15 Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Value You (And, What To Do)

Last updated on December 31st, 2022 at 05:56 pm

Some friendships are unsatisfying, where you are not respected enough by friends.

Aside from not thank you enough, your friend does not provide any help to you. 

You don’t want such a mean and two-faced person in your life as a friend. 

Well, to avoid any mistreatment by a friend, learn to recognize signs that your friend doesn’t value you, so you don’t waste your time, anymore. 

Obviously, not every friend is alike. 

But if you come across someone like this, do yourself a favor and maintain your self-respect.


15 Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Value You

You need a friend who will stand up for you when no one else will.

It is that ‘real friend’ who keeps your self-worth and makes you realize the value of friendship.

It is unfortunate to have a friend who can’t see your value, still. 

There are already signs that this friend does not respect you, but you may be having unreasonable hopes that he or she will someday see your worth.

While your bestie tries to find your replacement also he/she doesn’t enjoy friendship with you anymore.

As soon as you notice such signs in your friend’s behavior, stop hoping for anything good from them.

They aren’t don’t care about you and your feelings at all. 

1. Your friend pushes you to change and control your nature.

A great friendship grows out of being comfortable with differences. 

In your case, your friend doesn’t seem comfortable being around or calling you a friend for who you are.

Your friend never stops telling you to do this or that to make you look better.

As he/she always finds something wrong with your actions, appearance, and words.

Such a friend won’t respect you for being yourself but will expect you to be perfect.  

signs your friend does not respect you

2. Your friend never gives you a positive outlook in life.

No matter what you do for your friend, they never care back. 

Such friends don’t have any positive words to say about you doing great in life. 

Instead of helping you feel better, such friends make your life miserable with their complaints and excuses.

3. You never heard this friend ever say ‘thanks’ or ‘sorry’ to you.

Obviously, such formalities have no place in friendship. It still means a lot. 

It is strange that when you do this friend a great favor, they don’t care to thank you.

Basically, they don’t want you to feel valuable to them. 

The same friend never apologizes for hurting your feelings with their words or actions. 

Well, those are clear signs that your friend doesn’t value you at all.

They prefer their own egos over anything else.

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4. You feel unappreciated and ignored, especially by this friend.

You might be a part of a friendship group, but one friend has never accepted you, for a reason. 

If so, you get no welcoming gesture from them, ever.

It is secretly his goal to isolate you from the group and to plot against you with other friends.

A friend who does not respect or care for you shows no excitement about your plan while others appreciate you and support you.

5. You’re dragged down by such a friend who has no care for you.

While good friends help you look up to them, the wrong one looks down on you

Maybe you already have a friend who always talks negatively about everything you share. 

Their intention is to keep you away from growing and thinking big in life.

Possible that this friend is secretly jealous of you, and can’t see any good things about you nor care to say anything positive.

6. Your friend never cares for you despite knowing you have no one.

You’re already alone and unsupported, but this friend shows no interest in helping you. 

Let’s forget about help, this friend isn’t even asking how you’re doing, even if things clearly seem no good to you.

Secondly, they enjoy watching you struggle. 

When you really need a friend, you do not see any effort on the part of this friend. 

7. Your friend has no respect for your boundaries.

Your friend might interfere in your life without needing to, as she is quite a control freak friend

This could happen when your boundaries aren’t clear there. 

Still, you don’t have to explain your boundaries to everyone.

A good friend will respect them no matter what. 

And, you have this friend. They don’t care about your priorities or boundaries; they just care about themselves.

8. Your friend never involves you in anything they plan.

signs your friend has no value for your feelings

Everyone in your circle has received her birthday invitation, but you aren’t aware of it. 

In fact, your friend has no value for you and does not consider you a friend at all. 

Whether it’s to any gathering or trip planning, you’re intentionally left out by such a friend. 

When asked about it, their excuses and overly friendly nature are apparent signs that your friend has no value for you, as they try to show. 

9. Your friend blames you for anything that goes wrong.

In friendship, not only you but they also need to give enough contribution to make it work. 

But your friend never does as much as you do. 

You’re not even given any respect or care, that’s the first thing.

The worst part is that they blame you for problems that aren’t your fault at all.

Such irresponsible behavior shows that your friend has no value for you, for sure.

10. Your friend will be around you for a reason.

Inside, you already know that your friend is using you and the friendship is for her benefit. 

Maybe this friend keeps you in contact only when they need something.

You get to see them around and being too good to you before they take advantage of you.

When they have nothing to take, they won’t answer your call or stop showing up.  

11. Your friend never takes you seriously.

This is the most obvious sign that your friend doesn’t value you, the way you do. 

This friend is only around to make fun of you and talk nonsense. 

You only listen to your friend most of the time, but you never get a chance to speak.

Then, when you do share something with them, they never pay attention or laugh at the problems as if they don’t care.

12. You never get the same excitement you give toward this friend.

Looking closely, it seems like all meetings and plans are set up by you, not your friend. 

For a friendship to stay exciting, both friends must have the same interest in seeing each other. 

Your friend, however, doesn’t care about keeping in touch. 

Which are obvious signs that your friend has no interest in knowing you. 

13. Your friend is there for the good times, not for the bad.

Well, you only get such friends back when you are successful in life

However, when you need someone to support you emotionally and handle you during difficult times, they are not available. 

It’s truly an eye-opening experience for you to realize who your friend is. 

14. Your friend doesn’t ever show sympathy to you.

signs your friend doesn't care about

No matter who is your friend or not, someone might feel sensitive to the pain of others. 

Having friends who don’t offer any good, but rather try to worsen things, is a serious concern.

They make fun of your failure, criticize you, and spread rumors instead of offering help. 

These are openly telling you that your friend does not care about your feelings at all. 

15. Your friend never takes a stand for you like a real friend.

The friend who keeps your name when you’re not around is your reliable friend. 

However, you have a friend who never played any role in your friendship.

In a way, it’s like someone who tries to break you down by being with you. 

Normally, you find such friends gossiping behind your back. Furthermore, they are involved in the group against you.

Beware of such friends, because they’re on a set plan to waste your time and spoil your life

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What Do You Do When Your Friend Doesn’t Value You, Anymore?

Like relationships, friendship is also a major part of life that affects your emotions deeply. 

When you don’t have friends who respect or value you, you won’t feel good about yourself, either.

There is always negativity to deal with, which makes you stop believing in anything positive. 

If you notice that the above signs apply to you, that means your friend doesn’t value you and they add no good to your life. 

We could have different opinions and lifestyles, but mutual respect is what keeps friendship alive. 

Knowing your friend has no respect for you, giving in to anything more- makes no sense. 

You better divert your focus from this friendship to another connection that makes you feel valued as a person.

It may have been your best friend in the past, but over time things change. 


The two of you have had a great time in the past. But now your friend has no respect and value for you, which means this friendship has no valid point. 

Better accept that the friendship adds no value to your life and move on.