11 Signs You Are Not A Dog Person (And, You Shouldn’t Get A Dog)

Last updated on March 21st, 2022 at 05:48 am

Have a dog at home and your life won’t be boring anymore. But, if you think of petting a dog just because you’re feeling lonely, then you shouldn’t get a dog. Because that’s one of the signs that you are not a dog person and you simply see it as a fun object and not a responsibility.


There are many dog breeds and ‘cute’ is not the only one.

You love dogs. Well, everyone loves them, too. 

Indeed, they are loveable, cute, playful, and honest by nature. 

If you think you are a dog person just because you watch dogs’ videos like a youtube addict or engage with every dog picture you see on Instagram, then you should stop and think a little bit further. 

It kind of makes you feel good and might inspire you to get a dog. 

But it is essential to see beyond your temporary desire and the associated responsibilities of having a dog at home.

So take a look at these signs to know whether you match with a genuine dog person’s personality or not.

More on that, it also gives you a clear reason why you shouldn’t get a dog. 


11 Signs you are not a Dog person, for sure

1. You’re not ready for a dog and its responsibilities.

Having a dog demands a huge investment of time and effort.

It makes you super excited to think about having a dog, but you then have so many responsibilities. Which you better not ignore. 

If you can’t think beyond yourself or don’t have an idea about how to manage your time and life, having a dog won’t teach you that, you better be ready for that first. 

From taking a dog on a walk to following a regular checkup and treating them as one family member, are enough signs that someone is a dog person. 

Any inability to think from your or your dog’s perspective is enough to know that you’re not ready for the dog’s responsibility either.

And so you shouldn’t get a dog, till you prepare for this. 

2. You seriously have many things to learn about a dog.

Ask a genuine dog person about any dog breed even if they don’t own it, and they still can provide some good references and information about any dog. 

If you’re the one that can’t think of a dog beyond ‘cute puppies’ and ‘good boy’, then they are signs you are not a dog person, at first.

When you always have to find even the general information about the dog behavior and their breeds, then it’s just your temporary feeling and not pure love. 

People who really love something, collect every major-minor detail about it. 

The same applies to dog lovers who have most of the dog details within and need not search anywhere. 

As a result, some new dog owners frequently come for a consultation from a true dog person. 

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3. You or someone at home have animal allergies.

No matter how great you want to have a pet dog at home. 

But, you also have to look for any allergies or reactions due to the animal presence.

Either you or someone in your family may have it. 

You really don’t want to create any threat to the life of your family, as part of your sole desire. 

If anyone in your family has a severe allergy to animals, or dogs in particular, as an option to own a dog, you could consider visiting the nearest animal shelter regularly. 

However, ignoring such serious concerns and petting a dog anyway is not acceptable at all. 

4. You see the dog as an object and not as a family member.

In the world of social media and selfie-culture, we don’t blame you but you too have a desire to be presentable. 

Owning a dog most likely makes you post more pictures of it as part of your social presence. 

But, using a dog as a way to show off or as a status symbol, and such are sure signs that you are not a dog person. 

Because a real dog person treats the dog or any pet as a family member and is responsible. 

You shouldn’t adopt a puppy if your only intention is to get a puppy, because it shows that you won’t care if the puppy grows up to become a dog. 

By the time your responsibility towards a dog increases and simply seeing it as a temporary desire does not present you as a genuine dog person.

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5. You’re recommended to have a dog.

If you’re living away from your hometown in a new city, all alone, by yourself… then you may look to the dog to support you. 

And that’s not a wrong thing, after all, dogs are the perfect companion for lonely people. 

If you are a dog lover and genuinely ready for having one, that’s fine. 

But, if you are suggested by your friend who owns a dog and advises you to have a dog, then probably you’ve not been told all the details. 

Out of fun and exciting routine life, there is a daily struggle to manage yourself along with a dog’s schedule or even caring for the dog’s priority first. 

A true dog lover has no issues with that but if you’re an inspired and not a natural dog lover, then the problem will be certain. 

6. You’re struggling in life emotionally and financially.

Having a dog and being a responsible dog owner includes most aspects of a person’s life from a mental, emotional, and financial perspective. 

Most of the other discussed signs are regarding your limited mentality like using it as an object or not having enough control over emotions that collectively proves you are not a dog person.

If you’re living on an average income, do not have enough savings or cash in backup to take care of you or the new member like a dog, then it proves that you’re not ready for having a dog. 

A dog at home is not less than a responsibility to a family member. 

See, Are you responsible enough to take care of the dog, both emotionally and financially?

If the answer is no, then it’s better to hold the decision of adopting a dog for a while. 

Because you better be ready for the several pet expenses from its routine care to any high maintenance, emergencies, or special treatment of the dog. 

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7. You have an unbalanced work life.

You might be thinking, what’s the purpose of this with having a dog or not. 

Well, if you don’t have very little to no time out of your job or you frequently have to travel a lot away from home, then having a dog at home will definitely be trouble for you. 

Moreover, if you don’t have time for yourself, possibly you won’t have any for your dog, as well.

Although you can afford it, it’s also not a good idea to have a pet sitter twice or three times a month. 

If you desire to have a dog at home, but do not have enough time to spend with it, and there is no logic to having a dog.  

But, if you’re a dog person who is willing to change anything required, then you can think of it.

8. You’re just a lazy person.

If you are the one who wakes up late and has no active lifestyle outside your couch and bed, then you shouldn’t get a dog. 

Because dog life is more active than yours and it really becomes a great struggle to you. 

It kinda feels great to own a dog, but if you are not “a self-aware person you will end up being an irresponsible pet owner. 

If you haven’t woken up early and never slept on time, getting a dog will completely move your life upside down and you may regret your decisions. 

Any close connections with yourself are signs that you are not a dog person and also not ready to get the dog. 

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9. You are easily distracted.

If your work-life is completely balanced, because most of your work is either done by your VAs or you work remotely, probably you think it’s the right time to get a dog. 

But if you’re working from home and have to give some selective hours for the work, this furry animal will make it hard to focus on your work. So, Beware!

Yes, dogs want to play with you most of the time and wait for no reason to wiggle their tail. 

Particularly when you get easily distracted and are unable to focus on your work or study, then dogs will become your next distraction after social media. 

In fact, it’s not only your fault. 

It’s just that damn cute dog who doesn’t know you have to work to provide food for both of you. 

Similarly, when you can’t decide the priorities for yourself, how can you set them for the dog? 

10. You do not have enough space for the dog.

This is definitely the one sign that you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to bringing the dog home.

Agree that you have a big heart to adopt a dog, but that doesn’t mean the dog will adjust itself in the small space, too.  

You or the dog either feel discomfort when both of you have no separate place for yourself. 

Apart from being a dog lover also take a look at the possibility to set the dog in one specific area in your house. 

If you even have to think before purchasing the extra large-sized sofa for home, then you also have to think at least ten times before getting a dog. 

Additionally, you better to check the convenience place for the dog at your home, rather than bringing the dog home, eventually. 

11. You can’t look at a dog beyond a guard dog.

This is a definite sign that you are not a dog person nor ready to get the dog. 

If you want a dog just to keep your house protected so that you can live freely or travel without any worries, then a security camera is the right option for you. Not the dog. 

It is true that dogs protect and keep you involved, but having one in all the time to keep your house guarded is not a recommended choice. 

Moreover, they also expect good care, attention, and protection in the first place. 

A true dog lover never adopts a dog with the expectation of any potential favor on them, they do it because they genuinely care for the dog. 

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How do you know if you shouldn’t get a dog?

If you find yourself with the most discussed points then they are signs that you are not a dog person. 

Also, it’s a reason that you shouldn’t get a dog because you’re not ready to take responsibility as one family member. 

Plus, it shows your personality and lifestyle that doesn’t fit with the dog person’s personality at all. 

That doesn’t mean you can never take care of the dog and you never have to get a dog. 

Being a responsible dog owner, knowing the additional responsibilities and conditions will enable you to care for your dog in the best manner possible. 


After knowing you’re not ready for a dog the best thing you can do here is… take the one sign from the list and get ready to adopt the changes in your life plus in yourself. So that you can create a sound environment plus become a responsible dog person, before the dog joins your family.