16 Signs Of True Love In A Long Distance Relationship

Last updated on September 21st, 2022 at 06:26 pm

Being in a long distance relationship always keep you questioning its future, thinking is your boyfriend a keeper or not.

And that’s quite normal.

After knowing the powerful signs of true love in a long distance relationship, you will never doubt feelings.

Rather, you will look at your relationship as the special one.

Keep reading to know those signs that your long-distance partner is seriously in love with you and there’s no need to doubt that. 


How do know you both are serious about a long distance relationship?

Long distance relationships (LDR) can be challenging compared to regular relationships. 

Even though the partners may be deeply in love with each other, they sometimes may feel disconnected and lost as they are not physically close. 

However, that only applies to some people. 

Those who are serious about LDR and dating find that it is more enjoyable and fulfilling as a unique relationship that allows them to grow with it over time. 

How do you see such common gaps in LDR? As problems or as challenges? 

You’re more likely to give up on it if you view it as a problem. 

When you look at it more as a challenge for your love, you are more likely to grow through the experience and without giving up the feelings you both share. 

In the end, it’s the passion and commitment to see each other that allows you to forget the distance or any other challenges. 

During the separation period, it’s the universe that tries to keep you together with the constant thought of that person. 

It’s also the excitement of getting to see each other again ‘someday’, that gives you strength every single day.

When there is a physical distance between two people in love, passion, commitment, and trust quite becomes crucial. 

But when they know what to carry with them and how to keep faith alive in their relationship, this is a solid reason that their long distance relationship is going to last. 


16 Signs of true love in a long distance relationship

When you want to know whether the long-distance boyfriend is in love with you or your girlfriend thinks it is working, then such signs of seriousness in a long distance relationship will keep you hopeful.

1. You see each other as a life partner.

This one is the first and foremost sign that your relationship will last, for sure. 

It’s not a causal relationship or seems like online dating. You both are very clear about your feelings and know where to lead this. 

Both of you are in this for the future, and you have a meaning in it. 

Your long-distance love is likely to succeed when you see each other more than an online dating partner or if you feel that you have a chance to live life together. 

Two of you are so into each other that you don’t care how far you live from each other. 

2. You prove your commitment to this relationship.

From the very beginning, you better know that it is going to be a long distance relationship. 

Once a feeling develops for one another, every partner wants to see each other almost every day.

It will also be a lot harder for most long distance partners once they realize they won’t be able to meet up as often as they had wanted. 

But, not for everyone, and certainly not for you.  

Of course, the distance is there. But here, both of you see it as the chance to prove your commitment to the relationship.  

No matter how far you may be from each other, you will never doubt your love and passion for one another.

It’s one of the powerful signs that your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend is in love with you. 

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3. You both know to stay patient in your partner’s absence.

It’s easy to have patience if you know there is a love for you, always. 

Obviously, you both value each other’s presence in your lives and know that you aren’t going to be communicating all the time.

It won’t bother you if you have a few days of complete disconnection, since you both believe in each other. 

No one is under constant pressure to call or facetime at a certain time, no matter what. 

The two of you understand the gaps and priorities in your life, and you both can wait until your partner has some free time to talk. 

These are good signs of a happy long distance relationship that you both are in. 

4. You have blind trust in each other.

There is no doubt or second thought about your relationship’s future. 

Even if you’re not seeing each other every day, you know there is still hope for your relationship. 

As soon as you are able to spend time with each other, you show each other how serious and committed you are to this relationship. 

Well, if only one person shows such trust, there may be a problem.

But, here you both show faith in each other’s love plus offer hope when one of you is losing it, which is one of the great signs of true love in a long distance relationship. 

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5. You stay loyal to your long distance partner.

You don’t feel insecure at all about being cheated on or losing your partner. 

Likewise, your long-distance partner stays loyal to you as well.

Because you’ve invested so well in one another, you don’t have to worry that your partner is going to cheat you. 

It is never necessary to doubt each other’s loyalty or even ask where you’re at and with whom. 

Especially when you two committed to each other and never have to prove something to each other are signs that you two are in love in a long distance relationship.

6. You also have good relations with each other’s families.

You know each other’s family members and best friends. That’s great.

When the man is not serious about this relationship, they won’t involve their families. Oftentimes, you have spoken to their family members or your families have talked to each other. 

You share many things about your family and your long distance partner does the same to you. 

When you talk to each other’s families and/or families are aware of your relationship, you can count these as strong signs that your long distance relationship has a future. 

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7. You normally talk about your future together.

There’s always some kind of conversation about your future and life together. 

Unlike in most long-distance relationships, there are no uncertainties or questions about your future.

Together, you see each other as your future and want to spend the rest of your life together. 

Maybe you’re not near each other or don’t have a lot of time to spend together, but you know after this hustling time you’ll be together forever.

Hence you can wait and be patient, though. 

If you begin talking seriously and actively about the future of your relationship, that’s a sign that your relationship is going to last, even if it is a long distance one. 

8. You have genuine love and respect for each other.

You both seem grateful to have each other in your lives. 

Like trust, respect is also the key element for a long lasting and loving relationship.

Even when you’re miles apart, you can still feel there is mutual understanding and respect for one another. 

Both of you respect each other and care for your partner’s needs and desires. 

Neither of you is forcing the other to take part in something he or she is not ready for or not interested in.

Your feelings, decisions, and plans are always mutual than one-sided. 

Such mutual respect and care are powerful signs of true love in a long distance relationship. 

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9. You fight, but you know how to settle things rather than keep them.

As long-distance partners, you both know to forgive and forget. 

There will be misunderstandings and arguments in most relationships. The real test is how two partners respond to them and how easily they come back to normal afterward.

Because of miscommunication in an LDR primarily, the smallest of problems can be mistaken for the bigger ones. 

Such Relationships last the longest when both partners value their partner over their ego. 

Anytime there’s an argument, you both can feel how your partner feels and listen to them.

Moreover, doing something to let each other know how much you care for your partner, is a proven sign of a happy long distance relationship.  

10. You never get tired of talking/seeing each other.

There’s a sense of excitement during the routine call or text. 

There’s no small talk or short messages. Both of you are genuine in your conversations and are eager to learn about each other. 

While you are on the phone or chatting, neither of you are bored, uninterested, or forced. 

When you look closely, you can see that you have routine interactions between you, but still, nothing is boring.

You always feel excited to chat and send texts goodnight. 

In your free time, you like to see each other through video chats and listen to her voice. 

While you are in different time zones, you send good morning and goodnight wishes regularly without fail.

Such small things matter the most because they are signs that your long distance girlfriend or boyfriend is in love with you, 

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11. You both know many things about each other.

You know everything about them–their interests, hobbies, and where they spend the weekend. 

There’s nothing to hide or secrets anymore. Although you’re far apart, you know each other’s routine and life, so much so that even when you’re separated, you’re committed partners.  

You know everything about your partner without having to ask. That’s a serious relationship. 

Trust and commitment to each other are all that’s involved here. 

Having no hesitation in sharing information from both sides and both knowing the same things about each other are positive signs that your long distance relationship is destined for success.

12. You are each other’s top priority in life.

How well do you both know each other and every little thing to important things in your lives? 

This shows you both know everything happening in your lives and share them comfortably. Whether something good or not-so-good happens, it’s important to share it with them.

Moreover, you ask each other about plans, how your day at work was, and so on. 

No matter how busy they were, nothing could prevent them from talking to you in the morning or at night, like you always do. 

Treating each other with great care and meeting each other’s needs are signs that your long distance relationship will last, without any doubt. 

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13. You both are serious about your long distance relationship.

Your partner and you give each other the time and space required for a healthy relationship. 

There are routine calls and video calls every two days, if not each day.

But you both know you are meant to be with each other and nothing can separate you. 

Even though you’re away from each other, you understand your partners’ priorities well enough. 

The way you treat each other and can be patient while waiting for your next meetings are signs that your long distance relationship is going to make it. 

Because you are serious about it and there is no pressure from either side. 

14. You never fail to surprise your long distance girlfriend or boyfriend.

Meetings are not that common in LDRs, but are rather special. 

When you’re serious and into your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend, at least once you try to visit them and be with them.

Even if it’s a short visit like the weekend, they still come to see you and show you how much they care for you. 

This is an exciting and fun experience to be along for the first or after a long time. 

Being present at the celebration time, surprising them on a very special day, and taking a break from your work just to be with them are great signs of true love in long distance relationship. 

When they are all in, rather than just promising, they do what they say they will do. 

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15. You support each other in career, life, and dreams.

A long distance love shows that you don’t have to be always around to support each other. 

Sharing value for each other’s life and decisions is something that makes your relationship stronger, even if you two are not always together. 

From providing moral support to making the right decisions, you serve as a caring, loving long distance partner which makes a person feel loved and respected.

There is no pressure to take any action or make any personal life decisions.

You understand your partner and every time show how much you trust them.

You help each other to grow in life and get a better person together. This is one of the best signs that you’re in a loving long distance relationship. 

16. You feel like there is no distance between you two.

No matter how far you are from each other physically, they never fail to admire you for being in their life. 

You’re just not around, but when it comes to showing love and care, there is no distance. 

You and your partner feel so connected that it sometimes feels like they are nearby and not thousands of miles away. 

It shows that you are connected emotionally and spiritually even if not physically. 

The constant relaxing thought that your long-distance partner is supporting you and will come for you when you need it is a great sign that your long distance relationship is working.

That shows a man or woman is in love with you and sees you as soulmates. 

You don’t have to be perfect to love, you just become perfect when you’re in love. 

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How do you know if your long distance partner is getting better?

The long distance relationship is difficult to maintain.

When you both are passionate and dedicated to each other, no distance can stop you from making each other feel loved. 

You give each other time, attention, and respect in this relationship, seriously. 

Regardless of how tough the day may have been, you always show up smiling because you know that someone far away may feel tense if you don’t look happy today. 

Maybe you’re not together all the time, perhaps you see each other once every two to six months. 

But when you finally get to meet up, you’ll see that the feelings haven’t changed or faded, but become even stronger. 

With these listed signs of true love in a long distance relationship, you can say that your long-distance girlfriend or boyfriend is in love with you and this relationship has meaning for both of you.

…and due to that, everything is worth it from separation to working through challenges.

Even though you aren’t together right now, you will be together soon. 


Distance should always be in miles, and not in understanding or feelings.