14 Signs Of A Good-Hearted Person (You’re One Of A Kind!)

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 04:30 am

Well, most of us aim to become successful and rich characters in our life, but no one aims to become a kind-hearted person.

After all, having a good heart isn’t natural for everyone… But, it’s a personal choice.

Are you kind to others? Or how do you interact with others?

Check out the signs of a good-hearted person that indicates you are one of those genuine people who make this world a better place.


How Do You Know If You’re A Good-hearted Person?

Leader, partner, friend, colleague, or anyone who actually has a big heart, no need to market themselves.

Because people around them simply can feel that he/she is a pure-hearted person by nature. 

If you’re kind, people will feel it regardless of whether you know it or not. 

If you can feel what others are feeling, relate to their situation when they’re trying to explain, and actually do what every human being needs to do for each other, then you are one of those rare people in this world.

The most common characteristics of a kind-hearted person are… 

  • They have the power to spread positivity and happiness. 
  • They are the ones who keep the faith in humanity alive. 
  • They are the selfless people in this selfish world. 
  • They treat others the same way, they treat themselves. 
  • They are thoughtful personalities who consider others’ needs and feelings.
  • They are mostly used and abused by negative people and try to keep their kindness untouched. 

But, the most important thing that separates a person with a good heart from others is that they take initiative and actually do something good for this world. 

Yes, just like confident people, they can see the confidence in others as well. 

Want to know… Are you one of a kind person?

Then, here sharing the top signs or you can qualities of a kind person to know that you’re one of them.


14 Signs of A Good-hearted Person (Yeah, That’s You!!)

A genuine person and a great person are not what you get to see everywhere.

But, when they are around you just know it.

Positive vibes, comfort, and belief come over you when there is a kind person around.

1. You actually act, rather than just show off or speak well.

Show-offs are not your thing. 

You do everything you can to make yourself and others feel good.

In no way do you aim to look good, you just do what you need to do, as every responsible person to the environment, society, and especially for the world. 

Unlike people who talk too much about themselves, take pride without doing anything, or try to appear better than others…

You as a doer, only focus on doing what you can for others.

You’re not the one who always says, “we need to do..” but the one who already acts on that. 

Overall, you play your part as a kind-hearted person anyway, without much waiting or thinking of it as the perfect opportunity to impress others.  

2. You listen…. more than you talk.

Everyone has something to talk about, both about themselves and someone else.

But, hardly a few of them actually care to listen to others while others are speaking. 

With that rare quality, it is easy to tell a kind-hearted person is in the room. 

If you care to listen while they speak and give your attention, like someone is there for them to listen and help them…

You end up making others feel good about themselves. 

Kind-hearted people are good listeners not because they don’t have anything to add, but because they value others and their words, in particular. 

Whenever you interrupt someone during a conversation, you apologize and let them continue with their words.

Such are clear signs of a good-hearted person that perfectly relates to your kind personality. 

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3. You take responsibility for the environment around you.

It doesn’t matter whether the project you’re working on is going well or not, but one thing is certain: you never withdraw yourself from something you’re responsible for. 

In the same way, you are eager to celebrate success, you are also willing to accept your responsibility if your leadership is about to fail. 

No matter if you’re good at leadership or not, you have a pure heart, that cares for your people. 

Moreover, it is you who is accountable for your actions, as well as those of others.

If people take inspiration from you and even slightly feel sorry due to ignoring your responsibility, those are signs that your good heart has a positive impact on them. 

4. You help others, with a pure heart.

You are not the one who says, “Call me anytime and I’ll be there.”

And then, they get busy with something and don’t follow the promises they made. 

When you commit, you keep it.

You never let your people get stuck by any means. 

And because you have a good heart, you are always there for your people whether you can help them or not, but at least make them feel that they are not alone. 

They consider you a dependable person, and they do not hesitate to ask for your help again. 

Because you genuinely helped them before. 

Whenever you help others, you feel great about yourself, as if you are making a difference in someone’s life, then signs you are a good-hearted person.

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5. You are definitely not a player.

Being a pure-hearted person and you take care of the feelings of others, too. 

No matter how close or how distant a connection you two have within you, you can never hurt someone. 

Furthermore, when you do not know someone, you respect them as a unique individual, and when you know someone, you appreciate them for being there in your life.

What’s great is that your influence can be positive in any possible way that makes others feel like good people, or do some kind of acts as part of humanity. 

No, it’s not like pressure, but more of the positive vibes you carry with you. 

The point is you never play with others’ feelings or life. 

And because you are a hearted person, you know how to make others feel respected and loved in the real sense.

6. You make others feel inspired and confident about themselves.

It is great that kind-hearted people do positively influence others. 

They bring that motivating vibes that ultimately change someone’s approach toward the world or to their own selves. 

A Kind-hearted person never lets anyone feel lost, alone, and ignored ever, so you are. 

You just be there with the needy person, helping them anyways.

In case there is nothing to do, you give your time, to express your confidence in them at least. 

If you care for others and are able to give that confidence to others that you’ve in yourself, such are the most common signs of a good-hearted person.

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7. You choose happiness over temporary pleasure.

Your ultimate aim to do anything or be with anyone is simply to share some good time, make memories, and make others feel better about themselves along. 

You never seek temporary fulfillment from materialist things. 

You always keep an eye on the long-term relationship or something that’s for a lifetime. 

One of kind thing is, that you treat things as things and people as people. 

While helping others or making them laugh, you feel good about yourself on the inside. 

Definitely, you’re not a self-centered friend or insecure colleague who just wants to take advantage of any connection. 

You have a big heart to give them your trust, great memories, and good times. 

And due to your positive approach, people always choose you over anyone else. 

For them being with you, is kind of a good investment of the time of their life. 

8. You never be judgmental or one-sided.

There are always two sides to everything, either good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong. 

You are well aware that no one can be perfectly right in every case. 

When your friend asks your opinion about something, you share what you want to say. 

Your opinion or thought is your own, without any friends or pressured influence. 

Although you care about your friendship or relationship, you never hesitate to make them aware of it when they’re doing something wrong or something that’s not good for anyone. 

You encourage them to change because you sincerely want others to grow. 

Getting respect from other people, accepting your opinions as guidance, and freely asking for help, such are signs of a good-hearted person that describes you very well. 

Because your choices and decisions center more on others than just on yours. 

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9. You are consistent in being a kind person to others.

You never change your mood or behavior based on how you are feeling at the time. 

You know how to differentiate one negative situation from the other.

It shows up consistently whether you’re making confident decisions or just respecting others. 

When negative things strike, your behavior with someone never changes.

You never blame others for something you can’t handle.

While making the decision in pressured situations, you don’t want your present relationships to be affected. 

In simple terms, you do not be mean to others in these hard times, like weak personalities usually do. 

If you respect other people the way you always have, without changing or confusing them about when to talk with you, they will be able to feel at ease around you. 

People come to you anytime because they know you have control over your emotions. 

10. You are an honest person.

People never respect who you are trying to project, but what you already are. 

You are that genuine person everyone can rely on and trust no matter what the situation. 

Having a good heart gives you the ability to say what you feel, and to do what you should do. 

And your honest approach to the situation eventually is another sign to present that you are a kind-hearted person.

Whether it’s a friendship, relationship, or office project, people count on you and want to be guided by you.  

Because you’re the one around whom they feel secure, respected, and worthy enough.

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11. You see good and positive in everything or in everyone.

There is something positive in everything, but not everyone has the eye to see that. 

Whether it’s a person or situation, you always find something good anyways.

You have the ability to seek the positive out of nowhere. 

Your approach to staying positive does more than keep you going.

It gives others the chance to regain their confidence in their lives, too. 

Rather than complaining about things going wrong when they don’t go as planned, you stay calm and focus on what can be done to get out of it. 

Overall, the signs of a good-hearted person say, they never take decisions based on their mood or situation, but from all aspects in mind, mostly the positive ones. 

12. You don’t aim to impress others. It just happens.

While everyone is trying to look cool and perfect by any means possible, some kind-hearted people are willing to give their time and effort to those in need. 

You do not intend to look unique or rare. But you still manage to get praise…. because you put in the work. 

The way you treat others is the way you treat yourself.

In other words, you are not hiding your true identity by wearing a mask. 

You stay real with everyone of what kind of person you are. 

You don’t feel pressured to be perfect, but also don’t have a desire to look good. 

That makes you an attractive person in the group because you’re the one original person having a big heart to offer something to others. 

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13. Along with being a good-hearted person, you’re also Brave.

Apart from being a kind person, you are also very confident by nature. 

Whenever you must make an important decision or have to opt for the best choice, you also take other people’s needs into account.

You think critically and your decisions are more for others than for yourself. 

It is just in your nature to think about others first. 

No matter what your role is as a leader or as a friend, you never become judgmental.

You take the right stand based on the situation, and not based on favor.  

14. You can forgive others and forget anything easily.

Obviously, forgiving the ones who have hurt us is hard. 

Though you feel offended and ignored, you are also willing to listen to their viewpoints.

As a result, you are able to understand their situation and actions. 

You put aside your ego and can forget about such negative experiences.

Plus, you can easily forgive people by showing your belief in them.

Well, you may be a good-hearted person, but you’re also strong enough to know to whom to forgive, and to what extent to forget. 


When You Know You’re A Kind-hearted Person…

Well, we are so pleased to know that you relate to the most common signs of a good-hearted person that we just discussed here. 

After all, you are one of those pure people with a good heart that are hard to find in today’s world. 

But, beware just like you are a good soul doesn’t mean everyone has a big heart like you.

Not everyone going to return what they take from you. 

Some evil-hearted people are just better at making others feel sorry for being a real, genuine, or kind person in the harsh world. 

Stay away from any negative vibes they send your way. 


You are a true example of a good-hearted person, and this world wants more people like such unique nature.

So, make a promise to yourself that you never change or stop doing good things, just because someone isn’t as kind to you or not as pure as you are.

Not everyone has a good heart like yours. So Be you, because this world needs more genuine people like you.