13 Signs of Two-Faced Friends: How To Spot Fake and Backstabber In Friendship

Last updated on November 17th, 2022 at 06:45 pm

A good friend gives you lifelong memories and confidence. Whereas, a fake friend gives you lifelong lessons and a backstabber gives you a reason to never fully trust anyone.

Everyone comes into your life for some reason or another.

Well, you also want to keep faith in friendships. And, you shouldn’t treat everyone just because you once hurt or were used by a fake friend.

For that reason, you should be familiar with early signs of two-faced friends.

That way, you may avoid giving too much to these ‘so-called friends’ and you better stay away from such toxic people from the moment you find their real intention.

To save your time and feeling you really want to know… whether you’ve trusted friends or frenemies? 


How can you tell if you’ve a two-faced and fake friend?

It doesn’t matter how greatly and unconventionally your friendship starts. 

Everything, of course, feels amazing when you two meet each other plus have been creating some crazy memories along. 

One day, you find out that this ‘best friend of yours is gossiping behind your back.

If that’s not the case, you’re probably observing that your friend is quite jealous and/or doing something you would never think of doing as their friend. 

It’s really really hard to find whether someone is true to their feelings or not.

Maybe whatever they present you or the connection you feel within is just ‘look’ genuine, outside. 

Because people these days are great at hiding their true selves. 

They could either be someone who turns others against you or cover up their hidden intentions with their nicest gestures. 

Therefore, fake friends and backstabbers are much harder to recognize. 

However, if you have any clue or if it’s your gut saying so, then you better not ignore it. 

Look at how you feel when you think of that person as your friend.

Anytime, you ever have doubted them, then it’s the first reason to believe that someone is not your real friend. There must be a reason why you felt so.

And that does not end here. 

As you do this, you must be aware of additional signs that clearly indicate whether someone is a backstabber, a two-faced friend, or a frenemy who hasn’t yet shown their real face. 


13 Signs of Two-faced Friends: Uncover Their Real Face in Early Stage

1. A backstabber friend, who talks trash behind your back.

Gossipping and belittling others is not only the first but also the most common sign to know whether someone is two-faced or not. 

A real friend stays true to your face and also remains the same in your absence.

You easily trust them because they’re honest people by their feelings.

On the other hand, some two-faced people act well with everyone.

But as the person goes away they start talking trash behind their back. 

Well, such gossipping-lovers may look entertaining and funny to you at the moment.

In addition, you must be prepared to be treated the same way, as they treated others. 

Probably, there is no one there to talk to except you or they are waiting for you to leave. 

They may look nice to your face, but they keep their real identity, intention, and feelings hidden. 

Because you haven’t caught such a friend talking about you, doesn’t mean they can’t do that to you. 

You really don’t want to be around such two-faced people or friends who always talk negatively about someone who is not actually there.

2. An over-smart friend, who takes advantage of you.

Next, there comes a highly demanding friend who always expects you to treat them greatly. 

They make friendship more like a responsibility to you.

That’s right, a one-sided friendship. 

If they need anything from you, you’ll find them around.

They show their good behavior at first because they don’t see you as a good person, but the potential benefits from you. 

From job recommendations to settle introductions to a girl from your group, they stay around and act as your best friend. 

But, as their needs are fulfilled, or you choose not to help them, they move away and never show up anymore. 

Such signs of two-faced friends tell that they first act as victims and take advantage of someone with a supportive and caring nature.

Then, when it comes to giving you help, they either give excuses or choose to cut ties without explaining why.

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3. A careless friend, who never respects you, your time, and your priorities.

No matter whether someone is your best friend or partner, they need to understand your life priorities and respect that as well. 

You can’t be everything for everyone.

Also, you don’t have to be present around them, most of the time. 

But, when your friend doesn’t respect you, they overlook your feelings, time, and personal choices which are signs that they are fake friends. 

If your friend always wants something for you and never bothers about your other priorities at the moment, then it’s proof that they care more about themselves. 

And such friends either emotionally blackmail you for not helping them out or disappear for some days, till the next request they have for you. 

If you have friends who see your refusals as personal rejections and not as limitations, then these are signs that you have a two-faced friend who is always thinking of himself. 

4. A mean friend, who never pays attention to your opinions.

Everyone here is different. There are no equal opinions or thoughts among people.

Neither do they have to. 

Respecting each other and valuing opinions are one parts of a real friendship. 

A true picture of a friend can be seen when you express your honest opinion about them, without any connections, influences, or favoritism. 

When you constantly have to worry about their happiness and feelings, then your friendship is not real, it’s a forced one. 

They would like you to agree with them anyway, no matter what they do or say. 

And if you share your honest disagreement, they may either start ignoring you or try to make you feel worse even if you’re being true to them. 

Such are signs that a person is two-faced, especially when they want you to support them in anything, just because you’re their friend.

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5. An over-demanding friend, who always wants something.

A real friendship is totally unconditional and without any pressure of being available all the time. 

When you feel pressured to make your friend happy all the time, are clear signs that they are not your true best friend. 

Yeah, such friends exist who would like you to choose them over others. 

They want you to accompany them whenever they want, to support them wherever they are. 

Such friendship never remains friendship anymore, it’s become more like a duty when you always have to satisfy their needs. 

Anytime you fail to meet their demands, you get to see their true colors. 

Beware of such two-faced friends who end up making you feel regretful and misused for being a true friend.

6. A jealous friend, who limits you from getting ahead in life.

Having a friend who is supportive enough and actually feels happy when you’re succeeding, is quite rare these days. 

Really, consider yourself as a lucky person, who has a true friend in your life. 

But, in most cases, you may also have that one friend who is quite insecure inside.

They never want you to grow, because they can’t by themselves. 

Such a friend wants you to stay the same and never change a bit, not even in a positive way. 

Rather than being happy and feeling confident that their friend has achieved success… They feel anxious and fear that they will fall behind. 

It’s important to look for certain toxic behaviors such as not supporting you, not appreciating your efforts, or not sharing in your success like a genuine friend does.

Such combined reasons are signs of two-faced friends who wanted you to stop you from achieving success in life. 

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7. A greedy friend, who is so much for themselves.

You can easily spot the fake and two-faced friends who have no respect for your word, too.

Friends like these clearly show that they are all about themselves. 

They never care to listen to what you want to say. All they know is to talk about themselves and brag about their life. 

Such egoistic and self-centered friends keep everything around them. 

Anytime you feel that your friend just contacts you when they have something to talk about or to praise themselves, then they are signs they are fake friends. 

A person who is always focused on themselves has little concern for the words and presence of others. 

Even if you’re a friend, they never remember what your needs are and never bother asking for it.

Two-faced friends can be real trouble because they take what you have and never give anything back to you. 

8. A bully friend, who wants you to change the way they want.

Just like a possessive partner does hard to the relationship, a possessive friend even does the worst thing to your mindsets and emotions.

It’s like you always have to prove something that justifies the level of friendship. 

Anytime they ask you for something, you simply can’t deny them.

This is because they manipulate you and make you feel guilty for not helping them.

They stay good to you, till you do what they say and follow their direction. 

Such friends always have certain desires and expectations from someone to remain their friends forever. 

If they want you to change yourself, routine and life, as they want, and these are signs they are two-faced friends.

Who carry double standards and always want you to prove something to them. 

Friendship is to accept each other without any judgments and comparisons. 

If you feel judged and forced to change by these types of fake friends, you should stay away from them. 

And, you don’t have to blame yourself for anything, except having such a dominating friend.

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9. A moody friend, who is inconsistent with his feelings.

Most friendships are expected to be unconditional and consistent. 

The flow of mutual trust and respect is always there even when two friends don’t have enough time to spend with each other. 

Because they don’t have to prove their friendship to one another, they just know it within.

Additionally, true friends are respectful of one another and understand each other’s viewpoints. 

On the other hand, you may also have that friend whose behavior changes as per their interest and mood at the moment. 

As long as you help them, they remain nice and good to you.

But, when you can’t help them or stop helping them, they never hesitate to forget about everything you have done for them. 

Such two-faced friends never get a true friend because they cannot think from the other’s perspective and always think of their advantage first. 

When you have that toxic friend, you often find yourself being hard on yourself while caring for their feelings, over your own.

10. A Born-liar friend, who lies to everyone, except you.

Everyone is not as nice as they seem to be. You see their true faces when you no longer benefit them or stop supporting them in every way. 

Just like a fake friend you also want to stay away from the inborn liar.

Whether it’s your best friend or new friend it doesn’t matter, a liar will always be lying to everyone depending on the situation. 

Occasional lies are fine, especially when there’s some good cause behind them. 

But, when a person lies to everyone just to protect themselves and to get the benefits out of the situation, then you should be cautious before helping them.

It is unrealistic to expect that if your friend deceives his family, colleagues, and partner, but he won’t do the same to you as well. 

Wait for a while, or tell them the truth on their face, and you’ll realize that you’re dealing with a two-faced person so far. 

You better focus on being a good person first, then being devoted as a loyal friend to the wrong one.

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11. A Dishonest friend, who is not reliable enough.

Finding someone with honesty and respect for you is quite tough there. 

You can’t easily say that someone values you as their friend, connection or not.

But, inner self if you don’t feel that someone is that trustworthy friend to share your secret and life goals with, then there are enough signs that you have a frenemy. 

From thinking about your connection with them to seeing their name on incoming calls, you instantly get that uneasy feeling hoping to cut them off from your life. 

Whether you catch them sharing your secrets or just feeling unsure about their role in the friendship…

When there is a fake friend you anyhow get the signals within. 

Moreover, when someone is being too nice and always being around you, these are enough clues to know that they are hunting for some great advantage.

Such signs of two-faced people showing that they act as your closest friend take as much as benefits they take and leave when nothing is left for them. 

While being with you they collect enough information about you and share it with others by adding their elements to make fun of you. 

Chances are, they will backstab you and probably wait for you to turn back. 

Beware of such backstabber friends who act as a friend, but isn’t honest person that you or anyone want to trust. 

12. An Insecure friend who wants to put you down.

Having a friend who helps you grow in life is such a blessing. 

However, anything contrary to that makes you hate yourself for being friends with such a jealous and insecure person. 

Each new friend seems great at first.

Nevertheless, as time passes and you get to know them more, you will begin to feel insecure or jealous. 

Such friends are all good at preventing you from growing and keeping you to their level.

They inject their negativity into you, just to ensure that you won’t outgrow them. 

And when finally you are making great in life, such a friend starts to share rumors about you to destroy you and your life

If you have a friend with a strange outlook after seeing you successful, that is a sign that you’ve got an insecure friend that deserves one word ‘adios’.

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13. A fake friend who is better to keep out of your contact.

It’s not a friendship that is fake, but a feeling of either friend is a fake one. 

You wish they wouldn’t come across in your life. You’ve been tricked so long by them. 

At first, they appear like lifelong friends but won’t tell you what they’re up to.

Such friends are mere show-offs or make you feel like they’re helping you.

Such friends are less than helpful if you’re trying to achieve something worthwhile in life.

Because they not only play with your feelings but also waste your time. 

If you right now have a friend in the group who makes you feel wasted and is manipulative, these are signs of bad friends that you better to aware of.


Don’t be that ‘two-faced’ friend in your group.

So these are the types of fake friends that you better save yourself from. 

Indeed, you can’t easily spot them from the early few meetings. It’s because they are great at hiding their true intentions and faces. 

But, as time passes and the more they collect information about you, something enough to make them feel jealous, anxious, degraded, or insecure… you get to see their true colors. 

All their nice behavior as friends now no longer there, when you stop doing what they want from you.

You get to see their true nature… when you start to improve in life, and they are still the same. 

Knowing such signs of two-faced friends is enough to realize that it’s time to cut off a friendship from them.

Plus, seeing no such indications on any of your present friends is actually a good thing. 

Be sure to match such signs with your role as someone’s friend, too. 


Well, it’s also possible that this two-faced friend can be you… if you ever feel jealous, insecure, and toxic after seeing your best friend’s success and growth in life. Make sure you won’t end up becoming someone’s fake friend. Keep the faith in friendship alive.