17 Signs Of A True Best Friend

Last updated on August 5th, 2022 at 05:59 pm

Best friends are like a family but a real friend is a family. And if you want to check whether your friend is your genuine friend or not, then this is the post for you.

Here you’ll find some proven signs to know that he/she is your true best friend. And, the friendship between you two is just… truly unbreakable. 


How can you tell if someone is really your friend?

You are not perfect, and they don’t want you to be perfect. And such respect and care in the imperfections are signs that someone is your genuine best friend.

And SO further, you both feel very connected with each other. 

While most other so-called friends are busy comparing each other… you two complete each other, equally. 

May your best friend is not good-looking… But, your bonding, – is an unsolved riddle for many. 

May you both seem different from each other… But people secretly wish to have a true friendship like yours.

So what makes your friendship so unique, fresh, and a REAL one?

Then, here are some signs of a true best friend that you equally show.

Here are something that makes your friendship a talk of the town, and kind of makes them jealous, too. 


17 Genuine Signs Of A True Best Friend

1. You are each other’s priority. 

You can say that it’s the best friendship, when anything happens in life and you have at least friends to talk about it, first.

In return, if you see that your friend prefers you over anything, then it means you are in true friendship.

You give each other the required attention and preference over anything and anyone else, in your life. 

2. You agree with your best friend’s choices and opinions. 

Just like you two are very related, there has to be something which you do not feel connected to, indeed.

You have differences, too… But, you value that gap, either.

As signs of a true best friend, you two accept that differences, as an individual opinion, rather than objection and ignorance. 

You believe in each other, understand your gaps… and still can have fun anyway.

3. You have nothing to prove. 

You both appreciate each other even better.

You know what will be your friend’s reaction to certain situations and your words.

You both never doubt each other, no matter what.

Because you two sharing a strong emotional connection in between, that no one can break anyway.

You don’t have to clarify your words and moods, to each other.

Because both you are a true best friend to one another, who can feel the same.

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4. You both know you are not perfect. 

The best thing about your true friendship is…

You both know you are not perfect and still prefer to show up together always.

You two are completely different from each other in personality and nature.

But, if you two value these differences are such signs of a true best friend. 

5. You support each other genuinely. 

You both are each other’s supporters.

No one is better and no one is perfect there.

In tough times, you support each other well and help each other to grow.

You are not comparing your life, instead of that… you contribute to each other’s life equally. 

You share your feelings and care for one another.

Also, you do anything that one expects from a true best friend.

6. You can laugh at anything, when together.

When you two are together you bring the fun out from anything.

As you two are way too comfortable with each other and not taking each other seriously, the craziness is always at the top.

When you two are together, the time flies so fast, and this great bonding is felt by others, too. 

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7. You both are part of each other’s family.

When you two are genuinely best friends, you become part of each other’s family, too.

Even your family treats them like a part of a family.

In a greater case, family trusts your best friend even more than you.

Such are signs of true friendship when even your parents feel proud of you both.

Your family really found you incomplete, when your best friend is not around. 

8. Your weirdness hurts someone else, the most. 

You both are so comfortable with each other, you act weird and limitless when are together.

Even people around you treat you, like crazy, aliens, or something else.

But, that isn’t affecting your connection, even a bit.

You both have accepted each other’s weirdness and are enjoying it fully. 

9. You both celebrate each other’s success equally. 

One’s success in life makes the other one fulfilled and excited, indeed.

If that’s what you feel from your true best friend, then your friendship is really that genuine.

Your best friend is a true supporter when he celebrates success just like it’s his own. 

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10. You help each other to become the better version. 

More than a true best friend, you two are each other’s loyal followers and fans.

You believe in each other.

You motivate each other in life.

Your understanding is just unbreakable, that no others can realize. 

You both truly believe in growing along and sharing genuine contributions, too. 

11. You keep each other’s secrets, just like a true best friend. 

You two are sharing the same life, you know each other’s secrets very well.

You exactly know how many times your best friend has failed in a relationship.

And, they know how many companies have rejected you in the last six months.

Your bonding as true friendship is unbreakable because you keep your secrets, stay the secrets. 

12. You never talk behind your friend’s back. 

You are not that fake friend, you are genuinely best friends to each other.

You stay honest with each other more than any other one.

The best thing about you two is… you talk on the face and remain your best friends forever.

Talking behind your friend’s back… is not your play.

Your friendship is way different than those regular so-called friendships.

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13. You can feel that pain behind, “I’m okay.”

Not everyone can understand the feelings you’re trying to hide behind your smile.

When you have at least one friend who can figure out, you’re in pain, then you are blessed.

You two have been together for so long and know how to handle each other in the low moments. 

And are confident signs of a true best friend, because you feel what your friends are feeling, at the moment.

14. You have a code language for your best friend. 

You both know each other and very comfortable, though.

Further, you two have unique signs and code-words that only you two can understand.

While surrounded by other groups, you two communicate with each other in code language. 

You pass secret messages, punchlines, to your best friend… that no other one realizes anyway, even you’re talking about them. 

15. People around, have a made-up name for your true friendship. 

The bonding between you two best friends is so strong and genuine that… people around, take you two as the single identity only.

Moreover, they probably have named your friendship, and recognize you both by the same name, too.

You can say that you two are a true best friend when others forget your individual names.

But, remember you two, with made-up names only. 

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16. You both mean a lot to each other, without being mean. 

Undoubtedly, a true friendship is about being with each other without expecting anything at all.

You both treat each other with equal respect and care. 

There is no competition or selfish behaviour between you two. 

You celebrate each other’s accomplishments with the same feelings as it is how you handle each other when things are tough. 

Being disrespectful, backstabbing, or two-faced toward each other is not part of your friendship. 

17. You can gift anything or nothing at all. 

Well, your friendship is not like that relationship in which you always have to give something to make another person happy with you. 

You have a truly unique friendship. 

When you don’t have to overthink about what to gift your best friend on his/her birthday, then proof that there is a best friendship between you two. 

But, when you don’t have to worry about gifts at all, then such are signs that you have a true friendship. 

Since you need each other to be there on all special occasions, just being there is enough to remain as the true best friends.


So, What are your signs of Best Friendship?

School friends, college friends, childhood buddies, or colleagues from work… Friends play a major role in our life.

May you have hundreds of friends in real life and thousands on social media… but just one true best friend is enough. 

Not everyone deserves to be that one best friend in your life. 

Not everyone can feel your pain, better.

And, not everyone enjoys your success, equally. 

The best friend comes with the best feelings in life. They understand you, more than anyone else. 

Here discussed signs of a true best friend, can be seen from that special one, only.

Agree that, some friends are gold.

But… True friends are like gems because they are rare and never found everywhere. 


So, if you’ve at least one friend in life….  To whom you can call anytime without explaining WHY… then believe you are in true friendship.