12 Signs You’re An Introvert

Last updated on December 31st, 2020 at 04:55 pm

YES, you’re an introvert, may you accept that or not. But, these signs confirming that you really are. 

Probably you’ve been told that… you’re reserved and need to open up with others.

And, inside you are thinking, Am I really an introvert?

Because you know you have great connections with some, you like to meet with others, and enjoy some time with yourself, too. 

Well, then you might have ignored your personality signs of an introvert, for sure.

So, How to tell if you are an introvert or not?

Then, here are your signs to prove that you are an introverted person. 

12 Certain Signs You’re an Introvert

1. You are self-aware.

No more surprise, that introverts spend more time with themselves, alone.

But what they are doing alone, is the questions that everyone around has.

The best thing about introversion is the person has great opportunities to learn about themselves, a lot.

Introverts learn from within, and experiences they have been so far.

Due to spending more time alone, doing things they truly love, and they aware of what’s their interests and limits.

As an introvert, you know what are your goals and motives in life. 

Because you have analyzed yourself closely and have good insights about yourself. 

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2. You follow certain limits, that you never cross. 

You don’t hate being social, actually, you really like being with like-minded people.

You like to party and go outside with friends, you want to have all travel memories, without any doubt.

But, you maintain the limit and don’t attach to anyone, too much.

You enjoy your time with them, even partying together when it’s time to.

And then, you go back to your reserved life and never show up to them, for almost a few weeks, months, or till the next big plan.

You’re an introvert not shy, you want to make new connections, But mindful ones.

3. You have a small group. But a highly connected one.  

As an introvert, you can not connect with every person you meet, every day.

You are close to a certain group and people, who match your personality better.

Of course, your friend list is small in size, but they’re people who make you feel special. 

You who prefer to keep the distance from, those who you don’t find comfortable to be with. 

You are not feeling the same about everyone and don’t fake it either.

When you feel comfortable and open with only a few people… then are such signs you’re an introvert.

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4. You choose your connection wisely. 

When it comes to making a new connection and adding a new friend, you are very aware of whom to spend your time with.

That doesn’t mean you test and examine everyone precisely.

But, you more focus on individual qualities and equaling-signs, before making a solid connection.

You know that you are an introvert, when you are not available for everyone and not equate with everyone, equally. 

5. You are highly creative. 

It’s no surprise that most introverts are great at some art or having individual skills.

They are artists, they are creative thinkers and visionary.

As they spend more time alone with their thoughts, they get extra time to work on that, too.

Results, introverts are masters at even one special skill, because they practice on that regularly.

Because they have nothing or no one to distract them in life. 

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6. You are passionate about something.

Do you prefer to spend more time with your work, than with other persons?

Do you choose to stay in your room and do your favorite thing, rather than partying with friends on weekends?

If Both answers are yes, then signs you’re an introvert who has his purpose in life.

You like to do something by yourself, you are carrying greater desires to accomplish something and enjoy it, FULLY.

7. You give others a chance to speak and listen to them actively. 

Another great thing about introverted persons is they are active listeners.

Anyone can find themselves being respected and being heard when they have one introverted friend in life.

Introverts listen to others carefully plus they contribute in conversation genuinely.

They do not fake it, they actually hear what you’re talking to them.

Also because… inner self, they too want to be heard like this.

And such are signs that you are an introvert, too… especially when you prefer to listen more, over just talking. 

8. You think before you speak. 

You are not saying anything to anyone, so easily.

You think first… Is someone worth your feedback or Is your words will be right or not?

You imagine the scenario first, and you share your words politely.

Like you don’t want to feel others hurt, plus you don’t want to leave a bad impression of you either.

If you’re an introvert, you probably become too conscious about choosing your words, because you don’t want to hurt and confuse anyone. 

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9. Your favorite activity is…Spending time alone. 

When you spend most of your time alone with yourself… are so common, and valid signs that you are an introvert. 

You haven’t been isolated yourself, unwillingly.

But it’s you.. who prefer to stay alone for some time.

If your free-time activities are all involving yourself alone, then you really enjoy time with yourself, better.

Me-time is an uppermost weekend plan of an introvert person.

As it’s the time when introvert sits with own self doing nothing and still, can feel better, too. 

10. You are very active and dynamic.  

People often take introverts as boring and lazy ones.

But the fact is… Introverts are very active and hardworking souls.

Agree, introverts spend more time with their own self.

They stay involved in boring things, as that seems to others.

But only an introvert knows what they are doing and how great they’re feeling doing alone.

Introverts are highly focused on the goal and dreams they follow.

Moreover, they put in the work, without any struggle and losing temper… because they are habitual to stay quiet while doing something.

If you can focus more on the work you do, over other people… then signs you’re an introvert, who is a hardworking one. 

11. You can understand others very well. 

As an introvert you have spent the most time with yourself, your thoughts and also have understood the behaviors of others.

Now, you can make accurate judgments about others.

You know what their words and expression mean.

You can catch that secret meaning and their hidden feelings, too.

Why, because you have been with your feelings and thoughts, too.

And this perception about others, support you to choose the right person to be with and the right words to share. 

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12. You are a true friend to someone, to anyone. 

Introverts know the value of true friends.

They know how it feels to be alone.

Hence they never let anyone stay alone, too long.

When you can’t see someone feel alone & isolated, and be with them…that means, you had the feeling before.

Introverts make true friends.

Because they are available for their friend, every time, when their friend needs someone beside.

Like a true best friend, introverts prioritize the nearest person over anyone else.

And most important… introvert care to listen other and give them moral support, as required.  


So, How proud are you of being an introvert in life?

You prefer to stay with yourself and enjoy doing something you’re passionate about.

You may not build connections too fast.

You may not feel connected to everyone.

But, you ensure that your connection will be long lasting…. and that friend will be your Best friend, for sure. 

You don’t want everyone to appreciate you.

You just want to be with someone… who be there and listen to you, just like you listen to others. 

If you found relevant to most discussed outlines here, then are signs you’re an introvert, By heart. Do you have any suggestions and points for this article, then inform us in the comment section here.