22 Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text (And, Want To Get Close)

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 06:29 pm

It’s really difficult to know if the girl you’re chatting with is into you or is just a nice girl.

It’s wise to rely on such signs that a girl likes you over text.

Maybe you should approach her, as maybe she feels attracted to you through texting, and she’s probably waiting for you to make a move.


How To Know If A Girl You Text Likes You Or Not?

You’ve been talking to that girl and it seems like she’s into you through texting. Is that right?

Initially, it is obvious she likes you, but in the following moments, you feel as if it’s just her over-friendliness nature

It doesn’t matter how it starts if you met her online on social media or a dating site, through common friends, or at a regular gathering, everything always starts with texting.

Occasionally texting each other when in need is fine.

However, if you do it continuously from a few weeks to a few days, you can tell your connection is growing.

Well, if you’ve already fallen for this girl, or found that she has a crush on you but she’s hiding it…

You might want to pay attention to the signals she sends to you along with her texts.

Such signs indicate that it is time to move on from the texting phase and enter into a dating phase since she seems interested in you.


22 Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text

If you get some hints from her messages while texting her or something from her profile status, there’ll be more signs that you need to know if she likes you over text or not.  

The idea is to read mixed signals from a girl over text and make a move without letting her wait. 

1. A girl keeps texting you. She’s not controlling you, but curious about you.

It’s likely that there is a chemistry developing between you and that girl.

Because you’re constantly texting each other from your lunch hour to dinner time. 

You already know how excited you are to text her.

In return, she also shows the same fascination while texting you about anything and everything. 

Even if she’s a girl she likes to start the conversation because she enjoys texting you. 

2. A girl texts you about the smallest details of her life.

Apparently, she is comfortable being honest with you through text. 

Though you may not be the one to ask her what she’s up to every hour, she shares everything with you regardless.

Because she wants you to know what she is doing. 

Her comfort in talking about anything with you is one of the signs that she likes you over texts, also because you do care to listen to her. 

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3. A girl sends you descriptive texts, not one-liners.

The replies and texts she sends you are not that short, but rather lengthy. 

Even on the smallest of topics, she might write you a long paragraph.

She might do this in order to keep the conversation flowing.

With you, it’s hard to end the conversation. 

If she tends to share long messages over one-liners or shortest replies when chatting, it’s a sign that she is into you over text. 

4. A girl always starts the conversation. (A lucky sign)

Indeed, if you look at most of the chat, you can see that it was she who initiated them. 

If it really happened in your case, you’re the lucky man.

Because generally, girls do expect a guy to make a move and talk to her

When she texts you first and rather than waiting for your approach, it is a good sign that she has developing feelings for you. 

5. A girl gives enough for the conversation to continue.

Not only does she start the conversation, but also gives what is required to keep it going. 

The conversation started with a simple “How are you?” and led to a deeper conversation. Because she avoids small talk and engages in chat at a great level. 

You can tell a girl likes you over texts by her response and involvement in the conversation.

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6. A girl shares a bit about her life because she trusts you.

It’s not like she’s the one who asks and you’re the one who answers.

Yet she also shares her own stories and journeys that somehow resonate with yours.

Whenever you talk about your passions, she shares her enthusiasm. 

She becomes so comfortable with you that she doesn’t hesitate to share something about herself, giving you an insight into her life. 

Which is a sign that she’s developing trust in you over text. 

7. A girl is always ready to chat with you.

Your message must never be ignored, even if she is busy in her office. 

She does care enough to let you know “I will text you later” so that you won’t feel offended or feel ghosted by her.

And when she replies to your texts, she makes sure it’s satisfactory and to your liking. 

With her, you won’t get any one-liners or small talk, but you’ll get thoughtful responses at a deeper level, which are signs that she likes you over text and enjoys that.

8. A girl never stops complimenting you on something.

Well, she’s definitely not playing games with you, but her compliments mean it. 

In the same way that every girl wants to hear good things about them, when she is into you, she also praises you spontaneously.

Because she has been checking you out for a long time.

From your recent selfies posts, your status, or smartness, she compliments you like she’s a fan of you. 

Such are signs that a girl is into you and really feels the connection with you through text. 

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9. A girl asks you deep-level questions to know you.

It is not the typical dull question, but it’s the deeper question concerning you and your life. 

She’s having a keen interest in getting to know you, so she asks you such questions through text.

A girl won’t ask such questions without a reason, especially nor at the very first stage. 

But if this girl you chat with lately begins to ask so, it’s a good sign that she is interested in you and to get closure. 

10. A girl replies right away without you having to wait.

Most guys find themselves in a confusing situation when the girl doesn’t reply to them.

The worst are those who take weeks to respond with just ‘K.’

You’re in luck, my friend if the girl you message doesn’t let you wait and replies to you immediately when you share a text or ask a question. 

If she doesn’t hesitate to respond promptly and keep you updated, which are apparent sign that a girl likes you and is developing feelings over text. 

11. A girl shares good morning and night wishes without fail.

Rather than doing formality, this girl is telling her sincere wishes for the day and night. 

With her sweet morning and night wishes, she makes sure that she is the first and the last person on your mind.

Possible that you met her through the internet and she is developing feelings online and that you feel with her texts. 

Anyway, small things like these show how much she cares about you.

If she writes you some messages to brighten your day, aside from the usual wishes everyone shares, this is a very important sign that she likes you and treats you well. 

12. A girl needs no reason to text. It means she likes to text you.

She never waits for the reasons or for you to start a conversation but does it on her own.

If you take a look at your past conversation, you can feel her attempt to keep you in the conversation.

When she’s really into you, she starts double texting you. 

The reasons for having a chat may seem surprising, but these are signs that she has a crush on you over text and wants to chat anyway.

13. A girl does care when you don’t reply to her texts.

Each and every message you send to her is meaningful to her, and she really enjoys them all. 

If due to your busy schedule, you’re not able to respond to her text, she might be feeling tense.

Thinking, Is this connection over, or what if you find a girlfriend and so on. 

No matter how it sounds, she doesn’t care but sends you follow-up texts to check if everything is fine.

The insecurity of losing contact with you is a sign that the girl is really into you over text. 

14. A girl is her true self when texting with you.

Even though you’ve been texting so much, you don’t find it dull or meaningless. 

She always takes the time to make you feel special and engage well. She shares emojis, memes, and her pick-up lines for you. 

All and all are signs that a girl likes you over texts and being her true self because you give her comfort to do so.

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15. A girl is interested in talking about her and your future.

At first, any girl generally asks indirect questions to get some insight about you. 

But now, as she has already learned a little of you, she wants to know more about you.

Whenever she asks you about your relationship plans, dating life, or anything else, she aims to find the compatibility between you. 

The fact that she is no longer asking the regular questions, but about your future and where she might fit, is enough sign that a girl shows interest in you over text. 

16. A girl never texts anything that hurt you.

Usually, it’s a guy who doubles texts on a girl and becomes anxious when he doesn’t get a response even after being seen.

However, this girl did not let you wait nor ignore any of your texts that might hurt your feelings. 

She cares about how you are going to feel when her texts are not good enough. 

Through your conversations with her, you two have developed a connection that allows you both to better understand one another. Which is a sign that a girl is interested in you. 

17. A girl flirts with you over texts.

It’s not a one-off, she does it with the right intention so you can see how she feels. 

Just doing some flirty messaging with you and sharing something you like is enough to know that a girl likes you over text.

It shows she feels attracted to you

Of course, she sometimes praises you but doesn’t stop there. She flatters you so much that you take her seriously or pay attention to her signals.

18. A girl openly admits that she likes you. Or gives you hints.

In talking with her, you already feel an emotional connection with her, because she also puts in the same amount of effort as you do. 

It’s not just you who makes this conversation meaningful and worthwhile, but also her.

From her responses, the topics she selects to discuss, and the stories she shares, it’s very easy to tell if a girl really likes you. 

On top of that, you notice either clearly or indirectly she has already let you know that she likes you, your nature, or your texting skills. 

More clearly, sometimes she might admit that she wants a guy like you, which means only you. 

19. A girl enjoys video calls over text alone.

It may be that she is comfortable with you and wants to facetime you some time, or that she prefers to call over a text from now on.

But that only happens if you’ve established a personal connection with each other. 

During the initial chatting stage, she tested you well.

And now that she’s getting comfortable with you, she can’t help but ask you to video call more frequently.

After enough testing, when she expresses a desire to video call or just a call, this is a sign that she already likes you over text. 

20. She shares too much about herself.

You might feel like she is oversharing, but it also shows her level of trust in you. 

Before she felt so shy to reply or ask anything, now she is comfortable sharing anything and everything about herself with you.

She also lets you know what kind of partner she looks for, and her relationship goals, too. 

When she shares personal information about herself, it’s a sign that she trusts you at first and is also interested in you, as well.

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21. A girl made up a nickname for you and teases you with it.

To be fair, you’ve been good friends so far, but things are starting to change. 

With playful teasing and flirting, she makes you feel comfortable.

Moreover, she also might give you some nicknames as a way to show you special attention. 

Plus, she uses such names more often while texting to develop a connection.

If this girl is never afraid to be bold and makes you feel special with her words, such as a cute nickname and all are signs that she’s into you. 

22. A girl shows interest in meeting or going out with you.

If she is interested in you and texting is not enough, then she will ask you out.

In fact, she won’t wait for you to ask.

However, she becomes bolder and more confident in expressing her wish to meet you one day.

Even if it is just a date or a normal meetup, she shows her serious interest in you.

nd if she doesn’t do that, then, she’ll give you hints, like most girls.

Maybe she mentioned new movies she’s excited about or plans an outing this Saturday or simply mentions she’s bored and alone, which are signs that a girl likes you over text and wants you to go on a date with you. 


Misinterpreting a girl’s signals could cost you a lifetime friendship.

But, there’s also a chance that you might get a connection for a lifetime. 

Who knows she’s really into you and wants you to make a move. There are enough signs mentioned above to know that a girl likes you over texts.

For you, it’s a green light to step into the next chapter of your relationship.

It’s okay… If you are still feel confused.

You can try to get more insights into her through texting, and flirting with her on an equal level.

And if she is really into you, she will come out to you gradually.

Don’t rush, patience is really a good thing.