16 Signs Of Fate To Be With Someone

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 06:28 pm

Whether you consider it your fate, destiny, or the universe’s message, there are special signs of fate to be with someone that binds you together and help you grow as a person together.

This way, the universe works to keep you close, providing a chance to reunite after separation. Because you two are meant for each other.  


How Do You Know If Someone Is Meant To Be In Your Life?

‘That time when it goes beyond physical attraction and involves emotional intimacy plus mutual understanding, there’s a good chance that you have found your ‘the one’

No matter how tough the situation may be, you two end up being together, again and over again.

Because it is an emotional connection that will never let you break apart. 

It’s like something holds you two soulmates together. 

It either comes from self-realization of the person’s importance in life or your ability to sacrifice your ego. And, you and that person never give up on each other. 

There are always signs that the universe wants you to be with someone, and they show up from time to time, telling you you two should be together and are meant for each other. 

What are those signs that you two meant to be together? That, you’ll find in the next section.


16 Signs Of Fate To Be With Someone

Love is somewhat easy to find, compared to developing that special spark between the two. 

When you feel that special bond with someone you just met, that means you’re destined to be with each other for life. And, you’re likely to notice such signs.

1. You make each other’s lives better than ever.

Relationships aren’t just about doing crazy things together, they give meaning to life. 

When you find your soulmate or the one, you see that you both feel like you’re at home around each other.

There’s no pressure, doubt, or negativity at all. 

Being comfortable with each other’s presence, you (both) strive to do good things in life, supporting and growing as a better person every day.

Such efforts from both ends are signs that you are destined to be together. 

2. You bring positive change in each other’s nature.

With the right partner, and a soulmate, there is completeness to your life. 

Due to the presence of someone, all those excitements or faith in the love you may have lost in the past are now restored.

There’s a feeling of improved self-esteem now. 

The way you support each other in life results in making you a more positive, confident, and successful person than ever.

All in all, these are the signs of fate to be with someone, as if they come with good fortune. 

3. You two are being yourself around each other.

With each other, you have nothing to prove or exaggerate about anything. 

Your partner appreciates you exactly as you are, without requiring you to change anything about yourself.

You both know how much you love each other and you don’t need any clarifications. 

Instead of being overly self-conscious or losing yourself, you both prefer to stay genuine in your relationship which are signs that you are destined to be together. 

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4. You feel in your gut that you’re meant to be with someone.

It’s true, when there is one, you just feel it. Initially, there may only be a physical attraction.

After getting to know someone a little better, you realize you are not just attracted to this person, but you are also deeply connected to them. 

It may not be ‘the perfect person’ as per your criteria, but you still end up loving them.

On top of that, such a connection you feel that you’ve ever felt before with anyone else, which is your next sign the universe wants you to be with someone. 

5. You have many things in common.

What unites you is your common interest. But, it’s an understanding that keeps you together.

There’s always something interesting to talk about or to share.

With the right person, you never get off topic nor do you feel bored spending time together. 

Occasionally, you may find that you share values, interests, and goals with someone, and those are not only your reasons but signs that the universe lets you know that it’s in your fate to be together. 

6. You both are attracted to each other naturally.

It goes beyond physical appearance, which is what makes soulmates so attractive. 

Your first date was filled with perfect chemistry and an emotional connection with that person.

The unique way of respecting each other and complementing each other shows how much you admire each other. 

Yes, such admiration extends beyond appearance, as well as to your unique nature and abilities that no one else has discovered. Which are signs you’re destined to be together.

7. What you feel about each other, you’ve never felt it with anyone.

Relationships flourish when soulmates invest in the right and put forth the effort. 

And why not, after all, it’s the universe that keeps you connected through its works in the background.

Consequently, you feel comfort and intimacy when together.

There is always a sense of excitement when getting to know each other, and you are both fully involved in the connection every time. 

You can see the one in most things around you, and can always feel the presence of the one in you, no matter where you are, that are proven signs of fate to be with someone.  

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8. You learn to accept each other.

The understanding to accept differences is more important than any similarities. 

In the process of developing the connection, you might uncover the differences within you.

The great thing is you two have no problem with the gaps within. Instead, you learn to deal with them. 

When you are not pressured to change or can share your honest opinion, without offending anyone, and help them to embrace it, these are all signs that you are destined to be together. 

9. You two argue like a married couple already.

Even if there are regular or occasional disagreements, leaving a partner is not an option. 

Either you or your partner will eventually come up with a solution to fix the problem.

The two of you are listening to each other and care about their opinions without trying to force your views on them. 

In the early stage of a relationship, you both fight like married couples, that’s cute.

Most important thing is, she’s mature and acts responsibly, you already know that you date a high-value lady.

It’s great that you never take things personally or never let the small issues ruin your loving relationship, those are signs that you’re meant to be together. 

10. You two are very open to each other.

No matter what, you both share everything, whether it’s about a toxic girlfriend or everything that happened on a night out with your friends. 

Both of you are well-connected, so you do not need to impress each other.

Your love for each other is enough and you never hide any secret from one another. 

Having that level of comfort allows you to open up to your partner and be honest with them.

You don’t have to change anything, you just tell things as they are. 

Such gestures are signs that show a deep understanding and special love between you two. 

11. You always be on each other’s side.

It is this person who comes to your mind first when you want to share good or bad news. 

You two have turned your friendship into a relationship that makes you feel good about being by each other’s side all the time.

You celebrate your success together, also you help each other to fix the problems together. 

Your moods and feelings do affect their behavior, too.

That is a sign that you both are deeply connected and there’s fate to be with each other. 

12. You catch each other’s feelings well.

He will catch that pain in your smile when he is the one for you. 

Because of the deep connection, your partner understands what you’re going through inside.

There’s nothing to inform, they just feel it the same way you do. 

If you never have to explain everything, and the person also gives you confidence and motivation to do something, then that is a sign of fate to be with someone, because not everyone can feel what you have inside.

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13. Your love for each other, includes respect.

From regular greetings to special admiration, you two complement each other well. 

With every little thing you do, you show respect for each other in this life.

Every day, they make small gestures like getting a call to see if you reach home safely or taking care of every little thing for each other are nothing but their respect for you. 

Though things get too much sometimes, you should be lucky to have someone who is caring in your life and whose love for you is unconditional.

14. You two are serious about your relationship.

The proof is in how passionate you are about each other and the efforts you give in. 

When you are together, you proudly announce that you are deeply in love.

You get lost in each other and forget about the surroundings or whatever is happening around you. 

When you value your partner’s feelings and needs without fail and take your relationship seriously is a sign that you and your partner are destined to be together. 

15. Your most conversation is about your future together.

Because you are very committed and can feel that you two have a future. 

You both effectively manage the similarities and differences in your lives.

There’s no pressure or one-sided efforts, but a mutual understanding and sacrifice to make your relationship work, all the time.

If you are planning your future together or taking a trip for the first time as a couple, you are excited and serious about it.

They pay attention and appreciate such lively discussions, which are signs that it’s in your fate to be together. 

16. You don’t have to be perfect around each other.

With the right partner, you become a more confident, positive, and romantic person than ever. 

All great things in a relationship come naturally to you, without having to change your feelings or thoughts.

What you’re, you stay the same.

You know they are a good-hearted person and they never ask you for anything extra or to be perfect. 

With them, it’s like having an amazing friendship, there’s no need for confirmation or any proof.

When you can be yourself around them and accept them as they are, which is a sign you two are destined for each other, you are showing signs of mutual compatibility. 

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When you know you’re destined to be with someone…

The love you share will never be enough to decide if you are meant to be together or not.

The level of understanding and emotional support you provide without losing faith in your love – is what turns a couple into soulmates

Because they understand and can relate to the feelings and actions of their partner. 

If you relate with not every but a few signs of fate to be with someone from this list, which is proof that you have found your soulmate. 

Be sure to be adjustable with the differences you have.

Plus, it’s also important to show equal efforts from both sides to make the relationship work. 

Of course, the universe will allow you to stay together again, but the ‘understanding of their worth in your life is what will ensure you never separate from one another again.


Moreover, you may have been in relationships with several people so far. Nevertheless, when you meet the one, the good things in life will come your way, and you will be able to discover an entirely new side of yourself, that you weren’t even aware of.