12 Signs You’re Too Good For Someone

Last updated on February 24th, 2023 at 05:47 pm

If you’re the only one who is giving, caring too much, and being a clingy friend… are the signs that you’re too good for someone. 

When you continue to do this… you make others take advantage of you. 


No point in complaining about why others are not as good as you’re. You’re just over-expecting.

It’s fine to do something good for someone… but, not necessarily they do the same for you, too. 

That doesn’t mean they’re bad and you’re good. The problem is that you are too good for them. So good that they can never match your level. 

Not everyone is as a good-hearted person as you thought, remember that. 

You cannot influence others when they cannot think or feel nice as you do. 


12 Signs You’re Too Good For Someone

When you’re being too good and the other person can’t treat you equally, you feel hurt, regardless of the relationship or friendship. 

Sometimes, you feel this way because you expect too much of them or simply are so good for others. 

Let’s check that out through the following signs. 

1. You’re being manipulated, used, and then ignored.

They don’t care about how you feel or how they treat you. 

The more good you are for others, the more they think you need them. 

The result they misuse you for their purposes or manipulate you when you even deny doing something. 

When they have nothing to take from you, they distance themselves.

Because you’re good, they don’t hesitate to trash you. 

2. Even after doing everything, someone never treats you right.

People tend to take advantage of your good nature most of the time. 

You never get thanks or apologies from them because you’re too good and you don’t need it. 

You’ve been doing most of the work for them and being available to them. But, they look down on you, secretly. 

Because they perceive you as an insecure person.

3. You don’t see the same effort from the other side.

Each relationship involves a ‘give and take’. 

When one person is too good, they give in without checking whether the same effort is coming from the other end.

That makes the other person only take. 

Your relationship is the same way; you’re too good for your partner from the very start.

So now, they think there is nothing left to give in to. 

A partner who is not as contributing as you, means he/she is not as good as you.

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4. They do nothing to make you feel respected or cared for.

When no one was willing to help them, you did. You were there when nobody else was. 

They seem to have forgotten all that. 

Perhaps they don’t need you anymore or they treat you like a doormat.

It’s clear, however, that you don’t receive any respect or appreciation for helping them. 

Embarrassing you or poking fun at you is not uncommon. 

Maybe you’ve been too good for someone. 

5. You’re the one who is active in this relationship or friendship.

Looks like only you want to make this connection work. 

The other person just chills and accepts whatever you do. It is not a priority for them to make things special and memorable. 

It’s like this person has no dream, or excitement regarding this relationship like you do.

It clearly seems that they don’t know what to want from a relationship

However, they agree to take the benefits anyway. 

6. Someone who is never around, when you need them.

This is the most common sign telling you over the rooftop that you’re too good for someone.

Mostly, you are being used by a friend who is mean and selfish.

They come to you when they need something or once you achieve something in life

But you don’t find them anywhere when you need them or are not doing good in life. 

Because they are already away from you and avoid getting involved. 

7. Someone doesn’t know how valuable you’re.

The person either does not see your value or completely ignores it. 

Small or big favors, whatever you do, they never express their gratitude for anything.

They stopped thanking you after a while… since you let them do this to you.

You can’t stop giving in because you’re too good. And, they never get a chance to feel your value. 

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8. You’re an honest friend or a loyal partner, but they aren’t.

Truthfulness as a friend or partner cannot be forced, but followed by both. 

There is a problem when you do all the work, including being honest…while others don’t care about you

As a friend or partner, you play your role right, but someone shows no signs of trust or honesty. 

You certainly are too good for someone, when you hope they will treat you well one day.

9. Your family and nearest people warned you about someone.

Your family and closest friends know you better than anyone else. 

Also, they know how good you are and what your nature is. But they can also tell if someone isn’t right for you. 

Due to that, they try to protect you from this person, such as a sneaky boyfriend or arrogant girlfriend, or immature friend. 

If that happens, it’s a sign that someone is not good enough to be with you. 

10. Someone never gives you credit for anything you do for them.

Along with being a good person, you have a cool and calm personality.

You don’t brag about your accomplishments or what you do for them. This gives others a chance to undermine your efforts. 

In particular, coworkers or your boss often take credit for your work without giving you any recognition.

But, even try to set you up for failure

All because you’re too good and they take advantage of it. 

11. Someone often doesn’t realize you also need support or love.

So far, you’ve been the only one giving too much 

When you help them so much, they assume you don’t need anything for yourself.

The person is either a friend who forgets to invite you to a party or a partner who doesn’t care about surprising you on your birthday.

Because you’re too good and they think you will be fine without anything from them. So they don’t bother at all. 

12. You expect them to be good as you’re.

This clearly indicates that you haven’t learned enough. That someone can’t be as good as you. 

The way you act towards others, they also don’t act the same, except you are being worse.

Here, you are so good that no one can ever match you. 

Expecting others to do the same for you or be available for you… is proof you’re too good to believe in others.

It’s either they have some excuses or no pure heart like you. 

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How To Stop Being Too Good For Someone But Yourself?

The first step is to notice the above signs and check where you’re in the position.

This will give you the idea that you’re too good for someone, and that they can never be like you. 

Consider whether this person is really bad or just not sure how to give in.

Talk to this person if you think they can still understand.

When they are unable to do so, stop paying any attention or being around them. 

Make sure your boundaries and priorities are clear to you and others. 

No need to be too good for someone who isn’t giving you the respect you deserve. Take care of yourself and value your feelings.

Don’t allow others to treat you unfairly. Stand up for yourself, and be independent.  


Most importantly, be with other people who are equally committed, caring, and pure-hearted… just like you.