11 Signs Someone Wants To Destroy You & Your Life

Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 04:42 pm

Whatever we do, there will always be someone who tries to ruin someone’s life.

Whether you become famous or achieve remarkable success in life, you are likely to encounter such a destroyer. 

Do you sense that someone is about to ruin your life, relationship, or reputation?

They will never let you succeed, easily.

Be aware of these early warning signs that someone wants to destroy you and the reputation you are developing or have developed working so hard.


How To Recognize A Person Who Is Planning To Ruin Your Life?

Unfortunately, most of the time, a person’s closest family member, or most trusted friend…

 – is to blame for someone’s ruined reputation, relationship, or life, in the end.

During close or trusted relationships, this person is well aware of someone’s life, strengths, weaknesses, and so on.

That a person uses against someone later on to destroy their reputation or life.

However, since the closest one can be a major threat to your reputation, it makes no sense to be skeptical of every nearest people.

Some good people keep going without expecting any potential gain or favor from you.

In case you get to know about such a potential threat or if you want to avoid such a person from destroying you, stay away from them as early as possible.

This way they will not have the opportunity to damage work to your life, later on. 

Well, the point of this is to recognize dangerous personalities who have the potential to destroy your life before you disclose almost everything about you and your life. 

Here you will find the early signs to know that someone is really on a mission to destroy you and that their intention to be in your life are not simply good as they try to show. 


Signs Someone Wants to Destroy You & Your Reputation

1. Someone who is always negative about everything, everyone.

Don’t believe they won’t do it to you if you see what they’ve done to others. 

Whether it’s your best friend or a trusted member of your team when someone is being so negative towards others, it’s possible that they can do this to you, too. 

If someone draws you to their negative energies and imposes the same behavior on you, it’s better to watch out for your behavior and reputation as well. 

You may not have heard them say the same negative or misleading things about you, but that doesn’t mean… they aren’t saying those things. 

Such people act smart and nice to everyone and keep sharing rumors or private stuff about someone who is not there. 

So if you have one of such people who only have negative access to all information about something or someone, these are signs that this is the someone who can destroy you and your life, when they get to know more about you. 

2. Someone who uses you to help them out in any trouble.

Maybe right now, you are not their target. But, you will once they ruin the existing one. 

When you are a caring and kind-hearted person to help everyone out, people either try to take advantage of you or use you to save their reputation at your cost. 

Such people play the victim and always seek your attention and care. 

It is good to help each other grow, but when you have someone who only contacts you when they are in trouble, you make them too dependent and careless.  

Not only that, when you stop helping them, such people will forget about what you did for them.

Even they never feel hesitation to do anything possible to ruin you. 

It’s better to find such people who play nice or victim and want you to get closure so you take advantage of your kind nature and later on can destroy you. 

With such people around you, you’ll probably lose interest in being a good person.

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3. Someone who continually doubts your goals and dreams.

Whenever someone doubts your plans, it’s as if they are jealous or trying to steal them. 

You should keep your dreams and life desires within until you finally achieve them.

It helps you in both ways. 

First, you become more focused and stay inspired to achieve such things.

And second, you eventually save yourself from such jealousy and negative thinking of someone who simply can’t tolerate someone’s happiness. 

Look around you:

Do you have any best friends or family members that know about your goals?

What was their reaction when you shared such important goals with them? 

Were they enthusiastic or supportive in helping you in any way they could?

Or do they simply impose their negative beliefs on you, saying these are nonsense or impossible?

The right one, your well-wishers will always show they believe in you. 

Whereas toxic or two-faced people will try to keep you down to their level or steal your ideas and plan for their purpose. 

You want to beware of such people with jealousy and insecurity or a negative approach towards your goals, as these are early signs that they are someone who wants to destroy you or stop you from becoming a better person. 

4. Someone who talks behind your back.

Those who talk behind others’ backs, simply waiting for you to leave. 

Because once you leave, they will start talking behind your back the same way they did to others.

You better not to seek any entertainment from such people who spend most of their time gossiping about others. 

If your best friend or colleague at work, prefers to talk about someone who’s not there, it’s better to keep your distance and stay away from such trash talk. 

There is a chance you may accidentally hear someone talking behind your back. 

Or such rumors can be exposed when you have someone close to you inform you about what’s happening behind you when you leave. 

So if you observe such signs from your circle or surrounding, do not get involved, because they are the ‘someone who wants to destroy you with rumors and lies.

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5. Someone who tries to become more familiar with you.

The closer they come, the greater damage they can incur on you. 

If someone asks too many questions about you, it’s not always about knowing you more or they like you, as a person.

But, it’s also because they are trying to find a way to destroy you. 

Since they know very well that if they have to ruin your life, they will need some information first.

And for that reason, they act overly nice and friendly to you.

As their first step is to gain your trust, anyhow. 

You better be careful if you feel that your best friend’s or an office colleague’s behavior has changed drastically since they are more concerned with asking about personal life or life choices than anything else. 

Do not give away too much information about your life or yourself to others.

Anytime you feel that someone is more concerned about knowing about you or avoid answering when you asked the same question to them, these are possible signs that someone wants to destroy you. 

And they do it all by staying underground without leaving any clues or hints behind, which may damage their image and reputation, as well.  

6. Someone who never chooses one side, when required.

Because they seek to benefit from both sides, they never openly choose one side. 

It could be your best friend who you found in your enemy’s base or a colleague who in private tells you that he supports you…

But he also wants to protect his job and can’t stand against the management, only for you. 

Such people are the ones who act supportive and nice to you because they want to gain the benefits from both sides. They want to keep a connection with both sides. 

It’s not that they can’t take a stand, but they are worrying more about losing their perks.

Either from you or the opponents. 

These are also the people who make sure there will always be a fight or chaos, they also exchange information from one base to another.

In this way, they gain secret benefits from both parties. 

You may find that someone comes to you in private saying that he/she is with you…

But mostly found making fun of you publicly or they never act like promised. 

Such are signs that someone wants to destroy you plus being close to you they can do it more precisely by exposing your plans to your opposition. 

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7. Someone who avoids celebrating your success or happiness.

Because it wasn’t something they planned, they wanted you to fail here. 

When they never showed their interest in your dreams, they won’t show up when you finally achieve your dreams and something which they doubted first. 

It’s not because of the shame, but they can’t tolerate you seeing success, overall. 

When it is the right one, they genuinely praise you and acknowledge that their judgment about you was wrong.

However, the toxic ones tend to stay away from you or in most cases, avoid being present when such celebrations take place.

Because they fear that their forced smile will reveal their jealousy and failed intentions. 

Anytime you see that your friend or someone in your circle or family who is mostly absent from the positive thing in your life.

Mostly during the success celebration or your special day when you feel happy the most, which are signs that someone secretly wants to destroy you. 

8. Someone who has destroyed someone’s life before.

Seriously, do you still think that they have changed and you are different from them? 

If you are in a relationship with someone who has already destroyed someone’s life or you were the one who has supported them to come out of a past relationship, it’s better not to believe that they will never do the same to you.

Well, they definitely do the same or even worse to you, when they come to know that you are not doing or following what they want you to.

If they admit that they will destroy someone’s life, you cannot assume that they won’t do the same to you.

Or it can be a bad boss who uses you to talk in their favor to the management.

Because your boss wants to destroy one employee’s career with whom he has some personal issues. 

Noticing such signs that someone already destroyed another person’s life or involved you in destroying work, it is better to make the right choice and also think about like, you can be in the same position, later on. 

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9. Someone who slowly isolates you from everyone.

They first make you alone and dependent on them, and then completely ruin your life. 

If you have such a group with strong-minded people and someone who is always there to support you and encourage you, things will be very difficult for someone who sets out to destroy you. 

Knowing this, such toxic or jealous people begin by injecting their negativity about close relationships.

They can go to any limit to break any special bonds or connections you have in life. Doing so, they simply set to ruin your life, career, or relationship. 

For that, they start to spread rumors about your loved one to break the connection from both ends. 

If anytime you get to see that someone new in your group or a colleague advises you to stay away from the people you used to hang out with, but he/she eventually shows up with your group, it’s a sign that someone is on a mission to destroy your relationship. 

Such a person who makes you believe that they are the only one you can count on. 

And then, they left you alone, when they destroyed you or took the advantage they wanted to gain. 

10. Someone who tries to destroy your confidence and faith.

When they know they can’t defeat you, they choose to stop you before entering the field. 

Being surrounded by good friends, who are there for you every time you need them through a hard time, is such a blessing.

Because they are the right people to surround yourself with and who eventually bring the best out of you. 

However, other ‘so-called’ friends are either insecure, jealous, or two-faced, they only see your friendship as a competition.

They will try their best to prevent you from making an impact and doing something that could possibly change your life for the better

If you see that your best friend, office colleague sitting next to you, or anyone…

Or anyone who eventually shows their insecurity or jealousy within you, it’s an early sign that someone wants to destroy your confidence and stop you from doing something worthwhile in your life. 

Eventually, when you grow, they feel like leaving behind something they don’t want.

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11. Someone’s presence makes you feel suspicious inside.

When your gut is trying to alert you to someone, don’t ignore them. 

Have you every time felt that a one-person walks in and you feel a bit strange toward them or you sense some evil energies from the person? 

Well, it’s because such a person’s intentions are not actually good for you. 

Call it a gut feeling or an instinct, but you better check why you should feel that way about someone.

Do you sense like…

Someone is up to no good behind your back, like spreading rumors about you or misleading your best friend against you.

Such weird smiles at you or always showing excuses for your success or abilities are clear signs that someone wants to destroy you.

Even though you have no direct relationship with them, they will do the same because this is the best that they can do. 

And don’t think that you’re the only target, possibly they have destroyed many before you. 


When Someone Sets Out To Destroy You…

The earlier you learn someone’s intentions toward your success or life, the better.

It doesn’t make any sense to wait until they are finished with their mission to ruin your life. 

No matter who it is, whether it’s (typically insecure, toxic, or jealous) a friend, a partner, a family member, or a coworker, whenever such someone sees that you are getting success or outrunning them…

They will do whatever they can… To stop you. 

It’s mostly because of the jealousy, and insecurity that prevails in them which draws them to do something for someone to destroy one’s life, career, or relationship. 

So if you see most of the signs that someone wants to destroy you, then…

It’s better to keep your guard open and stop giving any further information which they can use against you.

Additionally, the ultimate response to people like these is to cut them from your life completely.


After all, you have built yourself and your reputation by facing such hard times and working on yourself, without losing faith.

And if someone thinks it will be easy for them to destroy you, let them know you are not weak like their previous targets.