12 Signs You Are Too Busy To Live Your Life FULLY

Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 06:53 am

If you think that your life has to be perfect in every aspect then you end up living a busy life for sure.

Read on to find more signs that you are too busy in life, more than you should. Even, you don’t have time to live, either. 


When you’re too busy in life…

We are all busy with our life, goals, desires, and dreams we follow.  

But, sometimes we make ourselves too busy with our individual desires, that we just ignore our life to enjoy, as needed. 

All our focus is to work and work only… Probably because our future goals are pressuring us,  that prevents us from living in the moment.

So, how to know that you’re living a very busy life that gives you a very strict work routine to follow.

Well, so here are signs that you are too busy in life, and you better release some burden from yourself.

You need some time to relax and to live life as it should. 


12 Signs You are too Busy to Live Your Life.

1. Your work ends as you sleep. Your work starts as you wake up. 

You have an entire day jammed with lots of meetings and things to do by yourself.

You follow a very tight schedule for yourself, that you can’t overlook, anyway.

You always have something to work on next.

You are too busy that, you don’t have time to arrange your task and to correct them.

You just wake up to work… and most of the time, sleep at a desk. 

2. You forget about the last time you feel relaxed. 

You have been busy for so long, you forget the last time you took a vacation or a small trip.

You make yourself busy at work. 

So much busy, that you even ignore to take required sleep completely.

You even don’t know the last time, when you sat alone and relaxed.

When you can’t remember the moment you had, doing nothing at all,…. such signs you are too busy in life.

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3. Your family stopped inviting you, due to your busyness. 

You have been busy for a long time and ignoring very important plans, that your family used to invite you. 

You always deny such plans, and now even your family stops asking for your joining.

You stay in your room doing something like you used to do… and don’t even bother to come out and meet the guest or have a talk with the family. 

Because you are too busy for having fun in life.

You have rejected so many invitations, that your family and friends start enjoying and partying without you. 

4. You have a set time for everything. 

You have made your day very busy.

You run by a strict schedule and do things at specified times only.

The great thing is you manage your time very well.

But sometimes you spare so little time for other important things.

You shorten your mealtime and exclude daybreak time, in between.

You spending less time with family, more with the extra works.

Even your family has to verify your schedule to even talk… Because you are too busy in life. 

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5. Your mind always has something to keep you busy. 

You have been loaded with lots of things to do at once, and your mindset keeps you busy with new work ideas.

Having too many ideas to do something, is actually a great sign.

But ultimately that pressurizes you when you can’t focus on something, that you need to complete, first.

Your mind is overactive and sends timely reminders of the new work to start, next. 

Inability to set work priority, and multitasking… are proven signs you are too busy in life.

6. You have no time for exercise. 

Being busy all day, and you sacrifice many important things in life.

And regular exercise is the first one that most busy people remove from their daily schedule.

That doesn’t mean they don’t care about personal health, they do… But prefer the work the most.

Yes, you wrongly prioritize your daily activities and think that you’ve no time for exercise.

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7. You plan your day even before having lunch. 

As you are so busy in life, you are planning your day… at where no one can imagine.

You don’t have time to plan your next day, even at night.

Because, obviously, you are too busy with other plans.

Hence, you make your entire schedule, while doing routine activities of the morning.

Why So? Because you have no time to plan… and you already have lots of plans for everything.  

8. You start to procrastinate on important things in life. 

Work is required but living life is more important, too.

But, as you made your life so busy that you ignore the other important aspects of life, too.

You avoid taking rests and postponing family trips, for a long time.

It’s you.. who cancels every plan of gatherings and party, at last time.

You separate yourself from creating great memories.

All you prefer is to be in front of the screen working and thinking you’ll enjoy next month or year.

If you procrastinate overexciting things in life… then signs you are too busy to live your life. 

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9. You live in the future, not in the present. 

Even though you are very active in the present, you just live for the future.

Either excitedly or due to frustration, you think of the future plan and goals, majorly.

The next project and upcoming deadlines have taken over most of your present life.

Rather than enjoying the process, you are driven by uncertain future results and outcomes.

If you stop living in present and think about the future only, then you are taking your life too seriously. 

When you feel too concerned about the future, you end up making your present life too busy, than required.

10. You are burnt out, completely. 

Inside, you start feeling exhausted and tired with this Busy Lifestyle, now.

You know you are totally burned out, but can not let yourself out of this ‘being a busyness’ trap.

You feel stuck in a work-loop, and see no other options, to get out of it.

Now you are regretting those exciting things that you postponed.

After getting to the peak of the ‘too busy life’ level, now you realize you’ve made the wrong choices in life.

But, you can’t help yourself anyway. 

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11. You fail to prioritize basic things in life, not about work only. 

Your busy life has made it tough for you to choose the right option at the right time.

Because of that, everything looks top priority, always.

You can’t decide which things to focus on first and what to delegate or pass to your juniors.

Even further, you are struggling to make the right decisions in your regular life, too.

You are too busy, thinking about all the options there.

Still, end up choosing the wrong one eventually… because you are troubled, having the right option.  

12. You try to figure everything all alone. 

Due to past experiences or self-learning, no matter what but you don’t or can’t ask for others’ help.

You prefer to do everything on your own.

You know you can’t handle everything, still prefer to do things all alone.

In some cases, you force yourself to become self-reliant.

You become too hard on yourself and literally force yourself to become better, by any means.

You want everything to be done perfectly and that keeps you busy in life, all the time.

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So, How busy are you in your life?

Being busy and Being productive are two different things.

And to know the difference is a must thing.

When you really want to make something impactful in your life, you need to accept… what you can do and what you can not. 

Probably you are trying to figure it out all alone, or taking life too seriously. 

Stop carrying an unnecessary burden that you don’t have to.

Find… Why your life is so busy?

Look… Are you excited about the plans or frustrated due t them? 

When your schedule forces you to ignore important people and things in your life, then it’s time to cut off some chores, too.

If you relate to most of here discussed points then signs you are too busy in life, more than you have to.

And, not it’s time to free yourself from such tensions and worries in mind.


It’s time to become so busy to live your life fully and have great memories with family and loved ones.