16 Signs A Girl Wants You To Notice Her & Make A Move

Last updated on October 15th, 2022 at 06:47 pm

Regardless of how badly she wants you, a girl won’t make a move.

And if you’re in a situation like this then take a look at these signs that a girl wants you to notice her, which further proves she also has the same feelings for you. 


How do you know if a girl wants you to notice her?

Well, you know how hard it is, as a guy, to figure out whether it’s friendly gestures to you or if she’s really into you or not?

There are times when it feels like a girl loves you and wants you to approach her. 

But on the other hand, you also feel stressed over what if she wasn’t and all such scary consequences that could occur if you were wrong.

The fact is, when a girl is really interested in you and you’re more than a friend to her, she will eventually drop some signals.

Also, she ensures you notice that and follow her along. 

Yeah, she won’t make a move but gives you a green signal to go ahead and approach her. 

When you find yourself in the same dilemma, not knowing what to do because ‘a girl’ is constantly giving you hints for you and you act as if you’re clueless because… you’re also scared of negative circumstances. 

But knowing such signs a girl wants you to talk to her, and you can save yourself from getting into trouble or regretting that you failed to make the right move at the time. 


Signs a Girl Wants You To Notice Her and Approach Her

1. She makes eye-to-eye contact with you, longer than usual.

Well, it all starts with ‘that’ eye contact. 

Your eyes reflect what is in your heart, what you feel about anything and everyone.

Further, maintaining eye contact helps communicate effectively.

So the person who wants to connect with you starts by making intense eye contact.

When a girl can’t seem to keep her eyes off you every time you both get a chance to see one another, it could be a sign that she finds you attractive, plus wants you to talk to her. 

2. She tries to get as close to you as she can.

When a girl is really into you, she takes some forward steps to let you know. 

Check if she intentionally makes herself available around you most of the time or if it’s just a coincidence.

Maybe this girl is checking you out lately.

And you’ll see a few of her intentions from the small things she does when you’re around. 

Is she picking you as a project partner or to make a dual team?

Take notes of such signs during the activities when she has to pick someone either to work with or play a game.

Or if she ensures that her seat is as close to you as possible? 

Being physically available around you and making herself easy to approach for her, and are powerful signs that a girl wants you to notice her.

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3. She actually laughs at all of your jokes.

It’s not always that perfect sign, but yeah it’s good for some reference. 

Whether you think your jokes are the lamest, if you see a girl smile at them… she likes you and appreciated your efforts to make her smile. 

Besides, girls are very aware of that and so, when she doesn’t like you or she likes you only as a friend, she gives you an even grumpier look saying it was a bad joke. 

If not, then it’s actually good signs that this girl enjoys your company and wants to talk to you as she’s really impressed by you. 

4. She imitates you, ensuring you notice it.

This one is the greatest sign that a girl wants you to pay attention to her. 

Have you noticed that she talks exactly like you, walks like you, and uses the same catchphrase that no one else but only you use?

Actually, it’s not surprising, but she is doing it on purpose. 

A girl who copies your style and behaves like you around you is one of the powerful signs that a girl wants you to notice her and make a move. 

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5. She wants to be in the spotlight around you.

It will take you a while to realize this sign, unless you look closely. 

When a girl likes a guy, they make extra moves to look good and feel good especially when her crush is around.

After all, she is attempting to attract someone’s attention now. And, that is, you. 

You see that girl at your place completely transforming her personality or style that she used to have.

That means she’s on a mission. 

It is obvious that she is only doing this for you when she flashes it more when you are around or in your direction, and together these are enough signs that she wants you to notice her.

6. She adjusts herself when you are around.

A girl who cares to check how she looks around you is serious about you. 

You may have that female friend that simply doesn’t care about how she looks or what she sounds to you, but when there is a girl who actually cares and sees you more than just a friend, she makes sure that she looks all good and caring to you. 

Does she seem to have changed at all? Does she seem to be checking herself more often when you’re there?

Maybe she wants to appear attractive to you.

Basically, if she fidgets around you, or plays with her hair, she likes you. 

In other words, all of these are efforts on her part to ensure that she looks all fine around you, which are signs that a girl wants you to notice her.

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7. She starts to flirt with not anyone, but you.

It is true that a girl can be in her control, but she can’t help but flirt with you. 

When she knows you are a shy, cute guy and hesitate to approach she won’t make it hard for you, she gives some early signals to build up your confidence to make a move. 

No matter what your communication mode is, either text or through call, when a girl sends you some crush jokes or gets flirty with you, playfully teasing you.

This shows she is really into you and wants to know more about you. 

Such messages, emojis, and flirty talks when you two are alone are signs that a girl makes you feel comfortable about her and wants you to approach her. 

8. She touches you more frequently, on purpose.

There’s no denying physical contact happens when there is attraction.

If she is still a stranger to you and you’re just a fellow passenger.

Next time you see her she will reserve your seat or make sure to take the seat next to you, where you usually sit. 

Or if she’s one of your friend circle, who becomes more touchy to you than anyone else in the group, that means she is into you.  

Like being around, getting touchy is also a good sign, informing you that a girl wants you to notice her and kind of enjoy your company. 

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9. She is always eager to talk about something with you.

No more boring ‘good morning’ wishes, she has something more to share with you.

If you are her crush, she eventually makes some effort to get closer to you or initiate the conversation, whether by asking for some help or asking your opinion. 

It doesn’t matter if you are known to each other as ‘just friends’ for others, she will still not get bored of you talking about something that interests both of you.

That means she enjoys your company. 

Well, whatever the case may be, but a girl’s attempt to be around you or to stay in your mind are signs that a girl wants you to talk to her because she really likes you. 

10. She turns to you when she needs help.

It could also be that she just wants to let you know that you two are in the same company. 

Calling a friend when you need help is an obvious thing, but when a person prefers you over anyone else that means they have more trust in you than anyone else.

When she prefers you to help her over her best friend or teammates, it means she feels more comfortable with you than anyone else. 

If you sense that a female coworker feels attracted to you, consider if it’s the same way she treats others, or is it only you who has such privileges in cases? 

Such an approach to asking for ‘only’ your help more often can be one of those signs to know when a girl wants you to notice her and make a move. 

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11. She is connected to you on every social media platform.

She prefers social media to learn about you, which she can’t by actually asking.

She really wants to learn about your online social life and what kinds of things you post on it.

More than that, she also wants to know what kind of personality you have and what your profile bio is all about.

It’s also because she tries hard to find some similar quality that she can use to make the further connection possible.

If she follows you on social media where you are active the most and also ensures to give her catchy contribution to every one of your posts then such are signs that a girl wants you to notice her, and tries to catch your attention.

12. She’s interested in learning about your life.

There’s always this curiosity in her eyes that wants to know more about you.

It’s not to check whether you are a good guy or a jerk, but to learn about yourself and possibly get closure to you.

If a girl takes care enough to ask how your day went and what things you like or don’t like, she wants to collect as much information about you.

A conversation with her is not dull at all, but with a good amount of right questions to uncover your character.

So it is a good sign that she has prepared well for things like this.

Moreover, she shows her enthusiasm for this conversation and tries to keep it as long as possible which is a good sign that a girl enjoys your company and wants to know more about you.

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13. She replies to your text faster than expected.

If she’s truly investing in you, then she means it.

She responds faster to your texts than any other girl you have ever been in touch with.

Also, she provides good replies that keep this conversation going.

Here active participation while texting and asking the right kind of questions in return are signs that a girl wants to know more about you.

Most of the time your conversation lasts longer than it does with others because you both are equally interested in each other and a girl also puts the right effort, too.

It’s obvious this girl really wants your attention and enjoys your company. 

14. She can’t hide her excitement about seeing you for a short or long time.

Oftentimes, a girl won’t express how attached she feels, but her actions will show it.

When you are around, she makes enough effort to stay close to you. 

But when you are away from her for a few days, the next day when you show up… she comes to you asking where you’ve gone or letting you know that how much she missed you.

And, if she’s not open about her feelings then probably you can notice the same with her behavior which mostly is a bit over-excited or greatly happy, knowing that you’re back in place.

These are some good signs that a girl is into you and likes to see you back, at least she hasn’t lost you.

Although you may not realize it, she has a hard time spending a day without you.

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15. She shares a lot of information about herself with you.

She shares almost everything about her because she wants you to know that. 

In the same way, she shows her eagerness to learn about you, she also feels that way when she reveals something about her life and herself. 

In doing so, she wants to make you aware of everything you ought to know about her, whether you are just friends or more than that. 

When a girl becomes open up to you, that means she really likes you over text and sees you as a trustworthy person to share such things with. 

She is really confident about you and the relationship that she aims to develop with you. 

This is all because you haven’t really tried to know her well or have the guts to ask her such questions. Therefore, she leaves such signs that a girl wants you to notice her and make a move. 

16. She takes a glance at you when leaving.

A girl looks back at you when leaving, may sound like a movie drama but it is a good sign. 

Whenever you both go your own way after a party ends or while leaving work on Friday, a girl turns back and looks at you, which means she’s asking you to do something for her. 

Doing so, she is inviting you to approach her, asking her to drop by her place, or having a discussion with you alone. 

When she is really into you and you mean something for her, she cares to look back at you, and if not she just moves like every other person in the group. 

She hasn’t said goodbye to you yet because she wants to meet you in person and have a conversation with you when everyone leaves. 

Dropping such signs like these a girl wants you to approach her and follow her along. 

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Get ready, because she wants you to make a move.

As for the most signs that we just discussed, they are sufficient to determine whether she is truly into you or just a friendly neighbor. 

Although anything is possible here, there is one thing you should know as a guy: she will never make a move. 

If she really wants you, she will not let you go or make you confused; rather, she will send you prompt signals that she wants you to approach her. 

The best advice we have for you here is, Don’t take much time when noticing the related signs that a girl wants you to notice her and make a move…

Take her lead and follow your heart. 

Because that’s something she wants you to do for her. 


After all, no matter how great feelings a princess has for her prince, he still has to fight a war to take her along with him, or at the very least to make the story of their relationship unique and remarkable.