11 Honorable Signs You are a Good Person

Last updated on December 23rd, 2022 at 06:32 pm

Hey, you!!! Yes, you who are reading this… you are a good person.

We truly appreciate everything you do for your people and your environment.

You are showing the most common signs of a good person, and so we’re dedicating this post to you.  


Probably you aren’t aware of it, or you have not thought about it, but other’s approach at you itself shows that you are a better person. 

You are a far better person than you think Because you stay true to everyone.

People like you and want to be with you. Because you carry those special qualities that are hard to find, these days.  

So, what are the other signs that make you a better person?

Well, there can be many reasons or signs behind it. But here we are going to discuss some common qualities to confirm that, you are a genuine person.


11 Signs You are a Good Person

1. You play your role, without expecting anything.

The first and foremost way to know if your a good person or not.. is to check your feelings and thoughts while helping others. 

Yes, as one of the top qualities of good person stats, they always help others without expecting anything in return.

Even if they know they’re not getting anything in return from someone, they give their best because they like to help others. 

You don’t expect anything from someone while helping them.

You just help people around, because it feels good inside. As a genuine person, you understand your role there, better. 

2. You compete with yourself, not others. 

Good people are more focused on learning and growing in life. Personal or professional life, good people have growth mindsets, rather than reserved thinking. 

Every decision they take is focused on self-growth and also believe in co-growth. 

If you stay focused on your self-learning and growing, then you are a better person than you think. You don’t work to look better than others, you do either to follow your passion or to make a positive influence in life. 

While others are competing with each other, you believe in co-growth. You take advice and help from others, same as that, you show readiness to help someone.

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3. You never run from your responsibility and accept your mistakes as you should.

Personal or professional like, you are a better person for everyone equally. Your family member, friend, partner, or even colleagues at the office, feel very confident and relaxed with you. 

Why, Because they know you are a responsible person who knows how to serve your role well. 

You never hesitate to accept your mistakes and take unbiased decisions. You think of your people first, and so never try to hide your faults. 

Moreover, your people like your nature, and feel confident about you. If they show their respect for you every now and then, then are signs that you are a good person.

4. You take care of others, same as yourself. 

Good people are not selfish, they take decisions and choices that benefit everyone around. They take significant time to think before making any final decisions. 

As a good leader, manager, or family member, you respect your people’s opinions, more than your personal ego. You ask for their opinions and share your views with them freely. 

Because you care for your people and know that your decisions may impact them directly or indirectly. Being with you, and your people feel respected, and heard. 

You don’t hesitate to share your feelings and care for someone, because you are a genuine person.

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5. You have value for relationships in your life.

Take any connections, whether it’s a relationship or friendship, a good person will always give their best to sustain this relationship.

The contribution of the good person, in a relationship, is always noticed plus appreciated. 

You are that nice person, who has love and respect for everyone in his life. Not for a single person, but you respect other’s presence in your life, equally.

And the best thing is, you stay loyal in your relationship. When things are not going well in your connections, you are the first who take some right action and make moves to solve the conflicts. 

Because you have genuine respect and care for someone. 

You never treat people, like a granted or something. Being with you, in your life, make everyone feel blessed.

And that’s only because you are a good person and prefer your people, over anything else. 

6. Your decisions and choices are unbiased. 

The one thing that makes a good person stand out from the group is, their opinions and words are their own.

They never hesitate to share their personal opinion and views of something. 

People trust you and ask for your advice because they know you are a genuine person. You make your point by thinking logically.

When your opinions and words are your own, and not influenced by anyone, then people tend to give respect to your words, even more.

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7. You stay kind to everyone. 

You never show off and work to get approval or appreciation.

People like you, because you stay true to yourself and to everyone. 

You are kind and know how to make an impact in someone’s life. You help everyone who asks for it.

When people look at you, they see you as a kind-hearted person. You don’t seek attention and so everyone likes you.

Everyone admires you, for the person you are. 

8. You know to make better life choices.

You are not perfect to make the right decisions every time. Of course, you make mistakes sometimes, but you also know how to solve such situations. 

Your approach to keep problems to yourself, picture you as a responsible person for family and your team. 

When your day at work was tough, your people don’t have to suffer. Like a wise person, you know how to make better choices in life. 

If your people talk with you freely, at any time, rather than checking your mood then these are your signs that you are a good person for them.

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9. You follow a positive approach in life. 

When during the challenging phase, when most people lose hope and end up being hard on themselves and to others, you stay positive, surprisingly. 

More than anyone else, you know yourself better. No matter in which situation life puts you in, but you never stop showing up as a good person.

Your positive approach inspired your environment greatly. Even if you find most of them come and ask for advice to be that ‘calm and positive’ just like you. 

When you aim to learn more from the challenging phase and guide others to follow the same, then these are your signs you are a good person. 

10. You are everyone’s friend. 

People want to be with someone positive, energetic, and approachable. Your people like you and inside feeling proud to have you as a valuable person in life. 

No one has any negative to say about you, at least your nearest ones. They have some genuine respect and attention for you. 

And because you make yourself easy to connect, people in the newer environment are attracted to you, better. 

You make friends so easily and also know how to keep them in life.

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11. You are understandable. 

Simplicity is the best quality of a good person.

Just like you stay true to yourself, you show up with your true personality. 

You don’t hide something from others, you share your opinion and words, as you should. 

Everyone around you knows you better because you are real. You are not confused or not trying to hide something from them.

You are friendly and stay consistent with your feelings. You are not bound by your emotions and feelings.

And, that is what makes you a better person than most.  


So, What makes you a better person?

Well, no matter how good you are or how better you present yourself, you can never be a good person for everyone in this world. And, that’s perfectly fine. 

You are not here to collect appreciation and get approval from everyone. That doesn’t mean you have to stop caring for everyone and stay completely separated or alone. 

The point here is to understand your role as an individual, to your people’s lives, and your surroundings, better. 

When you can stay positive with your approach and can justify your role to your environment right, then that makes your PERFECT signs that you are a good person.