10 Signs You Are Too Nice For This World

Last updated on July 4th, 2022 at 04:24 pm

YES, you are being too nice in a relationship. So, nice person… that, even they doubt you for no other valid reason. Because they still can’t believe you, asking: How can someone be so nice to them?


So… How to know that you’re too nice for others, and how to stop being such an overly nice person for others?

That’s a valid question but hard to fix.

Well, before you find ways to stop being the nicest person, you want to look at reasons, personal signs prove that you’re being so nice in a relationship. 

Maybe you’re expecting them to treat you nice or being overly caring for others without checking whether they respect you for that or not. 

That helps you to realize that you’re giving too much, more than they expect from you. 

Moreover, that’s showing, What happens when you are too nice, there? Check the given signs and know Are you being too nice to others or not. 


Believe these Signs, You are a too nice person

1. You are giving too much in this relationship.

You help everyone, always, who requests you for something, anytime.

You are always ready to give something to them, anyway. No matter if you are really great at something or not, but you still arrange to support them.

All you do is just make that person feel good because inside you feel good about yourself, too.

You are a nice person to help everyone and one who never expects anything from in return.

But, when others forget about your contribution and not giving enough credits to you, that signs you are too nice to receive such credit. 

2. You make yourself too much available.

You have no boundaries for yourself and others. 

People know that you’ll be there, with them, anytime they call you.

Because you are a caring person, and that’s FACT.

As you have no set boundaries, you make yourself easy to approach by anyone.

Results, they can come to your home anytime without informing or can call you even in the working hours.

Why, because you’re a nice person and make yourself free and available to everyone. 

3. You take things too personally.

You do your part well, you do everything that you can/can’t do for others.

You serve your responsibility right.

But, when things are not working as they expect, you feel bad about yourself, too.

You take things too personally.

You take their issues and tension, like that are yours only.

You’re too nice for this world, that you take responsibility for the problems and failures of others, too.

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4. You are called only when they need something. 

Like you’re available for everyone, people call you more often, just for your help only.

You are too nice for others when they treat you like a help-center only.

Because they know you’re great at helping everyone and never hang the lines, ever.

You are called for even the smallest thing that they can handle, or suppose to do, by themselves.

But, because you’re nice, they still want you to get it done for them.

If that you’re showing from your crush, then Be alert: You may be in the friend zone.

5. You can’t say ‘NO’ to anyone. 

In your dictionary, you have a blank space, where there has to be a ‘NO’.

Agree that you can’t convince others.

But, more than that you’re not confident enough to speak about your priorities clearly.

You don’t want to hurt anyone, But you can hurt yourself.

You have some exciting plans to follow, still, you have to go with friends and party forcefully, because you can’t say no to them.

And it’s been noted that nice people are the ones who say YES to anything and anyone. Plus, they’re often found used and ignored, eventually.

Found yourself in the same situation?? Then signs you’re too nice in the relationship.

6. You often forget to care for yourself, while helping others. 

You are so busy serving others, and you just forget about your life, too.

You forget about your schedule, your goals, and your life. You even forget about taking care of yourself, too.

You are being too nice to others, but don’t care for yourself, as required.

You gave them all, and now have nothing left there, for you.

Self-care and Me-times are just on your wishlist only, because there’s always someone who keeps you busy, in their plan. 

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7. You are driven by their opinions. 

You don’t have your own words and opinions.

You are always pushed by other’s thoughts and beliefs only.

Positively or negatively, every decision in your life is influenced by someone else. Because you are too nice and don’t have the courage to present your point, right.

People often take the advantage of your soft side and get something done from you, somehow.

And they don’t even bother to ask you whether you want to do it or not.

Because they know you are too nice a person, and you’ll do it anyhow.

They just leave their pressure and tension at you and feel relaxed afterward. 

8. You have to prove something to someone. 

You are that nice person… they can ever have in life.

You are caring… more than they wish.

And so, sometimes they doubt you, on your honesty and personality.

They can’t easily trust you, because they’ve never met a nice and caring person, like you.

They still can’t imagine that.. this world has someone who helps without expecting anything in return.

Results, they treat you like a traditional and innocent.

Plus, doubt that you’re hiding something from the world.

When often you’re asked to prove words and feelings for them, are signs you are a nice person. 

9. You make yourself easy to hurt emotionally.

When you choose others, over yourself… and they start believing, you’ll do anything for them.

You’re giving too much in your relationship, it’s you’ve nothing in your life, other than that person.

They start showing their true colors, when you stop helping them.

Because you’ve been doing anything to make them happy, till today.

You beg for their attention and give everything, they expect from you.

You make yourself, so vulnerable that others hurt you so easily.

Because you are a nice person and you need them more… than they need you. 

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10. Now you want to be just like them, a needy one. 

You’ve been nice to everyone, for a long.

You’re serving your responsibility as a friend, colleague, partner in a relationship.

But, after some time you realize that you gave so much for the person, then the person in the same connections.

Now you regret your decisions and favor you’ve for them.

They’re not appreciating you for your contributions, and you start feeling down about your feelings and time.

Like every nice person in the world, you’re wasted now.

Inner you feel like you’re being used by them.

You’re paying the price for being a too nice person for others.

And you’re having a lifetime of regrets to live with because now you’re hurt, cheated, and ignored by many. 

So, Are you being too nice for your own good?

Totally agree that you care for them, you help them, without any expectations… is showing that you’re serving your responsibility better.

Right ones really consider you as a nice person to be with and to ask for help. 

But, there comes a time, when you give so much to others that you even forget about yourself, too.

You prioritize others first, over your time, efforts, attention, and even self-respect. 

Sometimes, it feels like you give too much in this relationship, than you should.

And, are your warning signs to stop at.

You end up being so nice for them, more than they can treat you with the same care and attention you’ve for them.

Many times they’re taking you for granted, as well.  

When you put others first over yourself, when you prefer their desires first, and overlook your personal needs…

Then, are signs you are too nice for others.