12 Signs You Are An Extrovert And Probably Have No Idea About It

Last updated on July 21st, 2021 at 06:37 pm

If you ever sense that you attract the most other people with your talkative style and everyone feels relaxed to approach you then these are signs that you are an extrovert person. Keep reading, as here you will find the most common traits of extroverted personalities.


How do you know if you are Extrovert?

The first thing to know about extroverts is, you don’t need to find or to prove that you are an extrovert.

Because everyone finds you approachable when you already are. 

Like introverts, you have to accept certain signs, But the signs of extroverts are direct and hard to ignore. 

You feel like, you are outspoken and approachable.

But, are you really that extrovert? Or you’re an ambivert who shows mixed natures of introverted extroverts?

So, if you want to confirm then here are signs to consider that you are an extrovert. 


12 Signs you are an extrovert

1. You have a big contact list. 

No need to mention why. But as you are an extrovert, your group has to be great, indeed.

You have a long contact list of people from different industries, places, interests, and personalities.

You are not just connected to like-minded people only, as introverts do.

You’re a friend of your friend’s friend.

You like to be with those with the same interests and purposes.

But, moreover, you also be with the ones who are completely different from you.

because you like to know about others.

And, probably not afraid to ask for their numbers, too. 

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2. You like to have long conversations with anyone. 

If you are an extrovert, then you communicate with others so easily.

Moreover, you like to discuss something which either you or they are interested in.

You like to listen to them and learn more about them.

You just don’t sit there and notice their signs, as introverts do.

You are completely different and connect with even new ones, so well.

You ask the right question and collect the right information you need to learn, straightway. 

3. You prefer to call them, to whom you’re thinking of. 

You can’t easily forget about anyone.

There’s always someone in your mind, from your school or college life.

When you think of someone, you prefer to contact them directly, even if it’s been many years.

Because you are confident enough to inform them that you still remember them.

If you usually call your old buddies and can talk about your memories for hours, then signs you are an extrovert.

Because ‘just wishing’.. is not your thing.

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4. You like being social a lot. 

Not talking about social media sites and the idea of being social.

Here we are talking about meeting new people and social gatherings in real-time.

You really feel great and confident when you’re with people.

You like to be surrounded and exchange your ideas, there too.

As you are an extrovert, you miss no single chance of being social and having mindful conversations. 

5. You express your ideas and feelings, so directly. 

From hiding the feelings to expressing them… and that’s enough to know, Are you extrovert or introvert?

If you are outspoken, you tend to share your idea so perfectly.

You share your thoughts, opinions with others, better.

You don’t hesitate and are not afraid to express your feelings, too.

Because you hate to control yourself, you just speak it out.

No matter what, your confidence makes listeners like you even more. 

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6. Your communication skills always inspire others. 

You like to have a conversation with many and actually make it so simple and easy going.

You are an extrovert and like talking with a large group of people, even outside of your group you feel so comfortable.

When it comes to talking, you connect with others so easily.

Moreover, you can discuss things that they are interested in.

You listen to them and learn them so fast.

The way you communicate with others, always leaves your charm behind, which makes them connected, as well. 

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7. You are very approachable, too. 

You are great at making new connections.

So, they found really connected, after having small talk with you.

And due to your clear nature, you make yourself approachable, too.

They feel it’s so easy to talk with you. Because you have given them confidence in you.

You show them… you will be there to listen, anytime.

People really can call you anytime, because they are comfortable with you.

Such proven signs you are an extrovert, who makes everyone connected and confident.

8. You get bored so easily.

As an extrovert personality, you like to try new things and to take new challenges.

You never hesitate to do something out of your comfort zone, actually, that’s your daily part of life.

And, so when things get too repetitive and regular, you start feeling boring, too.

Because you find fun and excitement in challenging things only.

Being in the same environment, seeing the same faces, and you start feeling trapped.

You are eager to make new connections and learn something new, always.

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9. For you, spending time alone is just a dream. 

While introverts fully enjoy time alone, with themselves, extroverts just carry a desire to spend time alone sometimes.

Indeed, introverts have enjoyed so much of me-time.

And that makes an extrovert jealous, inside, too.

You know you are an extrovert, who is always surrounded by people, and spending time with yourself, is just your dream.

Because your group of best friends always have great plans that you can’t ignore. 

10. You always want something challenging. 

You never hold yourself back from trying something new.

Actually, you feel very active and energetic, after adding something new to your life.

You like to experience new things, the challenging ones, indeed.

You don’t wait for something to happen in your life.

You are an extrovert and hate waiting.

You just take action and make it happen.

You open to try every new opportunity and do that with full confidence.

For you, collecting great experiences and have memories… is the purpose of life. 

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11. You try to make everyone happy. 

You seek attention all the time.

You aim for praises and compliments a lot.

That’s nothing wrong or narcissism involved always.

You just want others to accept you.

Innerself you feel great and prod while someone is talking positively about you.

In an adverse situation, you easily get nervous and down, too.

Your most activities are to hold attention and stay likable to your group, only. 

12. You wish to be an introvert. 

You accept that you are an extrovert.

You’re being available to everyone…so inner self you wish to stay alone, sometimes.

Because now you reach that point where you feel mentally tired of being social.

You want free-times to stay alone and relax.

You really wish that you were an introvert, who has all freedom to choose your own schedule.

At some point, you really feel stuck, as you’ve to attend meetings unwillingly.

Because you don’t want to hurt anyone. Also, you don’t want to lose anyone. 


Are you an extrovert or ambivert?

If you have found connected with most here given points, then signs you are an extrovert.

You like to be social. You like to take new challenges and meet new people.

But, sometimes, you really want to spend time alone, too. Because, you want to be with yourself, too.

Just, like you being with others.