8 Signs of A Weak-minded Person

Many people are mentally stronger than most others. Whereas some try hard to look stronger than they are. The signs of a weak-minded person are enough to spot the difference between a strong and weak personality. And if you aim to cover yourself, then such signs that you’re a weak person, for sure. 


Characteristics of a weak person

We’re born with special strengths. And, we are not here to be perfect at everything. 

We’re limited. But, not everyone has the confidence to accept those flaws. And there comes a weak-minded person, who often tries hard to look perfect and better than anyone else. 

An emotionally strong person accepts their flaws as they are. A mentally weak person tries their best to hide it. And that’s what causes the behavioral difference. 

Sharing a list of signs of a weak man, to confirm that, Are you that weak-minded person or a strong one?


8 signs you’re mentally weak

1. Your actions never align with your words. 

But obvious signs, that weak people’s mouth works faster than their hands. 

People with weaker personalities tend to make big promises. And at the actual events, they break it most of the time. 

You know you’re weak personality when you don’t do what you said to others or yourself. 

Are you there for only yourself, do you feel too competitive, and if the idea of someone will do better than you is scaring you, then signs you’re an emotionally weak person. 

2. You can’t get up as you planned. 

There is nothing lazy if you can’t get up at the precise time. 

It’s only about a lack of motivation to jump out of the bed. You are not inspired to get up early for something that you planned last night. 

As a weak person, you constantly snooze your alarm over again. 

Not limited to exciting morning routes only, there are many aspects of life that instantly show that you lack self-discipline and self-control in life.  

You don’t want to leave your comfort zone, not try something challenging or out of the box that levels up your life. 

Such a lazy approach of being reserved and limited in life, are signs of a weak-minded person that perfectly describes you.

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3. You run away from reality or from taking responsibility. 

Your parents have been saving you, plus handling any challenges and struggles for you from the beginning. 

Even if you’re at the stage to go out and explore the world by yourself, you rely on others, especially on your parents. 

You’re only appreciated and encouraged by your parents only. Because no one else trusts you.

Because you’re habitual to relaxing and tension-free life, you become careless and a lazy person who avoids doing any hard work or taking required responsibilities. 

And when someone talks truths on your face, you often cry and turn to your parents to save you. 

Such combined signs of a weak-minded person also confirm that you’re not matured as well. 

4. You complain and make a lot of excuses. 

Whereas mentally strong person, keep their eyes on the bright side when being in the negative state of life, a weak person focuses more on bad luck and their limitations only. 

People around you take as a habitual complainer and nothing else. 

Unlike emotionally stronger people, you tend to avoid the problems and keep yourself untouched from them. 

You don’t see challenges as room for improvement. 

You are emotionally weak when you use excuses and complaints to avoid any hard work or even change your life, a bit.

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5. You can’t say ‘No’ because you’re a weak-minded person. 

There is no fun in saying Yes to everything and everyone’s plan.

Sometimes you better express your true consent, rather than thinking of anything else. You are more insecure plus less confident than a caring or nice person who can’t say no. 

Really, you need to be bold.

Especially when you’re taken for granted, to save yourself from any regrets you need to say no more often. 

A strong-minded person has their voice and opinion for something. They just never rely on others to make important decisions. Because they know how to prioritize things in life. 

6. You decided that not to change, by any means. 

No, we’re not talking about meeting those social standards or expectations from society. 

This only means that you are not interested in leveling up your life. You just accept the way you live, an average life. 

Really, you kind of love your limited life. It’s okay to be satisfied, but you are not even trying to get better. 

All you want there is to stay relaxed, tension-free by avoiding any extra challenges. 

Such signs of a weak-minded person say that they don’t even want a slight change in their life. 

Because it’s too hard for them to change something from life.

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7. “Quit” is the only option you got. 

Well, quitting is not the only option in every case. But, you make it possible, though. 

Because you’re a weak person and can’t decide what to do further you tend to quit everything at the crucial moments. 

You can’t think that it’s an opportunity for you to level up yourself.

All you see there are challenges and difficulties for you, only

And by weak nature, you’re habitual to avoid them, rather than giving a try to learn something new. 

8. You lack control of your emotions. (Common characteristics of a weak person )

As the ultimate plus one of the most obvious signs of a weak-minded person, you’ve no control over your emotions. 

You get angry too quickly without any logical thinking and direct reasons. 

Especially when you take things too personally and get upset more often, then people will avoid any deep conversation with you. 

When someone challenges you or says the truth on your face, you lose control plus get angry too quickly.

And, these are signs you are a mentally weak person. 

Rather than listening to them and thinking from their perspective, you express your frustration and take this as a personal attack. 

Overall, if you’re purely let yourself controlled by inner negativity and reserved thinking, then it’s possible that you’re feeling dead inside

Which most mentally weak people follow, in general.

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Are you a mentally weak person or not?

Well, these are the most common signs of a weak-minded person that separate them from a ‘real’ strong personality who is filled with self-confidence, dedicated nature, and patience, overall. 

And if you find yourself relating to most of these signs or characteristics of weak personality mentioned here, then you may be a weak person. 

Ask yourself, are you trying hard to look stronger or strive to get better in life? Do you constantly challenge yourself or are interested to stay in your circle? 

And you’ll have an instant answer regarding, Are you a mentally strong or a weak person.

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