7 Signs of Emotional Suffering That Prove Someone Is In Pain

Last updated on July 21st, 2021 at 06:50 pm

If you are seeing any of these common signs of emotional suffering in your family or anyone around you, then don’t wait too much. That person really needs immediate attention and care to overcome these situations of emotional distress. Check out these signs, these are the first step to cure that pain. 


Experiencing the signs of emotional suffering via just overthinking or reacting too negatively to recent events is a normal thing. It’s kind of challenging for a person to get over a painful event, failure, or pressure.  

Great thing is, in most cases, as time passes, a person may release himself from such pain and down-thinking, gradually.

There can be several reasons from a positive approach, growth mindsets to self-confidence, and many. 

But, when such signs of emotional distress last too long, say for weeks and even months, then people really need to start thinking seriously about it. 

As a true friend, or the nearest person you can’t leave that person in such a painful situation.

And, these common signs prove that a person is really suffering emotional pain. So, let’s look at: 


What are the 7 signs of Emotional Suffering?

1. An instant change in a person’s behavior and approach to life. 

People change fast, even faster than the season.

But, when someone is in emotional pain, you get to notice a drastic change in their personality and regular behavior.

Well, changes happen all the time, but in the case of emotional sufferings, such changes are surprising and shocking, for others. 

The person who is outspoken and extroverted suddenly starts acting strange and isolates himself from others.

Someone who has a positive approach towards life now shows adverse behavior due to some secret reason. 

2. A person gets angry so fast. A sudden mood swings.

A person who experiences emotional distress becomes too conscious about the problems in life or relationships.

Whether it’s related to fear of losing a job or broken relationships, people tend to stay more focused on the negative aspect only.  

He or she behaves too irregularly after some events in their life.

It feels like they are not the ones they used to be.

You really feel scared or worried too much due to being with them.

Because now they show sudden mood changes, which you have no idea what happened to them. 

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3. Sleep routine of a person is completely irregular. 

Similar to routine life activities, the sleep pattern also changes so fast.

A person with emotional stress either can’t sleep properly or sleep more than required.

The person can’t feel relaxed, as their inner negativity and emotions are always there to bother them anyhow.

In this case, meditation and such relaxation activities help support a person to calm down their thoughts and emotions.

When a person experiences emotional distress, a sleeping disorder is one of the top signs of emotional suffering that must be cured as early as possible. 

4. A person disconnects from others and isolates himself. 

Going out and meeting other people is not fun for the emotionally suffering person.

They isolate themselves, plus avoid going to parties or gatherings with even their favorite people. 

They just overthink everything in life, especially the negative ones.

It’s okay to spend time by ownself alone, but when your friend or nearest person prefers to stay alone, then this can be signs of emotional suffering.

And, they really need you at the moment, to overcome this painful situation.

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5. A person blames ownself for every negative thing around. 

The mind is a very powerful thing, it can either feel motivated and frustrated, at some.

When a person adopts to follow negative thoughts only they end up feeling negative to every life aspect. 

No matter what but the person starts blaming himself for everything. They start feeling negative for themselves, by stressing over past and failures events.

The person who is in emotional pain criticizes and blames ownself a lot. 

Before that get so far as understand the common signs of emotional distress and help your friend or the nearest person whose personality shows these signs. 

6. A person stops caring for themselves. 

As a person is feeling low about himself, blaming himself for every negative thing.

As the result, they end up ignoring personal care. From taking a regular meal to exercise, every activity shows sudden irregular changes. 

That person feels low about everything and they may experience guilt, self-doubts, and limits ownself, unreasonably. 

Such lack of feelings or failures gets too over on the person’s mind and which leads them to down-thinking about themselves.

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7. Overreacting to everything or events in life.

Whether it’s relating to a positive or negative situation, an emotionally suffered person reacts too much to it.

Overreacting and overthinking are the most common signs of emotional suffering that person shows. A person finds himself helpless and often does something that expresses their grief and low self-esteem.

They overreact to even regular things and which further may negatively impact their relationships with the nearest ones. 

Don’t overlook such a situation or take it lightly.

Prefer to have an open discussion with a friend, a family member who is in pain and feeling emotionally exhausted. 


Yes, someone is in emotional pain, and they need your moral support.  

If your friend or family member doesn’t seem the same as they earlier and showing any signs of emotional suffering that we discussed here, then this situation needs immediate attention. 

The good thing is it’s better that you found such signs of stress in the early stage which can be cured with moral support and special attention. 

From improved expectations to a competitive environment, feeling exhausted is a normal thing. But, when these things negatively impact a person’s regular life and relationship beyond a certain level, then such cases need not be neglected. 

From relaxation, practicing mindfulness, open communication to meditations, there are multiple ways to cure emotional suffering.

But, when these discussed signs of emotional suffering lasts for a few more weeks or months, then it’s better to ask for a doctor’s help.