12 Signs You Care Too Much (And, How To Stop That)

Last updated on October 25th, 2022 at 06:53 pm

Caring for others is positive, and it shows that you have a good heart.

By overly caring for others, and ignoring yourself, you will devalue yourself.

You should consider the common signs that you care too much and actually need to stop it.

If you keep doing this, nothing good will come of it but suffering for you. 


‘Caring’ is Admiring… ‘Too Much’ is a No-No.

As humans, it’s accepted to be kind and caring to each other. 

But not at the expense of your self-worth and happiness.

It happens most of the time if we tend to care too much about others, that we start to neglect ourselves. 

It indicates that we prioritize others’ needs over our feelings.

Well, there could be many reasons why you care so much for others, such as…

  • You have an overly nice person for this world.
  • You have been hurt and don’t want it to happen to anyone.
  • You easily put yourself in their place and feel their pain. 
  • You don’t want to hurt others’ feelings with your words or action.
  • You think you’ve to be perfect to be with others.
  • You expect others to treat you well and care, for you as well. 
  • You can’t stay honest with them, because it hurts them. 
  • You might expect some kind of benefits from others or try to attract them. 
  • You just feel good doing it, that’s what you’re. 

You’re more likely to live a miserable life, when you pay attention to others, but not yourself.

Plus, when you care too much about what others think or how they feel, you won’t consider how you feel about yourself.

It is obvious that you cannot please everyone. But that doesn’t mean you must be insensitive to others’ feelings and be a bad person.

But, it’s to take care of others while considering your needs and self-respect, too. 


12 Signs You Care Too Much

At work, at home, or anywhere, your overly caring nature make them treat you like doormat or taking you for granted. 

If you see so, you need to stop caring for others and for yourself. 

You’re too concerned with others’ opinions about you and their feelings when you relate to these signs.

1. You think too much about what others will say about you.

Because you think about others first, you are naturally overly caring. 

It is always in the back of your mind what others think or feels.

No matter what choice you’ve to make, you care about others’ opinions about you.

The moment you start paying too much attention to other people’s opinions instead of your own, you show that you care too much.

2. You have trouble saying NO to others.

You’ve planned to spend time with yourself and do something on a weekend.

However, later that day, you find yourself working for your boss, somehow.

Well, you had to say no to your boss about working on weekends, but you couldn’t.  

Not only that you also can’t clearly say no to your friends and others.

It’s all because you focus on others’ feelings, ignoring your own. 

3. You want to keep everyone happy with you.

You are constantly trying to be likeable in the eyes of everyone.

There’s no way to make everyone happy with you, but you still try.

Even though sometimes… for others, you ignore something really important to you. 

Rather than focusing on self-care, when you focus on making other people happy, are signs that you care too much. 

4. You’ve no boundaries for any connection.

Having no boundaries in a relationship is itself a problem. It allows the other person to control and easily manipulate you.

You make your life a public property, open for all. 

They come and stay as long as they want, regardless of whether you want them or not.

When people care no more about you than you care too much about them, it is enough to sign to know that you prioritize others over your personal space. 

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5. You don’t stay honest with yourself.

Indeed, sometimes you do something that you’re not really into. Because of others. 

You aim to praise others while being tough on yourself. On the inside, you wish to avoid hurting others.

It’s not your style to debate others, even if you have strong views. 

You can’t be yourself because you want to play it safe.

And, caring too much about others prevents you from being your sharing your true self. 

6. You find it hard to make choices for yourself, as you care about others.

Taking a stand not just for others, but also for yourself, becomes challenging. 

Because you have to consider what others think and how they react to your ideas.

Making your life choices take so much time. Or, you rely on others to validate your decisions.

You should take others’ advice, it’s good.

But you shouldn’t do everything others say, and being overly dependent on others are signs that you care too much about their opinion than your own. 

7. You expect others to like and accept you.

You secretly hope everyone to be good to you, and also to be accepted by everyone in life. 

Because you’re fearful of hurting the other, you aren’t expressing your true self.

It’s your goal to please everybody by always showing care without asking or being too good for others

In the process of making them like you, you do whatever it takes no matter whether you are good at it or not. 

Because you are more concerned with getting their approval than being yourself. 

8. You don’t hesitate to carry the burden alone.

It’s like you live for others and not for yourself. 

It is not a problem for you to walk extra miles for others.

When you have to do something for others, despite your priorities at the time, you don’t think twice about it. 

The nature of being so caring for others over your feelings leads you to a painful situation.

Over time, you most regret giving so much of yourself to others. 

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9. You know they’re taking advantage, but you don’t stop caring.

Because of your overly caring nature, you act nice and allow others to use you. 

The bad people start taking advantage of you when you apologize and care too much for others.

The more you give to them, the more they expect from you. 

Whenever you can’t provide, they manipulate your emotions because they know that you are weak and their opinions matter to you. 

10. You apologize too much for something you didn’t.

Everything you say or do, you consider how others will react or say about you. 

Not only that, you always worry about their satisfaction over your happiness.

This leads to you constantly apologizing for things that you aren’t responsible for. 

You try to be perfect and meet their every expectation from you. That is a sign that you care too much.

Though you work in a team, you feel you’re responsible for everything that goes wrong, allowing others to escape responsibility. 

11. You are easily bullied, used, and taken for granted.

Negative things happen to you because you allow them. 

Because of your kind nature and too much caring for others, you are a doormat.

You may feel that most of your friends are so selfish, two-faced, and mean. But, that’s your overly caring nature that is to blame. 

If you don’t care about yourself, but others, they will certainly use you for their benefit. 

In most cases, people are not going to appreciate your nice gesture, but rather use you. 

12. You have to tell white lies to avoid hurting them.

You can’t take a stand, can’t hurt anyone. You want to be perfect for everyone. 

Well, you stay nice to everyone, whether they’re right or wrong. You might not be able to come out with your opinion. 

Nor do you express your honest opinions and never speak to others on their face.

Because you’re worried about their feelings. Thus, you end up telling white lies to others, quite often. 

Because you are for everyone, you are perceived as incompetent and not reliable. 

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What To Do When You’re Caring Too Much?

It’s okay to care about others and their feelings.

But, you must not forget that you have your own life and personal choices as well. 

With the above signs, it’s clear that you care too much about others, but yourself.

Here are some quick suggestions to stop being so caring. 

Follow these steps periodically, and you might feel better about yourself. 

1. Don’t overthink it. Most people care more about them than you.

You consider others’ opinions and feelings when you care too much about others. It’s time to stop looking for their approval.

Only care for yourself and think with your heart, do what you like. 

2. Be thoughtful and caring for some, but not for everyone.

Not everyone is your best friend or family member.

Not everyone is going to love you for who you are.

Share your caring nature with those who appreciate it, such as your family, and friends who are equally caring and supportive in return. 

3. Make your connection right, be with those you don’t have to impress.

Don’t give too much to others, who are just there to take what you offer.

They aren’t people who are worth your life and feelings. When you are caring for everyone, you also stress your mental health.

Get away from them and be with the positive people who are not expecting anything from you, just your honest self. 

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4. Be your person, don’t let anyone use you.

Even if they were never planning to harm you, your caring nature allows them to.

If you think someone is using you for their benefit, do not give them any more chances.

Have priorities in your life clear to you and others, especially. Keep control of your life with you. 

5. You are different and do not have to think of others.

You hurt yourself most when you care about others’ feelings than yours.

It is unfair to ignore your originality and other unique characteristics for the sake of their opinion of you. 

Remember you’re made different, and you’ve got the option to live life on your own. So, live it. 

You are taking yourself away from what you are by being perfect in society’s eyes. 

Don’t lose yourself, stay true to yourself and live life on your terms. 


You should never give too much to others who may not respect it. Stand up for yourself and take charge of your life choices. 

Indeed, you need to stop caring too much about others.

Instead of that, better start caring about yourself more… Because nobody is going to do it for you.