feel like they deserve respect, attention, and admiration more than anyone else because they’re the perfect human being. 

When your best friend or partner is self-centered and it’s you who has to sacrifice your values and respect, then these are signs you’re dealing with a dangerous man who is never going to change. 

Overall, such personalities are too conscious of their image and will go to any limits for it.  

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7. A victim who secretly takes the benefits of your kindness.

They are one type of manipulator who exploits your goodness to gain an advantage. 

At first, they seem like an unfortunate and poor person to whom you want to help them as an act of kindness. In reality, they act that way to seek some benefits from you.

It is fine to help someone, but you need to check whether the person is helping themselves.

Such people are either lazy or toxic who aren’t motivated or interested in putting in the best work.

They always require someone to do it for them and to support them. 

As soon as you stop helping them, you begin to see the dangerous side of their behavior. Which might make you feel afraid, initiated, and mostly hate yourself for being too nice

Don’t fall for such victim mentalities. They are interested in using you and playing with your feelings. 

8. A liar who hides information or misleads others.

They lie to present, prefer and promote themselves better and higher. 

A liar changes his or her opinion and views based on which side is in power at that moment. They are neither a dedicated supporter nor a dependent team player. 

They hide the truth, they lie about it, or they exaggerate the situation to defend themselves.

You simply cannot trust them by any means and nor can you expect any good from them.

When you have such friends or someone at work, you better distance yourself from them because being with you might be in a dangerous situation that you have no idea about. 

When someone lies, either they’re ashamed of doing something or planning to harm you. 

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9. A deceiver who tricks you to get something.

A lier may hide something for their cause, but a deceiver wants to steal something from you. 

They can be someone from your family, friend, colleague, or business partner who wants to get more from you.

For that, they never fall behind to trick you and deceive your thinking. 

Deceivers draw you away from their tricky statements that clearly show they’re plotting against you

If you see someone from your connection that constantly forces you to think and behave in some way even if you’re not ready for it, and these are signs that a person is dangerous to you. 

Beware, they could put you in any kind of physical, emotional, or financial trouble. 

10. An irresponsible person who avoids doing any good.

At first, their behavior may threaten their lives and growth, but the same applies to you. 

Because the more you support them and be around them, you are more likely to lose your positive thinking and dedication as well.

Because that’s how they are. 

Neither do they take on any responsibility nor do they allow others to do the right thing. 

When you do good or work on your project diligently, they just come to distract you or damage your positive attitude.

You really need to be aware of such dangerous personalities because all they have to offer you is negativity, laziness, and disappointment. 

An irresponsible someone is one kind of dangerous person who puts you in trouble together. 

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11. A dishonest person who is better off alone.

You really don’t want to date or deal with someone who is unfaithful to your feelings and role. 

Most unfaithful people have a similar approach to everyone.

The main reason, they can’t keep up with the one, so they find the new target anyway. 

They always want clarification from you, because they see you as unfaithful, just like them. 

It could be your friend, colleague, or partner who has no concern about you but themselves only. Which are signs of a dangerous person who is no good to have any connection with.

Because if the other person has no respect or value for you, no need to invest any time or attention. 

Save your love and respect for someone who is faithful and honest in their approach to you.

12. A moody person who shows unpredictable behavior.

They can’t be a normal person whose behavior is unusual and shocking to you. 

Possible that person is mentally unstable and has no control over themselves.

They have no sense of how to talk, react and behave in a situation, which might put them in trouble.

Their approach shows sudden mood swings and not paying attention to others’ words or needs. 

From getting angry to minor issues, overreacting, and creating drama for no apparent reason, are signs of an unstable person, who may damage your image, reputation, and property.  

The boss or friend whose behavior changes in a second is one of the same. 

13. A destructive person who secretly destroys you.

Here come the most dangerous personalities, who leave the maximum damage in your life. 

Initially, their behavior might not seem like a red flag or early warning sign, since they come with a perfect distraction plan.

Plus, the damage you emotionally and mentally, which is greater than any physical harm. 

But, the worst thing about this personality is, that they’re the closest and the one you never doubt. 

In the presence of such a dangerous man or woman, nothing good happens in your life.

Because they change you as a person and turn you into something you have no idea about. 

They never attack you from the front or the back, but always destroy you from within. 

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How to Deal With a Dangerous Person?

If you see the warning signs of a dangerous person on the list to your present life, that means they have already entered your life. 

It’s better not to feel intimidated or afraid anymore.

Knowing the upcoming threat will make it easier to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. 

As if they were taking small steps to destroy you, never let them know that you know what they’re doing.

Slowly get yourself out of their circle and limit the accessibility of them to reach and connect you. 

Start acting extra careful with your words and things you share with them from the moment when you sense that someone is a dangerous personality to you or to your nearest ones. 

The less information about you they have, the more damage you can prevent. 

Of course, it makes you feel threatened to leave any friend or relationship all of a sudden, but at the same time, you also have to think about the best and worst-case scenarios. 

When you have a friend, family member, coworker, or even a partner who seems to be one of these dangerous personalities…

You always have a chance to protect everything positive and good in your life. 

If someone’s presence puts pressure on you to behave like someone you’re not, plus when you can’t think, feel or do any positive aspect of your life, you need to distance yourself from such person. 


Because they’re no good at all, not right now nor for the future life you dreamed of creating.