16 Early Signs She Is Pretending To Love You (And, A Girl Is Faking It!)

Last updated on August 25th, 2022 at 07:29 pm

Being rejected in love is much better than being used by a girl who fakes her love for you.

You don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who is used by a player girl (of course, nobody wants that).

So, recognize from the start whether the girl you are dating is worth your time and effort.

For that, you need to be aware of these early signs that she is pretending to love you, and it’s just a one-sided relationship.


How Do You Know When A Girl Is Faking Her Love For You?

“True love” can show up in unexpected ways and with an unexpected person. 

It may be easier to fall in love with someone, but it doesn’t guarantee that you will receive the same love in return.

You should beware when you are dating a player, as she may not be interested in love or just faking her feelings for you. 

Especially, when it’s a one-sided relationship or if you fall in love too fast…

You’ll feel either completely disrespected or faked by the girl, assuming that she loves you, as you do. 

In the early stages of a relationship, everything you do together is special to you, and you enjoy every single moment.

However, for some reason, you believe that the other person isn’t as active or passionate in a relationship as you are. 

The other person may not think or feel like you.

Well, if such a thing happens, you should not overlook it, at least not until you know for sure. 


16 Signs She Is Pretending To Love You And You Need to Let Her Go

When you feel like a girl isn’t loving you enough or your relationship is one-sided… You should look at these early signs of fake love from a girl that you are going to learn in the following section.  

1. She isn’t excited about your future relationship or life together.

As long as you feel passion right now and excitement for the future, you can keep the relationship going and make it last. 

When there is no passion or excitement in a relationship, it has no future. 

Particularly when two partners are eager to get to know each other and make their lives better together, every day feels like the first day of the relationship.  

A girl who is truly into you becomes excited about everything about the future. 

Whereas the girl you date at present does not appear to be emotionally or mentally invested in the relationship.

You don’t get to see any positive gestures or feelings of happiness here when you talk about your future together or the next phase of a relationship. 

Avoiding any discussion about the future or intentionally cutting you off while planning for marriage are clear signs that she is pretending to love you and isn’t serious about the relationship.

2. She pressures you to change most things about yourself.

Love simply means accepting each other, as they are. Without any conditions. 

The person will no longer demand that you change your personality or unique nature. After all, they fall in love with you just because of that. 

However, a girl who always has something to suggest or change about you is probably trying to fake her love for you. 

First, you must have to meet her standards and be the one she can love.

With her, you feel like you’re someone else, and those are such biggest signs that she is not in love with you. 

It is obvious that a woman who loves you accepts you for who you are.

Plus, she works with you to change something, especially when it is good for your life, more than for her alone.

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3. She always wants something more from you.

No matter what you do, she never feels satisfied or pleased. 

It’s always best to give before you want to receive anything in relationships.

Partners must mutually respect each other’s needs, whether it’s about a relationship or outside of it. 

From the very beginning, you might have some hints that she’s a player who is all in for herself, only

Making your partner happy and doing whatever you can to make them satisfied is of course the best thing to do.

However, you also need to make sure that a person respects and cares for you or not.

For her, it’s not a ‘give-and-take’ relationship, but only a ‘take-and-take as much as you can’. 

There’s no way you can satisfy her when she plays you; she always has something to complain about.

In the end, it’s you who always sacrifices something for her which are clear signs that she’s playing you and she has no feelings for you. 

4. She isn’t interested in knowing you, but something to take advantage of.

True love is more about mutual feelings than ‘some’ things. 

Whenever two people are in love, there’s great chemistry from the very first date

There’s always an excitement toward getting to know each other more and more.

Every conversation or date feels exciting and meaningful, overall, like the very first one. 

But, when she is pretending to love you, the conversation can be boring, suspicious, or one-sided just like your relationship.

Plus, this also shows that a girl is a player. 

It seems she’s more interested in what she’ll get than how the relationship will develop.

Did every time you talked with her, was the conversation more about your achievement or things you owned??

Or Was she really trying to learn more about you as a person?

When she seems more concerned with the things you have than the person you are, such are signs that she is faking her love for you, yeah only to take advantage of you. 

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5. She makes no effort at all.  It feels like a one-sided relationship.

Because you are always giving, you are responsible to fix everything. It’s how she views it. 

She never gives up on her attitude or any negative approach that damages your relationship.

She always puts her ego and respect above yours. 

Well, she is a totally selfish person in the relationship, who leaves you with no other option. 

A strong relationship is one where both partners contribute their equal efforts and let go of something that hurts the overall relationship. 

However, this girl isn’t doing anything special for you. 

Rather than be an understandable partner, she leaves you alone to carry the burden of a relationship.

Because you need a relationship more than her, as she thinks

From manipulating you to not respecting your importance, and her mean behavior to you are signs that she is faking her love and her feelings are not mutual. 

6. She shows up when she needs something from you.

Well, she is a needy person, who comes closer when she needs something. 

You don’t want to date a girl that only cares about herself, her desires, and needs, only.

This girl has no respect for you, your time, and everything you do for them. 

She emotionally challenges you to do everything when she needs your help.

What’s more, she doesn’t care about your priorities at the moment. Instead, she wants you to focus on her only.

Additionally, she won’t stop putting pressure on you. 

When she has some plan to join her, you always have to be available.

But when you talk to her, she gets busy and avoids you. 

You can never get her attention, nor does she take the time to listen to you. 

It appears that she needs or wants something from you every time she contacts you.

Overall these are clear signs that she is pretending to love you and of course, she is using you. 

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7. She does nothing special nor routine things for you.

It seems like she does not prioritize you in her life and you mean nothing to her. 

Couples in love may not meet every day or call each other, but there is mutual respect and feelings that bind them together always. 

When you’re dating a girl who is there with her benefits, she is not around when she doesn’t have anything to ask for or need at the moment. 

You feel that you’re merely an option, not a priority to this girl. 

With such a player girl, you feel like an option and she never does anything special to make you feel good about being in a good relationship with her. 

Taking you for granted and being treated like an option most of the time, is one of the signs that a girl is faking her love for you. 

And so, there is nothing positive you can gain from this relationship.

8. She’s clearly faking her love for you.

If a partner is emotionally unavailable in the relationship, you just know. 

You feel that you and your partner lack emotional understanding and do not have the necessary level of trust.

Like lack of passion and excitement, there is no mutual understanding. 

With her words, she is trying to make you feel that she loves you, but inside she doesn’t. 

Even when she’s with you, she’s either distracted or uninterested.

Because she has something else on her mind, which is more important than you. 

Overall, when a girl doesn’t give in to your relationship plus never makes you feel good about this relationship these are signs that she is pretending to love you and following you.

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9. She doesn’t respect you or your family.

Neither does she respect you nor your connection with your family. 

This kind of girl either puts pressure on you to prefer her over anyone else, even your closest friends and family members. 

She ignores your priorities in life, too.

You constantly have to deal with that, because she behaves in an extremely demanding and controlling manner.

She always tries to keep you under control and to be with her all the time.

After/while dating such a mean girl, you are more likely to wish you rather be single than in a relationship

Further, she quickly gets into a fight over anything without a second thought.

Instead of being a caring partner, such a player girl manipulates you to pick her over anything or anyone else without valuing your other life priorities, which are signs that she’s playing you hard. 

10. She isn’t making any moves to make a healthy relationship.

You can see that it’s only you who do everything to keep the relationship going and exciting. 

A mutual understanding and effort on both ends keep every relationship looking amazing and livable for a lifetime. 

A lack of respect or understanding leads to mismatched feelings. She does not understand your viewpoint or respect your opinion.

All she wants is to have you agree with everything she wants, without asking any questions. 

The problem with her is that she puts extra pressure or makes things worse when your relationship is going through a difficult time, rather than being a supportive partner. 

Giving up on your relationship every time, and not valuing your role, are clear signs that she is not in love with you and fooling you, so far.

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11. She shows she doesn’t love you at all.

Although she doesn’t intend to play you, she has no other choice than that. 

Perhaps she feels controlled or ashamed of everything you do for her and she simply can’t get out of the relationship so easily. 

While she is trying hard to make you feel that she loves you…

It’s her behavior and vibes clearly let you know that she doesn’t feel emotionally involved in the relationship. 

A girl like this is incapable to make a move in a relationship, neither in the relationship nor out of it.

Results, you can find her most of the time clueless and uninterested. 

If there is no call or texts between you two and she has no problem with that. 

When you forget some important details, like her birthday, she has no problem with it.

That’s because she is neither concerned nor excited about a relationship with you. 

Overall, she never makes any effort, won’t engage in the exciting things in the relationship, and does not expect anything.

Those are telling signs that she pretends to love you and not into you, as you’re in her. 

Clearly, her behavior shows that she does not want to love you. But, she has to. 

12. She loves what you have, not what you are.

It could be anything you better guess, but she’s not into a relationship because she loves you. 

Maybe she’s up to something, or she’s looking for some kind of benefit, and love isn’t it.

Further, maybe she’s using you for some secret purpose.

Whether she’s pretending to love you to make her ex jealous or to show off to her female friends that she’s dating a cute and rich guy. 

When she loves you, she never waits for a reason.

In this case, though, what you provide to her and what she might get from you are most important to her, which are signs she’s faking love for you.

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13. She never takes your relationship seriously.

Her connection and contribution to your relationship are just casual and not serious. 

It’s like you two are still just friends who have no expectations of each other, just having a good time together. That’s how she is. 

Anytime you do something special for her, she has no excitement.

Anytime when you talk about improving your relationship she doesn’t pay serious attention. 

You can tell a girl is in love with you by her expressions of affection or excitement.

Otherwise, that’s a sign your girlfriend is pretending to love you.

14. She never talks about this relationship openly.

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s important to keep it hidden from everyone. 

Even though you have been together for a long time, she still hasn’t shown any serious interest in you. 

She never introduces you to her parents and family. As well, she never publicly discusses your relationship. 

Be extra cautious if you are forced by your girlfriend to keep your relationship a secret.

She never let you speak openly about you two, even to your connection. 

Maybe she’s not ready for the relationship or is embarrassed or maybe her intentions are not that good, such are signs of fake love from a girl looks like.

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15. She is always controlling your dating and relationship.

Your relationship revolves around her, and she’s the only one who decides everything. 

From when to meet, when to talk or when not to, you’ve got to follow her orders.

Her goal appears to be to control and dominate this relationship.

She will not hesitate to cancel your plans, no matter how special they may be. 

She doesn’t appreciate your small gestures. Instead, she is always expecting more from you.

When you’re dating a girl who controls too much and doesn’t make your relationship work two-way, you can tell that she fakes her love for you.

16. She expects you to pamper her like a princess.

At some point, most girls expect it. Although, some girls behave maturely as well. 

However, the girl you’ve been dating is becoming overbearing in everything.

In case you forget to text her morning wishes, she won’t talk to you for two weeks. 

While she wants to be treated like a princess, she ignores that to let this relationship work, she has to contribute from her end, as well.

Her over-expectations and insensitivity are clear signs that this girl is faking her love interest or just not worthy for it.

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How do you know if a girl is pretending to love you?

With all the above signs you can simply get to know that a girl is not into the relationship as you do.

Additionally, she might be faking a feeling of not feeling it. 

It is either because she is playing with you or has no choice but to pretend as she loves you. 

Anytime your instinct is trying to tell you with such signs that she is pretending to love you, you better listen to it.

Don’t just overlook it, anyway.

It is possible that your gut feeling is trying to save you from something.

Also, letting you know that this is not ‘the right person’ who deserves your ‘genuine love’.

Simply letting her go… is the ultimate and best thing to do when you find that she is faking your love or playing with your feelings. 


You might feel true love for her. But, if she isn’t loving you back, accept that and move on.

Save your love for someone who deserves it, rather than forcing it on someone who doesn’t even love you.