14 Signs Someone Is Plotting Against You

Last updated on August 26th, 2022 at 07:00 pm

Is your friend’s strange behavior bothering you? Has your boss or coworker ceased to support you?

Or, Are you finding it hard to trust someone in your life lately? 

Well, there’ll always be early warning signs that someone is plotting against you and setting you up for something, something fishy or damaging for you. 

You’re more likely to come across that two-faced friend or jealous coworker who comes off friendly at first.

However, on the inside, they want you to fail in your personal or professional life. 

You have no idea what these people are doing or secretly expecting for you, since they are masters of hiding their true nature. 

When person is constantly contending, gossiping, backstabbing, others… But, being overly nice to you, Beware.

He or she is not there to help. Maybe they’ve some plan for you, as well.

This is a trap you do not want to fall into and damage your reputation. 

It’s a good idea to catch such sneaky behavior as early as possible, rather than be played.


14 Signs Someone Is Plotting Against You

Whether they do it to set you up for failure at work or to cause chaos in your life, there are some manipulators you should be aware of beforehand. 

There are some signs that can help you spot someone who is trying to scam you.

1. That person constantly reminds you of your wrong decisions.

Instead of respecting differences, they make you feel guilty for not taking their advice. 

It is possible that they enjoy making you feel embarrassed, bringing you down, and making you feel sorry for yourself, over and over again. 

It seems they take pleasure in making you feel guilty for your mistakes. 

You can see that they’re getting under your skin, annoying you, even knowing that you don’t want to talk about such things.

It’s a clear sign that they are setting you up to live like a failure. 

2. That person spreads rumors about you to others.

Well, this person might enjoy gossiping behind others’ backs.

Else, they can also use such information about others, in order to gain your trust. 

But, what they do to others, they can do the same to you. 

Whether you catch them gossiping behind your back or you are informed by someone else regarding rumors or personal details, such are signs that someone is plotting against you. 

It’s possible that person is close to you.

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3. That person tries really hard to be nice to you.

You should be extra careful around people who are extremely nice

So far, you have a limited connection with them.

However, it is clear that a person is trying to look nice and doing something for you, even if you didn’t ask.

They are around you and always try to provoke you every now and then. 

A sudden nice behavior, and praising you for every small thing are signs that they’re plotting against you to take information from you or steal your ideas. 

4. That person is only there when they need something.

When it’s a two-way street, when both contribute well enough, the connection is worthwhile. 

There might not be the same level of contributions, but there must be some level of effort to help each other.

However, there is always the one who doesn’t help but only asks for your help.

The initial treatment is nice, but once you stop helping or giving them anything, they start to set you up for something, as if you’re not a good friend or a trusted team player

5. That person may turn your nearest people against you.

When they realize it’s difficult for them to destroy you directly, they take the other route. 

They become closer to the people who are with you, the ones who actually give you strength.

In doing so, they trick your closest friends and relatives into saying something negative about you. 

If your friends or teammates start criticizing you or expressing doubt about you, it might be a sign that someone has turned them against you. 

6. That person is not the one you used to know.

As of lately, that person’s behavior toward you is unacceptable and toxic, in every sense. 

The way they interact and talk to you now is totally different from the way they did before.

As if you aren’t friends anymore, or if they carry emotional pain in their lives

Moreover, their behavior is becoming increasingly unreliable and unpredictable. 

However, they blame you for something even though you’re not at fault.

This is a sign that you’ve been fooled so far, by hiding this part of their nature.

7. That person warns you about something.

They might not really explain what fishy plans they have in mind. Just a hint. 

Calling your name, putting you down, and showing off how great they are compared to you, they want to show that you can’t win over them. 

Despite your goal not to beat them, they put unnecessary pressure on you. 

By doing so, they show that they feel threatened by you, and their insecurity drives them to hurt your confidence. 

They do it with negative remarks, saying you’re not good enough, all of which are signs that someone is plotting against you in order to destroy your motivation. 

8. That person makes you feel guilty for being you.

Regardless of what happens, they make you think you’re the cause of every failure. 

Around them, you just can’t be you.

It could be a controlling friend or manager, but they act like the boss of your life. By expressing disapproval, you hurt their ego. 

Because of your unique point of view, someone tries to set you up to embarrass you and mock you.

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9. That person starts to take advantage of you.

It can be a selfish friend or an insecure boss who feels hurt when you’re doing well. 

They only care about their reputation and image.

When someone gets extra recognition and benefits, they take it to heart and plot to harm them. 

It is obvious that they are taking advantage of you and using you for their own benefit.

But, when it comes to giving credit, they tend not to do so.

Which are signs that someone is setting you up for failure, while making them look the best and superior, still. 

10. That person starts to overreact about what to do or say.

You don’t want to compete with them or prove anything to them. But they’re. 

A good friend will always remain supportive and be there to help you anyways.

An insecure friend will only be there when you are doing less than them in life.

As you improve or do well in life, such people will distance themselves. Every small thing you say or do now annoys them. 

It is a sign that someone is plotting against you when they overreact to the small things and make you feel worse about your behavior. 

Because they see you as a competitor and cannot see you succeed in life. 

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11. That person acts more secretive and private to you.

There are some people who act dumb and unaware even if they are aware of all the details. 

Either they’re set to take advantage of everyone or play as a victim.

Never do they openly take one side or the other.

You should be extra careful around those who being a private yet expect you to share everything with them. 

Because, it’s a sign that they turn others against you when they’ve nothing to gain from you. 

12. That person who lies to you all the time.

When someone is trying to set you up, they avoid eye contact with you or show any positive gestures. 

They try hard to say something good about you.

Yet their facial expression and vibes give you the feeling that they’re lying to you.

You know he or she is pretending to love you

Whether they’re hiding something or have bad intentions against you, when you see that person lying to you, are signs that someone is plotting against you to harm you.

13. That person with a ruined reputation. No one trusts them.

Yes, it’s about a friend or coworker that no one believes is trustworthy or honest.

So many times they have broken trust and hurt others’ feelings. As a result, no one engages with them on a deeper level. 

It doesn’t matter what they say or do, it destroys someone’s confidence and mood. 

They are trying to compliment you, but they can’t help but point out any negative things from nowhere. 

When such a person with a ruined reputation gets near you, it’s a sign that someone is setting you up for something.

Because that’s what they’ve been doing so far to everyone. 

14. You’re not feeling right about them, anymore.

No matter how great your friendship has been so far and how much trust you have in them, the behavior they showed recently left you completely shocked. 

It’s hard to believe this is the same person. This side of them is quite upsetting to you. 

You begin to feel negative, uncomfortable, and uneasy in their presence. Earlier, you shared everything with each other, but now you don’t want to.

You should not ignore your gut feelings, since they are obvious signs that someone is plotting against you. 

You are not doing anything wrong to your friend or colleague, but they can.

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Generally, it is advised to see the good in everyone and in everything. 

However, if you sense that the person has changed or ‘that’ someone is setting you up for something, think about yourself first. 

You should never let someone’s jealousy, insecurity, or negativity bring you down. 

Keep being you. Stand up for what you believe and the person you’re.