9 Signs A Girl Wants You To Talk To Her (Maybe She Likes You, Already)

Last updated on October 15th, 2022 at 07:04 pm

“Dude, that girl has been checking you out, since we came here. I think you should talk to her.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

Inner you be like- ‘Fool, Do you think I didn’t notice? I caught that signal already. But, I let this chance go… as I’m just afraid to go there.’ 

Obviously, you’re too nervous to say “Hi” to her, even if you got the cues. 


Well, She Might Like You! Even, Without Talking To Her.

You just noticed there’s a girl who checks you out and wants you to approach her. 

Yet, even though you’re not shy, you’re held back by your insecurity to make a move.

Maybe she’s just pretending to love you, or that would be embarrassing for you, too.

That’s totally understandable. 

But at the same time, you wouldn’t want to be so stupid that you ignore such an opportunity, Right? 

So, how do you know if that girl wants to talk to her, for real? 

Well, you only need to observe such signals from her. These are the ways she invites you to talk with her.

Such signs make you feel relaxed. Thereby, you don’t have to worry about rejection, and you can approach her with confidence.


9 Signs A Girl Wants You To Talk To Her

When she gives you these signs, you should make a move, approach her, and simply talk to her. If you’re not, just move your attention to something else. 

But, we really hope that you get these signs from her, All The Best!

1. She is directly looking at you and not at others.

Even though the two of you are far away, the girl keeps staring at you. 

As you look at her, she gets uncomfortable at first then turns in your direction.

There’s no doubt that she’s looking in your direction, but only at you as well. 

Additionally, she’s giving you some hints as well.

Such as, she is playing with her hair or adjusting her dress while staring at you, which are signs that a girl wants you to come over and talk to her. 

2. She tries to catch your attention and come closer to you.

No matter where you are, you feel that one girl is impressed with you at work or somewhere.

She makes an effort to look good around you.

Plus, she keeps up a positive impression around you and behaves nice. That way, she makes it easier for you to approach her.

You find her close to you when there is a meeting or gathering. 

Though you two have not talked yet, she makes every effort to appear approachable.

Such invitations are signs that she wants you to talk to her. 

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3. She maintains frequent and long eye contact.

Eye contact isn’t always a sign of interest in you. It could be if there’s too much eye game. 

It is the eyes that meet and create a connection before anything else.

When she looks at you, she is sending hints that she finds you attractive and quite interested in you.

That is evident from the very frequent eye contact she makes.

There’s something about you that makes her crazy, and she can’t help but stare at you. 

Which are great signs that a girl invites you to come closer and talk to her. 

4. She’s completely checking you out, you got her!

If it’s not, someone in your circle might have told you about it. 

At the party or the bar, you see a girl around the corner peering at you, as well as her friends.

Maybe that girl has talked about you to her friends and they’re now curious about you. 

Be careful not to make a move too quickly. 

You have to know if the girl likes you when you look back at her or observe her friends’ reactions.

 If everything looks interesting, it’s a sign that she wants to come over and talk to her. 

5. She smiles whenever you look at her.

When she smiles at you and doesn’t turn away during any eye contact, it’s your lucky day.

It’s good that she isn’t afraid to show that she likes you.

And, at the same time, she helps you to make a move to approach her. 

A smile she passes at you when you both look at each other is the only signal you need to know that it is okay to talk to her.

With her smile, she shows that she is interested in talking to you, and it is a great way to approach her and start a conversation with her.

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6. She mirrors your actions and style.

Especially when she has a crush on you and wants your attention, this is what she does. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re acquaintances or just meeting here for the first time, when she feels something for you, she can’t help but pass some hints your way. 

The hints show her deep affection for you and a desire to get to know you. 

From the way you talk, scratch your head or fix your hair, you can tell that she is mirroring you.

And she’s doing it all to draw your attention to her, because she likes you.

All are great signs that she wants to approach her and talk to her. 

7. She makes herself available to you so you can start talking.

While she may have a crush on you, she wants you to come and talk to her first. 

But if she really loves you, and she finally gets her courage to open up, she will make herself available to you.

So that, you can connect with her and get to know about each other. 

She may know, when you will arrive at home or the office or where to find you at certain times.

That way, she shows her desire to get in touch with you, anyway.

Occasionally, it may seem like a coincidence, but if it happens regularly, it is a sign the girl is interested in you and wants you to talk to her. 

8. She never texts you a goodbye. This means, she always wants to talk to you more.

In-person, you might not be able to talk too much, but via text, you’re connected. 

You notice while messaging her, that she’s more interested in you than whatever the reason she gave.

She may ask for your help too often or ask to meet in person rather than simply texting. 

If a girl is truly interested in talking to you, she will never let the conversation end. 

But this girl always has something to keep it going. 

It’s apparent, that she texts you a lot and her replies are long and interesting, which are signs that a girl wants you to talk to her over text, even more. 

9. She makes a move to talk with you, finally.

She might get mad at you for not following her signals, and then she’ll do it herself. 

It’s her strong crush on you that’s allowing her to be bold and take a move rather than just hoping you will approach her.

Because you’re too stupid and shy to take such chances to connect that she has been giving you. 

So finally, she starts with small talk like asking for help in some kind of work or using any excuse just to gain your attention and initiate a conversation.

If a girl reaches out to you and shows an interest in you, these are signs that a girl wants to get to know you and likes talking to you.

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What does it mean when a girl wants you to talk to her?

Most of the signs that the girl wants you to talk to her are invitations for you to approach her and start a conversation. 

There is something she’s thinking and feeling. No one knows, except herself or her friends.

Just because she wants to talk to you doesn’t mean that she wants to be in a relationship with you.

Below are a few extra reasons for… But, why is she interested in talking to you? Does she like you or want something from you?

This might be:

  • She wants to discuss something important that you know better. 
  • She just wants some guidance and sees you as the right person to ask. 
  • She needs your help to figure out or fix something.
  • She might see you as a friend and an interesting guy to hang out with.
  • She just wants to talk to you, right now. Because she’s bored with her friends. 
  • She has a crush on you, but not a love thing. She may have a boyfriend. 
  • She is new here and wants someone to talk to. And, she feels that you are genuine.
  • She falls in love with you at first sight and wants to make you her boyfriend. 

Yes, all possibilities could be true. But, don’t let that pressure you anyway. 


Don’t get too in-depth, just focus on the signs we discussed which clearly show that a girl wants to talk to her, that’s it. Get the signals she gives you.

Feel confident when saying ‘Hi!’ Approach her and start talking with her and see where things go from there!