9 Signs Of Friends With Benefits (FWB)

Last updated on January 31st, 2023 at 06:24 pm

Do you suspect that the person you ‘feel like you’re dating’ actually only wants to be ‘friends with benefits’ (FWB)?

Good for you, that you sensed it earlier.

And, you can be sure about that by following these ‘red’ signs of friends with benefits.

Well, if you’re seeing them as your boyfriend or girlfriend and serious about this relationship, but when these signs are there… Be on the lookout.


How Do You Know If You’re Just Friends With Benefits?

Well, everything that happens between you two is full of enjoyment, passion, and satisfaction.

Sometimes it feels so great that you are unsure if that person is truly serious about a loving relationship or just there for ‘benefits’.

You better be aware of that as you’re not only spending your time. But also giving away your feelings and yourself.

There must be someone out there to take advantage of you and totally use you.

If friends with benefits are not your goal, better watch out for signs which indicate someone is up for a causal relationship with you and nothing serious.


9 Signs Of Friends With Benefits (And, Nothing Else)

A relationship needs to be clearly defined and mutually agreed upon by two people, no matter whether it’s for a long-term or one-night stand.

However, the signs are there to alert you that… the person you see as your ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’ wants to keep it limited to ‘friends-with-benefits’ only.

1. He/she prefers to meet up in private. And, avoid being shown up publicly. 

You see that most of your meetings take place indoors and not in public.

It’s rare for you to go out on a date on the weekends or to a restaurant, but not regularly.

But, when you meet, it’s usually at your place or theirs, otherwise at a hotel.

The fact that most dates or meetings are private, as they avoid public meet-ups, which are signs that you’ve been manipulated to be in an FWB or causal relationship. 

2. He/she never introduces you as their ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’.

If the person truly admires you, they won’t hesitate while introduce you to anyone.

This person doesn’t seem to talk about your relationship with anyone else.

Neither do they wish to introduce you to their family or friends. 

If they hesitate to introduce you to others is proof that they’re not seeing you as a partner.

So, they keep you away from gatherings and parties that reveal your identity to others.

The attempts and excuses to keep you away from their connection are enough signs to know that he/she only considers you as a friend with benefits, and nothing serious.

3. He/she calls you up only when it’s time for ‘benefits’.

In love, you eventually become each other’s priority. Here, in FWB, you’re just an option.

He might not be around on your request or special day, but when he wants ‘it’.

She might not call you more often, but when she needs ‘it’. 

‘It’ fulfills the purpose of friends in benefits.

Clearly, here their intentions are nothing serious and only limited to ‘bed’ which is really a bad sign of friends with benefits. The fact that you should know.

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4. He/she never shows any attempt to make you feel special.

They aren’t making enough effort to make it two-way. For them, it’s just FWB, so they care about their benefits.  

A man or woman who is serious about relationships will show up with every smallest effort.

They stay connected and appreciate their partner’s presence and give timely compliments.

But, this person is here just for their own benefit. And, not seeing you anything beyond that. 

You might also know that you’re not really in love either.

But you want to give this FWB a shot. 

5. He/she never talks about anything serious, but their desires.

There’s no engaging and serious conversation about each other’s life and future.

The purpose of your meeting is mostly to satisfy one another’s short-term desires.

Even just a simple conversation can tell you that this guy isn’t serious about relationships.

Well, it’s just a hookup that makes them contact you and make you feel like you’re dating. 

Plus, their compliments show more of their desires fulfilled by you than of your uniqueness.

This indicates he wants to keep it FWB without showing any affection.

6. He/she shows no interest or excitement for the future relationship.

It’s all about their temporary desires and satisfaction, no future is ever discussed.

You expect to make it a solid relationship, but they’re unaware of it.

There is no excitement or participation in your attempts to discuss your future together.

Despite doing everything as partners in a relationship, this person is still uncertain where to take your relationship.

It’s because they never see you as a partner.

Definitely, a red sign that you’re just friends with benefits and they see nothing else than a hookup partner.

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7. He/she never expresses any gesture that shows they care about you.

Texts good morning and good night aren’t essential, but they’re a sign of affection.

It can come from someone who is purely boyfriend material or a girl who wants to be your girlfriend.

Mostly someone who is also into you, as you’re.

While here you’re just an option for them. They don’t feel the need to make such special gestures.

Apparent signs that he/she wants to keep it to friends-with-benefits, without getting attached.

They’re more likely to fulfill their desires(hookups) than consider your needs (respects). 

8. He mostly meets late in the evening or at night. Never, in sunlight.

After getting their ‘benefits’ they are more likely to leave the house, without much waiting.

Or If it’s their place, they want to get out of her house, but never let you stay there during the daytime.

When you visit their place during the day, they take you somewhere away from home.

At night, they show up again and act as if they haven’t had a chance to talk to you all day. 

It’s not that they’re busy the whole day… you’re not just their priority. But at night, only.

Not to mention, but how they treat you.

It’s just that you’re his/her FWB, but without discussing it. 

9. She may have mentioned that she wants FWB or casual only.

If your relationship is that serious and flames on both sides, no clarification is needed.

But, during the discussion, you might have noticed that she more often talks about making it casual or keeping it to just one part. 

You might not have paid attention or might have taken it lightly, but that’s what she wants.

Or someway she asks your opinion about FWB, mainly to check whether you’re ready for it or not.

You might be dreaming of your relationship or seeing her as a girlfriend, but she’s not serious about you at all. 

The way she acts and speaks indicates that she wants it to be just a friend with benefits. 

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When you know he/she is just interested in FWB…

If you’re down for friends-with-benefits and you both are clear about it from the start, that’s all fine. 

At least you both are aware that your relationship isn’t any serious and everything in it is just casual.

That keeps you away from being too connected emotionally

But, if you expect a serious commitment and hope to see them as your partner, you better know whether their plans are also the same or what.

When you notice the signs of friends with benefits in your present connection,… you need to make a move, rather than letting them play with you any further.

Because it’s what they want, but not you. 

Be sure and openly discuss your needs and expectations from the relationship. 


There’s no need to give such a relationship any more of your time, energy, and yourself…. when you know that this connection adds no value and respect to you.

As here, someone takes everything as they can, with no regard for your feelings. 

Better to get out of it when it’s not two-sided.