16 Signs Your Best Friend Is Replacing You

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 05:55 am

Knowing your best friend prefers someone over you, makes you jealous. 

You might feel ignored, isolated, and completely replaced… if someone takes your place in your BFF’s life. (Also, possible that your friend likes your crush more than you.)

Especially, when your friend wants that, you’d better accept it.

But, you must first look for signs that your best friend wants to replace you (Or, had found your replacement) and that he/she will leave you soon.


16 Signs Your Best Friend Is Replacing You

As It was going great and now you feel like your friendship isn’t the same. 

Something’s off, you sense it. 

Your bestie starts to act weird, be more private, and show a mysterious nature, lately.

Your bestie finds a new friend and stays together like you used to.

But, you’re not part of their company. 

Would it be just jealousy or has your friend found ‘a cooler friend’ than you?

Before you feel ignored and take things personally, look for some signs that confirm that you’re replaced by your best friend.

1. You both hang out with new friends. And, not with each other anymore.

Maybe that’s why you feel like your BFF has a new bestie to replace you with. 

Making new friendships don’t have to be a big deal. 

When you observe, the activities you and your best friends were doing continue with this new friend. 

If you’re not part of it, it means you’re replaced in friendship. 

When you feel like your best friend is replacing you

2. Your friend is dating someone or in a relationship now.

There was a time when you were single and making every day count in your friendship.

But now this friend has another priority and someone to take extra care of, so you’re just an option.

It’s not your fault, most friendships end this way.

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3. You both are not meeting as you used to.

Over time you’re now busy with your job, business, and new lifestyle.

You are left with no time to spend with each other.

Maybe your best friend is also not interested in having such meetings with you anymore.

If it’s not someone, then it’s the priorities that replace you here.

4. Your best friend doesn’t care to call or text you back.

Earlier, your friend never left your call or text unanswered. But now they are.

Anytime you contact them or try to have a regular chat, your bestie excuses that he/she is very busy.

Also, they never return to you, even though they said they will when they have time. 

5. Your friends start to keep secrets from you.

Maybe it’s you being jealous or acting like a controlling freak friend that makes your friend distance herself from you.

In between, they might have found some friend who is trustworthy unlike you.

It’s hard, but if you ever felt jealous in your friendship, you’re the reason why your best friend is replacing you now. 

6. Your conversation is no more engaging.

Not only is your chat time decreasing but there is also no fun.

You and your friends don’t enjoy inside jokes anymore.

Your chat is more like a regular hi-hello and nothing special.

It’s possible that your bestie now gets bored with you and is looking for new friendships. 

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7. Your friend stops sharing anything with you.

From getting a job promotion to a new house, your friend doesn’t consider you as their best friend anymore.

So, he/she did not let you know that.

On asking, your friend tries to change the subject.

You can see that your friend isn’t comfortable sharing anything more with you.

8. Your friend is always in a fighting mood.

Before this, your bestie was the cool and calmest guy.

Lately, they seem to overreact and take things too personally.

It’s as if your BFF wants a reason to not be with you.

Possible that your bestie already finds your replacement friend and now wants you to leave this friendship.

Your best friend has your replacement

9. Your friend is ignoring you when someone is with them.

This friend is now teaming up with someone new in your group and making fun of you.

Together, they try to bring you down, instead of defending you, like earlier.

It’s a sign that your best friend is replacing you and doesn’t need you anymore. 

10. Even others start to ask if everything is fine in your friendship.

It might make sense to you.

But it’s now confirmed that your best friend is replacing you and has made another BFF.

As your mutual friends start asking about why you two are not together and what’s the matter.

It is possible that your friend might be talking behind your back, or in public your best friend tries to ignore you.

11. Your bestie starts talking about how this new friend is cooler than you.

Your best friend compares you with the new friend, and that’s on the face.

Well, your friend hasn’t replaced you but will do it sooner.

Your bestie is not laughing at your jokes, but also can’t stop talking about the new friend, they have. 

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12. There’s someone who knows all your secrets your BFF knows.

Possibly that your best friend has shared all such secrets with this new friend.

Your best friend isn’t just sharing details about you, but now also shares the same about them with this new friend.

This is a clear sign that your friend is seeing this friend as a loyal friend, and even trying to replace you with them. 

13. You’re no longer treated like a friend, but a stranger now.

Now there’s no surprise for you on your special day or no more invitations from this friend.

But now all go to that someone new.

Yes, your friend replaced you with this new friend.

Not only that, but your friend also completely treats you as if you weren’t a friend.

That’s painful, but it’s happening. 

14. Someone is already there with your bestie most of the time.

You’re now excluded, by your all-time best friend.

This new person could be his first girlfriend or another best friend.

You have no chance to hold your place as a friend, as your bestie is never available for you.

That’s a sign, you’re replaced or in the same process. 

15. You’re not part of their new friend circle.

Not only does your best friend have a better friend than you, but you have an entirely new group of friends.

It means your friend is changing their lifestyle.

Like your BFF’s attitude changes, their perception of you also changes.

They keep you away from their new group, as if your friend saying, you should find their replacement, too. 

Signs your bff has found better friend than you

16. You just feel awkward when you two are together.

Since you both know that things aren’t going well, still you’re acting nice forcefully.

Inside you, both wish that you would not show up to each other, no matter what.

It’s all because of the changing priorities and lifestyle.

Also possible that your friend has found a better friend than you. 

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How To React When Your Best Friend Is Replacing You?

Your friendship is not feeling the same as it was.

That’s fine, every connection experiences that part.

From the above signs, you know that your best friend is replacing you and that’s nothing much to do.

You can’t force them to remain your BFF. It’s their choice, and you should accept that now.

You don’t want to be controlling and throw out your jealousy to your bestie.

If they decide to go, let them go.

Better leave with the memories you shared alone, do your role as a best friend, finally.