11 Warning Signs A Guy Is Playing You (Cause He’s A Pro-Player of Feelings)

Be aware of such warning signs of a player which proves a guy is playing you and this relationship is like a game for him. Knowing such signs you can also save yourself from any regretful situations like you have been played by a guy to whom you loved with ‘a pure heart’. 


How do you tell if a guy is playing with your feelings?

That feeling of being played will be there, no matter whether it’s your third-fifth relationship or even if it’s the first time when you get into the relationship. 

But, simply drawn by the negative feelings and doubt that your partner is ‘a a player’ is also not a good option, either. 

Especially when you have no clues, just guesses. 

Well, an important question to ask is how to tell whether you’re getting played or not. 

Plus, what are the signs to identify whether he is a player and not a keeper?

And the instant answer is his/her approach for you in certain times or events.

  • Is he being too about himself in the relationship or Does care for your priorities?
  • Did he purposely or accidentally share his hidden intentions with you, Before?
  • What’s his approach every time you talk about your future together?

From the early stage look for such unusual signs from their behavior that know if a guy is playing you or really likes you and it’s you who doubts their feelings? 


11 Signs A Guy Is Playing You And He’s Not A Keeper

1. He never shares too much about himself.

A player has a long record and experience from his past games.

Hence, they are smart, too, and never drop hints for any potential or existing targets of them. 

If you find that a guy always ignores the discussion about his past and previous relationship, that means he’s trying to hide something from you. 

He doesn’t want you to be aware of any things that reveal his true identity as ‘a player’. 

Such players will take all the information about you but aren’t as confident or excited for sharing something about themselves in return. 

Did he show you where he lives or anything where he works or studied, then such are signs that he is a player and already playing you. 

Because you’re already a part of his game way before. 

2. He doesn’t contribute to your conversation equally.

You can say that a guy is as dedicated and passionate about relationships as you when he will share the same enthusiasm for conversation as well.

From planning your next trip together to having a big dream in the future together, you can feel that a guy is really excited and has expectations, too. 

That is a sure sign that a guy takes relationships seriously and he’s a keeper.

On the other hand when he constantly avoids talking about any plans or just ignores any discussion and these are signs that he’s playing you. 

It is clear that he has no idea where to lead this relationship, as his expectations or desires don’t align with yours, so he never shares them.

Such players are in the game (a relationship, here)… till they find their next target.

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3. He wants you to keep your relationship a secret.

This one is quite definite signs that he’s really not into the relationship. 

A person who loves you and actually is serious about your relationship will never hesitate to express his love openly. 

However, a player keeps everything secret and even forces you to keep your relationship secret until he wants it. 

He never set up a meeting with his family nor he confidently says that ‘you two are in a relationship’.

Simply because you’re not. 

Even worst case when a guy introduces you as a friend to his circle. 

If you catch him telling wrong stories or lying about you to others even in front of you, then they are signs you have been played by him, a player, of course. 

4. He never prioritizes you and treats you like an option.

You notice he contacts you when he needs something or when he’s alone or bored.

The majority of the time, he’s busy with his gangs or searching for the next target. 

But, when he has nothing to do with his free time, he calls you and asks you out. 

Seeing his approach toward you is enough to know he’s not treating you as a priority in his life, but having you as an option. 

Genuine guys will take time out of their busy schedules to reach out to you regularly. 

While players only reach out when they need something or don’t have any other options. 

Such inappropriate acts are signs a guy is playing you and not have respect for you or what you do for him.

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5. He is impatient like he’s planning to end the game fast.

A good relationship takes time, also because that is for a lifetime. 

It may not happen overnight but takes some significant time to build the connection and trust between the partners in the relationship. 

Whereas a player has no patience to go through the required phase. 

Players are all interested to take advantage of the person who loves them, achieve what they intended to and leave just before it is about to turn into a committed relationship. 

All because they’re more about themselves and not respect others’ feelings, too.

After meeting their secret desires or realizing that there is nothing left for them, they simply move on to find their next targets. 

If you see that a guy is being too impatient or shares no reason to settle in a relationship, then these are signs that he is playing you for his own benefit.  

6. He just has an interest in you and not in your life.

A player has no feelings and does not even care to respect others, too.

All he wants from you is you and nothing else. 

He never asks about your family, friends, your life, or anything. 

Whereas a genuine guy asks you the right questions to make a healthy connection, a player respects nothing but his own desires. 

Not showing interest to meet your parents and family are clear signs that he’s not a keeper that you want to be with, because he’s just a player.

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7. He gives you excuses, but not a callback or text.

Every time you call him, he either doesn’t receive it or never bothers to call back. 

It seems he is busy somewhere doing something he doesn’t want you to know about.  

Of course, that can’t be true all the time. 

However, it is what happens when he is a player. 

Being busy and involved in some important work is okay. At least, a caring person takes some time to text that he will call soon. 

It seems that your guy is quite heavily busy and he doesn’t have enough time to text as well. 

But when he never cares to inform you where he is, avoid answering why he’s not picking the call or even showing excuses when finally caught up, are one of those signs a guy is playing you. 

8. He uses your flaws and weaknesses against you.

If you’re dating a player, you shouldn’t expect anything good to happen to you. 

No matter what, they will hit you at your weakest point and keep you down at their level. 

Either way, they try to use your limitations or failures to take advantage of you. Plus, they keep manipulating you to do something for them, as they want.

Ideally, relationships are to accept one another for what they are and become better together, even with any imperfections. 

That’s completely reversed when a guy is a player. 

It is definitely not acceptable when your private jokes or teasing become public, and it is clear that the guy is doing this intentionally. 

Beware of such warning signs as it proves that you have been played by a guy. 

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9. It’s your gut feelings that saying, ‘He’s a Player’.

Well, you better not think about it from negative emotions or overthinking alone. 

Our gut feelings are something that might be true. 

As it’s trying to inform us before it about to happen which is either right or not good enough for us.

Your gut feeling speaks to you when you notice something about a guy based on earlier conversations or any words he accidentally said. 

Instead of completely ignoring it, you better take a closer look at why you’re feeling this way and what’s the reason behind it. 

If you ever feel that you are being played and this guy is playing you then such can be a sure sign that he is not a keeper, as chance. 

You better not take things lightly. But, act normal.  

Never ignore warning signs of a player that your gut feeling tries to aware of. 

10. He is a master at manipulating.

A player is really well-prepared and carrying backup all the time. 

Since they know what they did in the past, they have to be extra cautious and aware. 

Whether it is their personal story or a past relationship, they have unique stories to tell to anyone who asks. 

If anytime when a stranger girl or someone in a group mutual connection warned you about a guy and his playing skills, then you better not take this as jealousy. 

Who knows that person might be one of his victims and wants you to save from this Being played.

Discussing it with a player will not work because they’re great at playing mind games also display things as real as they want. 

Either way, he also advises you to disconnect from that caring person or made-up lies about that person, too. 

You better have valid proof before believing in any two of them. 

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11. He now wants you to move on and get over him.

There is nothing constant and exciting about playing a love game, especially for those who’re not seeing it as a game. 

A player will start ignoring you after achieving his desires and getting from you what he wanted, presumably as part of a break from the relationship. 

Once, he found that there is nothing left that he can take away from you, so now he feels bored and uninterested in you.

It is his way of informing you that this relationship isn’t working out. 

In this way, he starts acting strangely toward you and does not provide you with the regular time or support you are used to receiving from him.

A player always keeps his hands clean and never takes such steps by own way. 

Instead of that, he creates such a situation to let you do something that he wants. 

In a relationship when everything suddenly isn’t working out for him and he even tells you to find another partner because he isn’t good enough, these are all signs you have been played by a player guy.

Plus, this player is now all ready to set his next target. 


Be prepared, there will be players whether you want to play or not.

Just because you don’t think about playing with others’ feelings doesn’t mean no one will do that to you. 

A person may look great at first and you two may seem compatible. But, as time goes on, you get the original identity of a two-faced person

But a player, however, will never let you know that you’re getting played. 

Thus, it’s good if you spot these warning signs of a player from someone you’ve just started dating. 

So that you can save your valuable time and true love for someone who actually deserves it, rather than just being played and used by such jerks. 


Trust your love, but also see if that person has the same respect and feelings for you or not. And anytime you get even one or two signs that a guy is playing you, then take the mindful choices because you’re already part of the game and you have to play your part well, from now onwards. 

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