8 Signs Your Best Friend Likes Your Boyfriend

Do you suspect that your best friend likes your boyfriend? Be careful not to act too soon.

Here are some signs which tell you that you’re right. 

When your bestie says, ‘you’re lucky to have him.’ There could be many reasons behind it.

First, she may be happy for you to have such a nice guy in your life.

Conversely, she may mean that you do not deserve him, but she does.

Possibly, you’ve already sensed your best friend now has a crush on your boyfriend. 

You’ll need some proof to back that up. 


8 Signs Your Best Friend Likes Your Boyfriend

Be sure what you believe is true before comforting your best friend not to flirt with your partner.

Also, to make sure your doubts don’t affect your relationship with your boyfriend.

Her behavior with your boyfriend, the way she talks and sees him, gives off enough signs that your best friend is interested in him.

Want to know if your best friend likes your boyfriend or not? You notice similar signs there. 

1. Your best friend just can’t stop talking about your boyfriend.

It is normal to talk about personal matters with someone you trust, such as your best friend. 

It’s already an open topic when there’s time. 

Recently, your best friend seems to talk more about him than usual. 

It’s not often that she directly says so. But, she also mentions things she finds special about him frequently.

Clearly, she might be checking your boyfriend out.

2. Your bestie contacts your boyfriend behind your back quite often.

Possibly this is what has made you believe that your best friend has developed an interest in your boyfriend. 

You might have found out they were connected behind your back when you checked the call or chat history. 

Surprisingly, your best friend tells you stuff about your boyfriend that you don’t even know.

A regular and longer conversation between your boyfriend and best friend, outside of need, is a sign that your best friend likes your boyfriend.

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3. Your bestie is now asking too many questions about your boyfriend.

Since you introduced your boyfriend to your best friend, she’s been asking about him constantly. 

Your best friend’s questions about your personal life, from how you met to how you met, show his desire to get to know ‘him’ better. 

When your best friend asks about your boyfriend’s interests, hobbies, plans, and everything else, it is not a normal conversation, but an investigation. 

You better find out why she’s so interested in your boyfriend.

how to know if your bestie likes your boyfriend

4. Your friend tries to get attention from your man.

Your best friend may try to get your boyfriend’s attention on social media. 

It has come to your attention that she comments on every Instagram post your boyfriend shares.

Maybe her comments are a lot longer than her text responses to you. 

You’re already in the picture but most comments are directed at him. It makes you doubt your best friend is attracted to your boyfriend.

5. Your bestie becomes too friendly with your boyfriend.

Earlier, you had no problem with your bestie and boyfriend being good friends. 

The way she treats him while you together make you think she’s up to something. 

She enjoys spending time with him and even cares for him like she never did for you.

Count this as a valid sign that your best friend likes your boyfriend, lately. 

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6. Your best friend tries to put you down by teaming up with your boyfriend.

The jokes and pranks were fun until your bestie tried to ruin your reputation in front of your boyfriend. 

Possibly your bestie shares inside jokes and dark secrets you both share from your past relationships.

It might be her intention to ruin your relationship, by talking about the wrong things, at the wrong time.

It’s surprising why she does this, but it could be a way of picturing herself as better than you. 

7. Your bestie is not interested in your friendship anymore.

In your recent meetings, you realize that your bestie isn’t as invested in your friendship as she used to be. 

Although she tries to keep her away from you, she is more interested in your boyfriend than she’s in you.

It’s hard to deny that she is jealous and thinks that you’re out of his league.

signs your friend likes your boyfriend

8. Your boyfriend tells you about it.

Instead of playing games with you behind your back, he comes clean with you. 

It might be that he got this feeling from your best friend or that she has clearly expressed her crush on him. 

Well, this is a confirmed sign that your best friend likes your boyfriend.

And there’s a positive side, here you found that he is a keeper, not a player

Because your boyfriend cares more about you and loves you truly. No need to worry if your bestie will tries to steal him.

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You found that your bestie has a crush on your BF, What next?

Whether you confirmed it by the above signs or somehow came to know that your best friend likes your boyfriend… whatever the case may be… don’t let things get out of hand.

And, it’s all up to you.

You can either talk to that best friend and tell him not to ruin your friendship and relationship. 

Tell her how much you care about her.

Inform them, you don’t want such things to destroy your feelings and trust in any connection.

On the other hand, you better trust your boyfriend and let him know what you feel and why. 

If your boyfriend loves you so much, he might comfort you and assure you that you shouldn’t worry.

Because for your boyfriend, you’re his priority and not your best friend.