8 Signs You’re Dating A Bad Communicator (And, What You Can Do)

Last updated on June 19th, 2022 at 05:47 pm

Things may seem wonderful at first when you start dating someone, but as time passes and you become bored, disinterested, sometimes. Is that how you feel right now? Well, then you should check out the signs that you’re dating a bad communicator, the one who doesn’t know how to communicate nor values your opinions and feelings.


When Your Date is Bad at Communicating…

A great relationship starts and survives with healthy communication. 

Whether you are in a long-distance or next-door relationship, it’s the communication that helps you decide to stay together or separate. 

But, when either person fails to communicate effectively and meet a partner’s needs, issues arise. 

Additionally, when someone is insensitive to the presence of loved ones, incapable of handling their needs and desires as well as incapable of resolving any conflicts…

It shows that the person you are dating lacks communication skills. 

The point is, no matter what a guy does, he doesn’t communicate his feelings well, also he forgets to call or text you.

Or perhaps it’s a girl who keeps talking about herself and never seems to listen to you… 

Either way, your relationship is causing serious communication problems. 

This will result in a stuck relationship that leads nowhere because the person you date cannot see the problem it creates or shows no care to fix it.


8 Signs You’re Dating A Bad Communicator

Well, whenever things don’t go well with your date, you just feel. 

And you can further confirm that by the given red signs that your date is not effective at communicating nor do they connect with your feelings. 

1. Neither you nor your date could be yourself.

For any relationship to work, the exchange of feelings has to be constant and clear. 

Here, you both do not seem to be communicating your feelings well. Instead, you let each other pretend how you feel and what you want. 

The problem could be that you aren’t yourself around him or he’s still afraid to open up.

An awkward or uncomfortable conversation regularly is a sign that your date lacks effective communication skills.

2. Your date shows no concern for regular calls and texts.

It’s more than just a call or a text message, it’s a regular interaction to stay invested. 

You know you’re in a great relationship when your date prefers a personal meeting to a phone call or text. 

Nevertheless, if your relationship is limited to texting alone and they show no desire to meet in person, that’s a red flag. 

The lack of any positive and special gestures on his part to make it a pleasant experience for both of you are signs you’re dating a bad communicator. 

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3. It’s always you who sets the date, not he/she.

That person is either afraid of or shows no interest in fixing the date. 

Possible that you’re his first girlfriend and he’s never been on a date before. 

But, the serious partner will make efforts to make the relationship more interesting by being flexible with their nature.

Because they’re not, it means they don’t care as much about the relationship as you are.  

Whenever you are the one to plan, organize, and ask for a date every time, while the other person doesn’t seem to be that interested in it, it is a sign your date has no communication skills or he isn’t that into it. 

4. The person shows no emotion or is cold toward small things.

The good morning to the good night’s sleep are not mere formalities, but a way to show you’re thinking about them all day long. 

Whether it’s evening talk or late-night talk, your regular conversion doesn’t have to be boring.

Your regular simple question, like how is your day, heals them from the tiredness due to working long hours. 

In your current relationship, such little gestures and excitement are lacking. 

Whenever you do something small for them, they don’t notice.

Moreover, they cannot pick up on what you’re doing to make your date more romantic. They are all signs that your date isn’t good at dating.

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5. You two argue more than you talk or discuss something.

We all want to be heard, but we need to know others also have something to share. 

Possible that your partner is talking too much or thinking too much. This shows they don’t understand that communication needs to be two-sided. 

A guy who doesn’t want to listen to you or a girl who cuts you off in the middle of a conversation shows that they don’t care about you. 

Whatever is but not letting you speak, not paying attention to you, or can’t think of both of you are signs that your date is a bad communicator. 

6. Your date never takes anything seriously.

Whatever you say, they seem uninterested or just laugh it off. 

Occasionally exchanging jokes and pranks is fine in a relationship. However, your date doesn’t seem serious about anything at all. 

You might be dating a man’s child at this point. 

Agreed, getting along with each other’s communication styles is not easy. But, when your date doesn’t show any effort to improve, it could pose a serious problem. 

There is a possibility that your date is playing you, or has no idea what to do next.

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7. You both never come to any conclusions.

A relationship will suffer if one of the partners in it is a poor communicator. 

It can be difficult to set relationship goals and set healthy priorities if you don’t understand what you’re trying to communicate. Both parties need to make an effort. 

Either they can’t understand or they don’t care.

However, they never pay attention to your future relationship any time you discuss it. 

Most talks end in arguments and disappointment, as they refuse to adjust or react properly.

The inability to understand a partner’s viewpoint, not valuing their feelings, and not putting one’s ego aside are all signs that you’re dating a bad communicator.

8. After dating for a long time, there is no emotional connection.

A passionate relationship is quite active and exciting every day.

Even though your partner might not be there, they’ll treat you in a way that makes you feel as if they’re here with you.

That’s possible when you have a strong chemistry

On the very first date, you feel no emotional connection with them.

Still, you kept going with the hope that things would improve. And now, you realize that nothing will turn out well in the end. 

Well, it’s nothing more than a sign of communication problems, since you may not have discussed your priorities and relationship needs clearly with each other.

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How Do You Date Someone with Communication Problems?

Being with someone who doesn’t communicate well is difficult and confusing. If you find the same signs at the earliest stage, while you’re still dating, you’re in luck! 

It is here that you can either make a worthy move because it isn’t that late. Else, you can move on easily, if you don’t feel right.  

To give your relationship meaning, in the end, you should follow these tips when you find the matching signs above reading you’re dating a bad communicator.

A. Make sure you’re in control of your emotions.

To convince someone of something which they didn’t think of themselves can be frustrating and upsetting. So, stay calm if they don’t understand what you mean.

It’s best to take your time and tell them when you’re both relaxed and at ease. 

B. You also need to improve your listening skills.

Although they may act immature and childish, simply not as a dating partner should, you should check what their views are and why they act that way. 

Don’t force them to listen to you, let them speak and listen to their opinions. 

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C. Talk about you both as ‘we’ rather than just you.

You need to get them involved happily in your relationship, not forcefully. Whenever you share ideas or thoughts, consider your both’s feelings and priorities. 

Do not expect, to show what your goal is for both of you. 

D. Comfort then encourages them to improve your relationship together.

Simply putting pressure on someone will not get the job done.

You can sometimes make them connect with your feelings and words by giving them some time to think. 

If the person you are dating is shy, encourage them to open up and be themselves.

Let them know that you don’t judge them, but you’re there to help them out because you care about them. 

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Move on and release yourself from this confusing relationship.

As with a relationship, communication is also possible when two people have a mutual interest.

To make it effective, you need to convince, explain, and understand one another. 

In your dating relationship, you did your part well, but if you don’t see the same amount of seriousness and effort from them, you should accept that and move on. 

Since you aren’t responsible for managing or changing everything by yourself.


With signs that you’re dating a bad communicator, then you have a better chance of deciding whether this relationship is worth continuing. Of course, you did your part to make it work. Despite your every effort, if they don’t change or learn anything, you should move out, as that is your best option.