7 Signs An Online Friend Has A Crush On You

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 06:03 am

Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to find like-minded friends and a romantic partner online. 

Yet, still a downside there… it’s about ‘a clear expression’ of feelings.

It’s hard to tell if someone likes you online or is just being friendly. 

In that case, you should look for signs that an online friend has a crush on you, and he/she carries special feelings for you.

When there is a mutual attraction, it’s easy to tell by their approach to you and their behavior around you.

But, on the internet, how they interact with you… is everything. 


7 Signs An Online Friend Has A Crush On You

When your match on a dating site or a social media friend secretly likes you more than a friend, there might be some clues left behind. 

These signs of an online crush will help you determine if they’re just being too friendly or interested in you. 

1. You two regularly text each other without fail.

The conversation isn’t just about the amazing post you shared on social media. 

They always have something to talk about, usually something more interesting and personal.

And, you two have developed a fixed routine for chatting. 

The active interaction between you two, are early signs that your online friend is also interested in you. 

2. You not only get the faster responses but the longer ones.

Of course, you might know that the quick response is proof that someone likes you over text. 

But, that’s not enough.

Here, you see that he/she replies with an engaging response. 

That means he pays attention to you. Or, she sees you as the right person to talk to about anything.

And most importantly, they’re eager to talk with you, either through text or video call.   

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3. He/she pays attention to every detail about you.

When you’re not online, they may be reading your previous texts. It feels good to them. 

But, when you text, you notice that what you said to them… they remember it perfectly. 

There may be a good memory.

But, they seem to enjoy texting with you. 

The more they learn about you, the more they like you, which is a good sign that your online friend has developed feelings for you. 

4. He/she shares an interest to know you better.

Has this online friend started asking you more about yourself and your life? 

You have shared your hobbies and interests with them, are they intrigued? 

It’s not like they only ask about you, they also share information about themselves. 

Basically, that means he is not a player.

But, a nice guy is looking to develop a connection based on mutual trust and understanding.

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5. You two never feel bored with your online meet-up.

It clearly seems that you both enjoy interacting with each other online. 

The chat started with just a good morning text and continued throughout the day.

And you see that you both are sharing every small detail of the day happening before the day ends.

When a mutual attraction isn’t there, there won’t be an ongoing connection. 

But, while chatting, when the same excitement you get from the other end, too… count these as signs of an online crush telling you that your friend also likes you back.

6. Your online friend now flirts with you over texts, using emojis as hints.

So far, you’ve been texting and feel more comfortable with each other now. 

It’s online, here emojis are the way to share honest expressions.

And, they do so, in a creative (or flirtatious) way to make you feel special

You notice that during your texts, they often use heart emojis, which is a sign for you that your online friend is flirting with you, possibly that’s because he has a crush on you. 

7. That someone expresses interest in meeting you personally.

It was started as social media texts, now you often make voice or video calls. 

This clearly shows that you two have good chemistry, as well as you trust enough. Because you’re quite familiar with one another. 

Possible that they might only see you as friends and a good person to hang out with sometimes. 

But, if they have a crush on you they want it to be more than just a friendship. 

And so, when they ask to meet in person only when you’re comfortable and respect your preferences are good signs that someone you met online has a crush on you.

When they’re serious about your connection, they’re okay waiting for your response.  

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You know that someone likes you online, Next what?

Well, the above signs are enough to know that your online friend has a crush on you and sees you as more than just a friend. 

This is also a great chance to meet your partner.

Yet, beware, you may also be with a player.

If you feel that this person is genuinely good and you have enough information about them or they don’t hesitate to share much about themselves…

That means a ‘friend’ you met online is seriously into you. 

Checkout, does this friend force you to meet in person?

Or did they just share this idea with you and let you decide whether to meet? 

Do they text you only at certain times, at midnight? Or, can you text and call whenever you want?

Take note of their online behavior with you. Are they suspicious or open to sharing?

Yes, the rewards and risks of such an online connection are truly there.

But, knowing someone has a crush on you online and before making any move better follow your gut feelings and the intention you get from the other side.

Give this online connection enough time. See, more clear signs you get. 


In this internet generation, people do find their partner online, this might be in your destiny, too. 

But the thing to remember is- even though you met online… mutual respect, trust, and understanding are expected whether they’re your online friend or a match from the dating site.