10 Signs You Are a Leader, By Birth

Last updated on July 21st, 2021 at 06:47 pm

Believe it or no, but your personality signs showing that you are a leader. Whether you consider yourself as a born leader or not, but your unique qualities, are those confirmed signs that a great leader in the making. 


Do you know you’re ready to become a leader?

You have confidence in your action, you take responsibility, and play your role better.

Everyone believes in your decisions. Because you guide them right.

Especially, If you: 

  • can think positively for your team, and members… just like yourself,
  • have the ability to make someone feel good about themselves,
  • are more patient than anyone in your team, then…

Such are your signs that you are a good leader. 

Want to know other things that make you a unique leader or Are you a born leader or not?

Then, here are some unique qualities of a good leader, that your character reflecting from every decision you make.

You can be a great leader in the future because you have something required to lead others confidently.

And, that’s we are going to discuss, next. 


Top 10 Signs You Are a Leader, That Every Team Wants.

1. You can make someone believe in themselves. 

Leaders are supposed to lead their team and people in the right direction.

Just like leaders believe in themselves, they also show their trust in the team, too. When you can think about your team beyond yourself, then you are a leader that every team prefers to have.

Your approach to thinking for others and motivate them to do something, by themselves, make you the right leader.

Because, everyone needs someone, like a true leader, who just gives them a required push to make something great in thier life, too. 

2. You are easy to approach. 

People around you, take you as a genuine person to be with.

They feel very connected and confident with you. You have made yourself approachable to everyone, and they connect with ease.

They don’t have to think much about your attitude or mood, before approaching you for anything.

They can come anytime, and feel free to ask for help. Because you help them right and treat them better.

And are signs proving that you have the qualities of a great leader. 

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3. You maintain patience during the tough time. 

No matter how hard the situation is going there, and the challenges you have to face in your professional to personal life, just like a good leader out there, you never lose your control.

You know how to control your emotions and the best response to challenges.

You are not short-tempered, and take every challenge as a chance to grow.

You can handle tough phases, with patience and required focus.

Such combined skills and qualities are proven signs you are a leader by birth. 

4. You have your own opinion and words. 

Your every decision is not bound by past beliefs and the influence of someone else.

You have your ideas and thoughts to share. Your every opinion on something is the result of your experience, proof, and analysis only.

You never make judgments and conclusions, just because your situation forces you to.

Your decisions and thoughts are your own, not forced or heavily influenced ones.

Such ability to have own thoughts is very important and a must-have for a leader.

And of course, you hold that and it proves, you are a good leader for your team.

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5. You are trustworthy. 

People trust you and believe that you’ve value and respect for them, too.

When your words and opinions are taken without doubts, that means they believe you.

Every time they ask for advice, you have an honest answer for them.

You don’t hesitate to tell them the truth, no matter how hard it may be.

Not everyone is that ready to get those bitter truths, but you play your part right.

You don’t fake it, you are confident about yourself

And, this bold nature of staying true to yourself and everyone, is something that makes you a leader.

Because sometimes you have to make the hard decision and this skill is a must there. 

6. You take your responsibility, every time. 

Leaders don’t become a leader eventually, they set great goals, make a plan and achieve that.

But what makes them unique in the process… it’s their responsible nature to an overall plan.

Whether team-players are that serious as not, But leaders never go off track, on what they supposed to do, as a leader.

If you take your part right and also take responsibility for your team, as a whole… are such signs you are a true leader.

Because leaders don’t just order, they also follow the path along, too.

Those who are run away from their responsibility is not a leader, but a boss… who think, he is a leader. 

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7. You learn and update yourself, every day. 

The great thing about leaders is… they know that they are not perfect.

Even further they don’t want to become perfect. As learning and growing has no limits, the leader never stops at such boundaries, too.

A good leader never describes themselves as ‘the number one’ or The best’ one.

That doesn’t mean, leaders are not confident about themselves.

It’s because they know the industry is always evolving and someone is better than them.

They don’t want to beat others but don’t want to be left behind in the game either.

They learn regularly and update themselves, as required.

So, if you take learning as a daily part of your life, then you are a leader.  

8 You see opportunities in everything. 

You don’t wait for the opportunity to come to you, you create them by putting right efforts, every day.

You don’t hold yourself back from making the tough decisions for yourself and your team.

Every decision you take is showing your confidence in yourself.

While going through a tough situation with no better option there, and your mindsets work differently than others.

Results, you end up having the best option every time.

Your approach to see the opportunities in adversities make you a good leader, that your team feels proud of.

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9 You listen to others, actively. 

Being a leader doesn’t mean you only have to give orders and wait for the fruits only.

Leadership is about leading others and achieving goals together, with equal contributions.

Agree that people are learning from you and seeking advice when they feel stuck at some.

And, here comes a difference between a Good to a Great leader.

You are a great leader when you also listen to others, right too.

Your team members feel free to advise and ask for something because they know their leader listens to the right. 

10. You are an inspiration for your team, people, or friends.

Your team is genuinely following you, not due to any pressure or insecurity. But because of trust, you show them, as a leader.

You don’t only expect from them, but also put best efforts from your end, too.

Your work ethic is itself encouraging others, to follow you. 

People find themselves inspired after seeing that you work hard, and are dedicated to the common goals.

Your team, or nearest ones, feel proud to have a leader like you

Because they are learning many things from you.

Especially, when you don’t have to keep watch on your teamwork, then are confident signs you are a great leader.

Because a great leader never forces others to do something, their own efforts are enough to do that. 

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So, What do you think of your leadership qualities?

You don’t need to have a large team to become a great leader, all you need is to lead your people, right.

Small team or inner friend circle, you can be a leader, just by bringing noticeable changes in their thinking, and perspective.

When your moral support inspires others in life, to make something worthwhile for the future, that signs you are a leader that everyone wants to follow.

And, if you’re still not feeling so, then believe your qualities which show that a Great leader is in making.