18 Signs You Are Unattractive (But, You Need A Mental Makeover, First)

Whether you believe it within or notice it through the others’ gestures to you and these are the most common signs you are unattractive for them. And that’s not because you don’t have a  ‘perfect’ facial feature or body curves. But it’s due to not having a heart to appreciate the inner beauty of others. 


What makes a person unattractive?

Looks and physical appreciation can be deceptive…But, the inner beauty isn’t.

The outer body can make a person look pleasant and attractive to some eyes.

However, if a person is too greedy, narcissistic, untrustworthy, and disrespectful to others, then such negative traits make that person look unattractive, no matter how great they look physically.

We create our own impressions by what we think, feel, and do for others.

The way we act around others reflects our true image, which everyone considers over the outer appearance.

If you even think that you’re an ugly person and not attractive, then review your attitude, especially towards those who would not benefit you anyway.

Plus, you can refer to these listed signs of unattractive nature, which makes the person not only look ugly but also make others feel that way, as well.


18 Signs You Are Unattractive

1. You don’t take care of yourself, enough.

When we say that, we mean every aspect of your wellness, from valuing your thoughts to taking care of your body.

There are no regular showers, there is no hygiene or routine care as everyone has to.

Like such routine things are essential to staying healthy and fresh, the mind also needs to be cleaned, refreshed and so updated.

You neither take care of your body nor take care of your inner self.

If so, then you value little or nothing for your life, time, or priorities, and then you do the same for others as well.

Overall, that exhibits the signs that you are an unattractive person.

2. You don’t even try to look good and be better.

It’s maybe because you have no motivation or are just too lazy to change something.

You are just comfortable with whatever you are.

No matter whether it’s to skip the morning bath or change your clothes for the last few weeks, you are unmotivated to try new things or look pleasant.

Seriously, when you have no desire to look attractive, you end up being ugly after all.

Such are the most common signs of an unattractive personality that says that they’re careless, mostly lazy, and have no care for their impression on others.

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3. You are not in control of your emotions.

Well, no one will want to be around someone who does not have control over themselves.

The people around you will have a difficult time being with you if your behavior and feelings for them do change according to your mood.

Everyone indeed has their own opinions about everything.

But, if you get angry too quickly and never think of its negative influence before speaking, then you make yourself look ugly and arrogant to others.

The next time you think they hate you because of your appearance, look for your behavioral signs that indicate you are unattractive, Btw.

4. You try to control their thoughts, words, time, and life.

Everyone has their own opinion and judgment.

Everyone has their own perspective to view the same things differently.

However, that’s not what you believe.

If you try to control others’ viewpoints and convince them how you want them to see things, you’re not going to get any respect or attention.

The same way you don’t respect their perspective, they won’t do the same for you.

By forcing your opinions on them, you don’t just annoy them, but you eventually make them see you as an ugly person to be around.

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5. You don’t have a good sense of humor.

It’s not that difficult to have an open-minded personality and be able to laugh at yourself.

Yet, it seems impossible to you.

When you hear someone play a simple joke on you, you get instantly upset or overreact to it.

It’s not good to enjoy being around you because you’re short-tempered.

Well, you don’t have to be a prankster or do anything crazy to make everyone laugh.

But at least you can try to enjoy jokes on yourself.

Taking yourself too seriously and not enjoying fun times are signs you’re unattractive for those who like to spend some good time and have some fun together.

6. You’re too much for yourself.

A confident person should not act in such a way that leads other people to think they are not good enough or leave them doubting themselves.

Well, that is definitely not confidence, but overconfidence and arrogance, simply.

Even though you appear to be confident and positive, you often cross your limits.

Being unsupportive, arrogant, and overconfident are huge turn-offs. Which together make others stay away from you as these are definitely signs that you are unattractive.

Overall, such behavior clearly indicates that you want to look better than others.

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7. You have nothing exciting to share with others.

Indeed, there is nothing as positive, inspiring, and interesting that you have for others.

People really admire you and love to spend time with you, especially when you actually add value to their lives.

Unfortunately, you don’t offer them anything positive or exciting.

All you do is show no care for others’ hobbies, interests in any group activities, criticize others for being different, or stay separated while others are partying around.

Being boring or disrespecting other times or priorities are signs you’re unattractive to them.

8. You have no interest in meeting new people or keeping up with existing ones.

Maybe you’re wrong if you believe that you look ugly plus you have no attractive personality, for that reason nobody wants to be your friend.

In fact, no true friendship is ever made just by looking at someone’s physical appearance.

You already have so many good people around you.

But, if you constantly avoid them because you don’t feel attractive, they will never be able to contact you like every stranger, before they become best friends.

The problem is either you spend too much time alone or you don’t intend to form new relationships, just because of your insecurity or shyness.

Together all these signs present you as an unattractive person who is drawn to loneliness.

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9. You aren’t just confident about yourself.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are the biggest traits that most magnetic personalities have in common.

When you can’t stand up for yourself, then no one will count on you.

It’s not necessary to be that arrogant or overconfident guy, but enough to communicate efficiently.

In the same way that confidence itself makes a person look attractive, a lack of it also makes you appear dull or ugly.

Even if you have a good physique, but you lack confidence, you will end up being an unattractive person in the room.

10. Your personal hygiene is in a poor condition.

It’s definitely not fun with people who don’t care about personal health and well-being.

The more you ignore routine hygiene and fail to take care of your body, you make others stay 10 feet away from you.

Because you smell terrible and are wearing the same outfits for the past few days if not weeks.

Having an attractive appearance does not mean wearing a fancy dress or wearing expensive perfume every day.

Nonetheless, it’s about looking good, feeling good, and smelling good enough to at least make someone stay around you.

When people don’t want to be with you or keep away from you, you require better personal hygiene.

The idea overall is not to look perfect or attractive alone but to stay away from being ugly.

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11. You have a bad impression, and you don’t care for it.

And this covers everything from an over-demanding personality to a negative attitude and a selfish nature or ignoring others without any reason.

Even people who know you closely have nothing positive or inspiring to say about you.

Everyone is found complaining about your behavior, character, and personal nature.

Because you have been a very toxic person for almost everyone.

If you know that someone is feeling not okay with your certain behavior and still you don’t care to change it then such are signs of unattractive personality

You are definitely an ugly person because you have no respect for a healthy relationship.

12. Your life is filled with so many worries.

Actually, this does not mean that attractive people are careless.

They are definitely not, but they become careless about things that aren’t for their life and outside of their control.

They focus on something they have to do.

While you worry too much about everything over how you look to what others will think.

If you are constantly trying to look perfect in the eyes of someone, you end up doing things that reflect a lack of confidence in yourself.

You believe you must do everything perfectly.

That prevents you from fully experiencing friendship or relationships.

One of the common signs of an unattractive person that can be found in you is… you keep adjusting yourself half of the time, doubting your appearance, or have pressure to be accepted.

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13. You constantly get advice on being attractive and good enough.

If someone constantly gives you advice, suggestions, or tips over how to look good enough, that does not have to be complaining or hurtful to you, always.

Because people around are the ones who see you every day.

Their ability to detect how you look and smell is greater than yours.

They will instantly notice anything negative, ugly, or change-worthy in you.

If anyone close like your family or friends or even a colleague that sits next to you beside your desk regularly advises on maintaining personal hygiene or behaving naturally then you are really being unattractive or even ugly to be around.

There’s no point in ignoring such clear indications.

Well, these are ultimate signs that you’re unattractive and are an opportunity to know that you really need to change yourself apparently.

Just because you don’t care about your appearance, or to be adapted to the environment.

This causes a lot of suffering for others around you.

14. You stress too much and don’t try to be happy.

Life is supposed to be happy, adjustable, and fulfilling rather than perfect.

If you put too much pressure on yourself you will end up living with regrets and welcome stress in life.

Plus, stress will not only influence your mindset but also your physical appearance.

Additionally, it may cause your body and skin to feel pressured and make you look tired on an overall basis.

That makes you appear older than you really are.

That’s because of stress, tiredness, and an unbalanced lifestyle that comes out of the stress.

Most attractive people are adjustable, and so can be happy in any situation.

Being too busy in life, not getting enough sleep, not enjoying your weekends, and feeling lost or frustrated most of the time are stressful signs that prove you’re unattractive.

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15. You are not adjustable to the situation.

Even if it’s about following the group norms or agreeing with others, you are the one who shares no common interest with anyone.

Indeed, when your college group decided to wear black and white, then you’re the one who wears the green tees and denim jeans.

The point to say is you share no interest or excitement for anything or to anyone.

The same is true for your personal style as well.

Either you are wearing an old-fashioned outfit or following those trends that have long gone.

Acceptable that you may not have a sense of fashion,

But, not even trying to adjust with it, are clear signs that you are unattractive.

16. You never listen to others actively.

No one is stopping you from having your own opinion.

But when you are only interested in talking and never listen to others, you are less attractive to others.

Just like people like to listen to interesting stuff and have a logical discussion, they also want to be heard and appreciated, equally. Don’t forget that. 

The more you keep the conversation around you, the more you give them a chance to stay away from you.

Especially, when someone who does care for you and shares their best advice, suggestions for your good and you completely ignore them.

Such disrespectful signs that you’re an ugly person who doesn’t care for your people as well.

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17. You ignore watching yourself in the mirror.

Are you really anxious to see yourself in a mirror, or are you even unable to face yourself?

That means you do not accept yourself as you are.

Every one of us has some sort of insecurity about our appearance and personality.

And that’s fine.

In fact, if you haven’t looked in the mirror for a very long time, then you are probably not feeling good about yourself anymore.

The reason may be due to not having fair skin as you wish, having dark circles or eye bags, or anything else that you would really like to change but cannot.

In the first place, you have no confidence in yourself. Second, you just give up on yourself feeling like you will never look attractive again.

Such self-doubts tend to make you feel like you’re unattractive even if you’re not.

18. You feel jealous of someone’s attractiveness or fame.

Seeing someone being successful than you hurt you the most. Seeing someone else’s recent Instagram post get more likes makes you feel insecure and unmotivated.

In that case, now you have enough proof that you are feeling insecure about yourself.

You really don’t respect and care about yourself.

A lack of self-confidence and your attempts to be like someone or look greater than them are clear indications that you haven’t accepted yourself.

There are subtle signs of unattractiveness that show people aren’t ugly because they are, but because they don’t live their lives naturally and pretend to be someone else.

Most of the time when a person tries to be like someone, they end up following unnatural ways.

As a result, they make themselves look uglier, unattractive, or unrecognizable as they were.

When you lose your originality, you will be considered an unattractive person, for sure.

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How do I know if you’re unattractive?

Those are some of the most prominent signs that you have an unattractive personality.

Attractiveness varies from person to person, and not everything is within your control.

It is possible to be liked by many people and disliked by a few.

Your choice is either to remain confident about yourself or to feel insecure because someone does not accept you or like you.

Well, you can do a lot of good for yourself by accepting yourself as you are, focusing on your work, being approachable, and building trust and confidence in others.

Remember, when you start being happy and confident about yourself, you immediately look like an attractive and confident person to be with.

If you ever get any signs that you are unattractive then don’t think it’s your appearance only.

It also can be your inner feelings that are not in a good shape.


And yes, you need to clean up your mirror regularly, as that can be ugly, too.